The Family Classification And Definition Theology Religion Essay Example
The Family Classification And Definition Theology Religion Essay Example

The Family Classification And Definition Theology Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: September 21, 2017
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Children all over the universe are faced with assorted challenges, runing from ordinary daily ability to feed, freedom from hurting and uncomfortableness, need for female parents attending to greater challenges posed by war, poorness, natural catastrophes such as inundation, temblor, and epidemics such as cholera eruption, HIV and AIDS pandemic, Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STD ) , an malnutrition to advert a few. These challenges cause kids to 'cry ' and name for the attending of the grownups to come to their AIDSs.

In all the above challenges, the importance of the household can non be overemphasized. There is a common expression that, `` A healthy household is a healthy Church, and a healthy church is a healthy state. '' This underscores the significance of the place on the upbringing of kids and in their survival mechanisms. The important histrions are the male parent and the female parent more significantly the female parent. To buttress this, Peters said `` Equally equal as adult females see themselves now, muliebrity is still defined in footings of lovingness, credence, and accommodation-not achievement '' ( Peters, 35 ) . The place therefore is the crucible where kids are cared for, accepted, accommodated and equipped for farther maps in life, be it in the immediate community, at the Church or in the state at-large.

This paper is divided as follows: the scriptural footing for the household ; definition and types of household ; healthy household versus a dysfunctional household ; Causes of dysfunctional households, the features of the dysfunctional households ; and the effects of dysfunctional hou


seholds on the kids. Schemes for assisting kids overcome effects of dysfunctional households and what the response of the Church ought to be ; particularly with mention to the kids in dysfunctional households as a consequence of parents go throughing through proficient divorce.

The Family -Classification And Definition

Categorization of the Family

The household is classified as follows: Nuclear household: The atomic household is comprises of the male parent, female parent and the kids. The gift of kids is determined by God and they are add-on to the household made up of the hubby and married woman. Gifts are giving at the discretion of the giver ; therefore it is God who determines whether or non to give kids to a peculiar household. The figure every bit good as the proportion is determined by Him. However for those who have no job of construct, it is wise to restrict the figure of kids through household planning. Those who have to wait should still see their matrimony as reliable even with no kid added. While they wait they should travel through possible medical trials and believe God for solution.

Extended household: The drawn-out household is the household made up of the hubby, the married woman, kids and the relations i.e. brothers, sisters from the side of the hubby and the married woman. The cardinal figures in the two scenes are the hubby and the married woman. The two classs of households can be farther classified as a healthy household or normal household and a dysfunctional household.

A healthy or normal household is monogamous and sole in nature

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In generation 2:24 the bible says ''for this ground a adult male will go forth his male parent and female parent and be united to his married woman, and they will go one flesh '' ( NIV ) . In other words, a healthy household comprises merely one married woman and one hubby. It is non two married womans and one hubby, two hubbies and one married woman, two work forces populating together as twosome, two adult females populating as a household. Any of such is a going from God 's original intent.

Functions of Families

Every household has the first load of raising their kids and it is the occupation of every member of that household to bit in in the procedure. In Nigeria, the household is described aseverybody '' and that is why Yorubas say Enikan nii bimo, igba eeyan Ni I wo o

It is besides noted that dysfunctional household can merely raise a dysfunctional kid. That is why the Yoruba people have proverbs like `` Owu iya gbon l'omo O ran ( like female parent like girl ) ,  Omo ti a KO KO ni yoo gbe ile t'aa KO Ta '' A ( An untrained kid would finally merchandise off his parents belongingss ) , Abiiko akoogba, ode Ni won ti n KO o wale '' ( A kid that refused place preparation would finally be trained from exterior ) .

While it may non be concluded that merely kids from dysfunctional households fall within the above groups, it is most likely that kids from dysfunctional households will fall within these groups. God 's purpose for matrimony is to last for every bit long as both shall populate. It is in the context of the one adult male one adult female enduring relationship that boies and girls may be brought up in the fright of God. Similarly, place is expected to be the first educational establishment for kids.

The Bible set accent on the place as the bedrock for transmittal of values from coevals to coevals. In Deuteronomy 6:4-7  Moses said  Hear, Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your bosom with all your psyche and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your Black Marias. Impress them on your kids. Talk about them when you sit at place and when you walk along the route, when you lie down and when you get up ''

God expects the household to be where God is loved, which is educative, where hubbies and married womans are the instructors and the commandment or God 's jurisprudence is the course of study. Committedness on the portion of hubby and married woman particularly will assist them to seek common benefits of the kids in their educational enterprise and in all countries of life.

In the book seven wonts of extremely effectual household, Covey said ability to step out of your autobiography and dealt into the caput and bosom of person else '' is a path manner to rich mutualist interaction ( Covey, 171. It is hence necessary that both

put in attempt to do the matrimony work. He farther said `` Married life can ne'er be what it ought to be while the hubby or married woman makes personal felicity the chief object '' ( 181 ) . In other words, matrimony should non be all about me but about us, though I need personal clip but besides that relationship is every bit good really of import there is the demand to set in it clip and attempt.

