The Life and Leadership of Cesar Chavez Essay Example
The Life and Leadership of Cesar Chavez Essay Example

The Life and Leadership of Cesar Chavez Essay Example

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  • Published: July 1, 2022
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Cesar Chavez was a great leader. He fought for equal pay for underpaid and vulnerable farm workers. He led boycotts and strikes.

He stood up for people who were too scared to stand up for themselves. And in all this he still remained non violent. He had many great allies including Dolores Huerta and Robert Kennedy who helped him to become a strong leader. Being a strong leader gave Cesar Chavez more allies for his cause. He was a strong leader, had many allies because of that, and inspired many people to stand up for what they believed in. He got allies by leading many strikes, boycotts and giving speeches.

Having many allies made Cesar Chavez a strong leader for several reasons. One of these reasons that he was a strong leader is that he got great


support from many strong allies such as Dolores Huerta which made more people eager support him. She was the co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association along with Cesar Chavez. That led to more people joining him and his cause because they wanted to join a group with lots of strong leaders voicing their issues. Since more people are usually listened to more than less this helped a lot with the boycotts and strikes. As a student, you can gain a lot of allies if you have skills that others value or respect.

You can also do this if you start a strike or a boycott for something that mostly everyone wants to happen, like less homework or to keep the game room open. Then, since everybody wants that to happen they will unite to start a strike or boycott an

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and try to make that happen. Having allies as a student will make you a strong leader for mostly the same reason that they made Cesar Chavez a better leader; you would get good advice and people would listen to you. People would also listen to more people than less because when there is one person their views may not be taken seriously. You would get good advice because there would probably be something you hadn't thought of and someone would tell you which would help out your cause.

Some issues in our school community that I would like to work on is fixing up and cleaning the game room. I would do this by getting a lot of people that also wanted that to happen and then doing something like asking the principal if everybody could clean it. For example, there could be a time where everyone cleans the game room. This shows how Cesar Chavez was a great leader, got many great allies to support and further his cause for justice, and how you as an student could be a great leader and get many allies.

Cesar Chavez was a great and inspirational hero.

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