The film Madagascar 2 Essay Example
The film Madagascar 2 Essay Example

The film Madagascar 2 Essay Example

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  • Published: September 25, 2017
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The movie Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa is an first-class movie filled with beautiful life and great wit. The subject of the films is more on friendly relationship and how the characters manage to cover with one another despite the problems along their manner and the differences of their personalities. The movie is extremely recommended for viewing audiences of all ages. It besides depicts simple lessons in life but has great impact in mundane lives. The production of the movie is truly glorious.

The manner characters dances and gags around gives viewer the opportunity to express joy their Black Marias out. It teaches viewing audiences how to be thankful for simple things. The colourss used in the movie are truly luring particularly for the immature viewing audiences. Adults besides enjoy the film because of th


e book and the added wit. The movie centres on the four chief characters struggle to travel back to the New York Zoo from Madagascar but they by chance landed on their fatherland Africa.

Alex. Marty. Gloria and Melman find their ain pieces of memory right on the really island which they have landed. They were able to see their households and had escapades of their ain. It besides shows how New Yorker animate beings survived the African jungle. Madagascar 2 is truly a household movie. It shows how to happen one’s sense of individualism and how to conflict against the jobs that life is giving you. The music embedded on the movie makes viewing audiences more stuck into their seats as they see characters dancing and singing on screen.

This subsequence to the first Madagascar is more beautiful and more worthy of clip

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