What is a Healthy or Normal Family?

A healthy household would be a functional household. To be a functional household it means the household does non contradict the original intent for which God set up the establishment of matrimony: within that context, each member is cognizant of his or her ain duties to God and to the single members of the household. Likewise each maps positively towards the end of the household as ordained by God.

In Ephesians 5: 22-29, 6:1-5, the word of God provides the model for understanding the functions of the hubby, the married woman and all members of the household. It says:

'Wives, submit to your hubbies as to the Lord... Husbands, love your married womans, merely as Christ loved the Church, Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is righta Fathers do non exacerbate your kids, alternatively, conveying them up in the preparation and direction of the Lorda. Slaves, obey your earthly Masterss with respects and feara.

Therefore, one expects a functional Christian household to work within this context, covering with societal issues amicably and with love so as to carry through Gods intent for the place. God is non the writer of confusion ; he had in his program an orderly household, household that will run in love and obeisance to God and towards one another.

What is a Dysfunctional Family?

Any matrimony that falls short of Gods glorious ideal of one adult male, one adult female populating together in a lasting relationship has missed Gods purpose.Such place may be iniquitous and is bound to suit the description of a dysfunctional place. A simple definition of a dysfunctional household is any status that interferes with healthy household working. Death or ill wellness in the household could do the household vulnerable, but after the full crisis, there is Restoration in a normal household whereas in a dysfunctional household the jobs persist and become chronic.

" Dysfunction means impaired, unnatural or unhealthy conditions, normally in interpersonal dealingss, which result in people aching each other, doing systematically hapless determinations, prosecuting in self-defeating behaviours, such as sexual misconduct, dependences, unethical picks, scapegoating of the vulnerable, fallacious rumouring. In a dysfunctional household people seem isolated, afraid of each other, baffled, unable to swear '' ( http// ) .

Isaac and Rebecca 's household is a typical scriptural illustration of dysfunctional household. They were divided over their kids ; each took sides with the kid more loved. Harmonizing to, Eli, the Prophet Samuel 's instructor, had inferior adherents in his boies Hophni and Phinehas ( 1 Sam. 2-4 ) . They became priests who abused their authorization to derive stuff and sexual favours. God rebuked Eli for

his deficiency of parental subject, stating, "Why do you honour your boies more than me? '' ( 2:29 ) .

Eli 's tolerance resulted in decease for all three and stands as a warning to us. Exodus 34:7 speaks of God penalizing kids "for the wickedness of the male parents to the 3rd and 4th coevals '' This verse speaks of the inclination of parents to go through their negative character qualities on to their kids. Furthermore the following two illustrations illustrate this impression of generational wickedness as it affected three coevalss of Abraham 's household. Abraham 's name is about synonymous with religion ( Rom. 4:1-3 ; Heb. 11:8-12 ) .

Yet, he erred through deficiency of religion. Rather than delay for God to present the boy of promise through Sarah ( Gen. 17:6,16 ) , Abraham and Sarah tried to bring forth an inheritor through Hagar. Inevitably, they showed favouritism toward their progeny Isaac and rejected Ishmael ( Gen. 21:8-14 ) . This inclination toward fondness was passed to other posterities of Abraham through Isaac. Isaac and Rebekah showed fondness toward their boies Esau and Jacob, severally ( Gen. 25:28 ) .

Harmonizing to David Stoop and James Masteller ( 1997, 1 ) dysfunctional households fall within any of the followers: A adult male marrying, more than one married woman ( polygamous ) , a adult female get marrieding more than one hubby ( polyandry ) a divorced place, single-parent household, household of alcoholic male parent or female parent, place fraught with mental unwellnesss, kid maltreatment, parental rigidness and control, absent male parent or female parent, and so on

David and Masteller ( 1997, 1 ) Defined a dysfunctional familyA as `` aA familyA in which struggle, misbehaviour, and frequently child neglect orA abuseA on the portion of single parents occur continually and on a regular basis, taking other members to suit such actions '' . However, the author defines a dysfunctional household as a household that has missed God 's original intent in matrimony wittingly or unwittingly by the absence of one of the partner or inability of one of them to efficaciously execute their functions in the household.

Divorce Family: Permanent wave or Technical Divorce

Harmonizing to David Stoop and James Masteller ( 1997, 1 ) "Common misperception of dysfunctional households is the misguided belief that the parents are on the brink of separation and divorce. While this is true in a few instances, frequently the matrimony bond is really strong as the parents ' mistakes really complement each other. In short, they have nowhere else to travel. However, this does non needfully intend the household 's state of affairs is stable. Any major stressor, such as resettlement, unemployment/underemployment, physical or mental unwellness, natural catastrophe, etc. can do bing struggles impacting the kids to go much worse '' .

The above state of affairs may be referred to as proficient divorce. Harmonizing to ( David and James Mastella, 1997, 12 ) dysfunctional households traveling through a proficient divorce are disoriented in that they are apart with no bond socially, fiscal or intellectually. The construct is a current find by professionals such as instructors,

counselors, clergy and societal workers.This makes find and having a needed attending non easy they said. It has been a common phenomenon with the elites and the on the job category. In other words, the author sees twosomes traveling through proficient divorce as married physically but separated inside though they may or may non populate under the same roof.

Dangers of Technical Divorce

Causes of proficient divorce harmonizing to ( Ayankeye, 8 ) include the followers: It creates Emotional Crisis: matrimony is meant to convey about emotional stableness in both hubby and married woman. However, the idea of a possible divorce due to miss of stable relationship may come to memory more frequently than non. Besides the scene in of proficient divorce creates in each of the twosome `` Anxiety, fright, guilt, unhappiness, choler, resentment, defeat, depression, and self-destructive idea '' ( Ayakeye, 8 ) quoting Collins.

Child Abuse

Child maltreatment "is the physical, sexual or emotional mistreatment or disregard of a kid or kids '' ( Herrenkohl, R.C. ( 2005, 1 ) . He stated that In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) and the Department for Children and Families ( DCF ) define child ill-treatment as any act or series of Acts of the Apostless of committee or skip by a parent or other health professional that consequences in injury, possible for injury, or menace of injury to a kid.

Child maltreatment can happen in a kid 's place, or in the organisations, schools or communities the kid interacts with. There are four major classs of kid maltreatment: disregard, physical maltreatment, psychological or emotional maltreatment, and sexual maltreatment. Different legal powers have developed their ain definitions of what constitutes child maltreatment for the intents of taking a kid from his/her household and/or prosecuting a condemnable charge. Harmonizing to the Journal of Child Abuse and Neglect, as quoted by Herrenkohl at hypertext transfer protocol: // Child maltreatment is "any recent act or failure to move on the portion of a parent or caretaker which consequences in decease, serious physical or emotional injury, sexual maltreatment or development, an act or failure to move which presents an at hand hazard of serious injury '' .

Causes of Dysfunctional Families

"Newspaper headlines catch our attending with studies of partner whippings, kid maltreatment, sexual maltreatment, slaying, drug-related offenses, and alcohol-related accidents. Many of these behaviours occur within the four walls of a household 's place '' ( Dysfunctional Families at ) ) .

We can happen at least portion of the reply, nevertheless, by understanding how different households relate to their single members. We can break understand how they work or map. We all grew up in some sort of household. In that household, we learned how to associate to our larger universe by associating to household members. Every member of our household had an impact on who we are today and on how we relate to other people.

Many households are dysfunctional in such a manner that they are unable to jointly execute their functions in carry throughing God 's authorization for the household, which include being aid and comrade to each other,

raising Godly offspring in the manner of the Lord and going a 'witness ' to the universe and reflecting God 's image to the universe.

Some grounds for dysfunctional households with mention to Royster 's 2002 lecture note include: Personal involvement: Many twosomes marry but they are still individual at bosom. Thus personal involvements override the household. Poor communicating within the household heightens the job accordingly may ensue in divorce -technical or lasting.

Children raising: God 's gifts to some twosomes become burden alternatively of joy it is supposed to be. Due to selfishness and miss of apprehension of God 's intent, one spouse may experience overwhelmed and experience left out. This is common to working female parents ; technically, the married woman becomes engrossed in the kid and neglects the hubby. An illustration harmonizing to Home life: Family Magazine, 30-31 ) is Sally and Jim While the hubby was busy as household supplier and as an active layperson in a church, the married woman was a productive and busy female parent of three. For this ground, they were seldom together. This married woman been overwhelmed pronounced their brotherhood as 'hopeless and absolutely dead '

Untreated mental illness - may take to strong-arming or maltreatment of other members of the household particularly the kids. `` Marriage failure comes when the twosomes fail to give quality clip to each other, but the occupation, the kids, the church plan took a larger portion of their togetherness '' ( Home life: Family Magazine, 30-31 )

Single parenting: This is another cause of dysfunctional households. This may be by divorce, or teenage gestation, kids born outside marriage etc. In any of these instances, a individual parent has to raise the household. Poor/Dysfunctional upbringing of the parent/s themselves i.e. , low or no instruction and Bad behavioural picks on the portion of parents - alcohol addiction, drug maltreatment, etc.

Features of Dysfunctional Families

The features of dysfunctional households as stipulated by ( Bass, and Davis 1988, 1-5 ) besides include the followers:

Over- map: Parents that over map return on the duty of all undertakings, and will non let their kids turn up and be themselves. It is a common Yoruba proverb that a kid who is given all things he or she needs, and from whom nil is expected is a spoiled kid. The author feels that kids that fall within this class may probably hold a disproportionate growing because their potencies would most likely be under-utilized. They may happen it hard to do of import determinations entirely.

Under-Function Parents: On the other manus, the under working parents leave everything to their kids to make for themselves even when they are non yet capable of executing such undertaking. Children of under-functioning parents are non treated with respects. Anger, injury, misconstruing and all kinds of resentment frequently characterize dysfunctional households all the clip. Some of these kids are made to presume rearing functions for their siblings. They see themselves in grownup 's function when they are kids themselves.

Denial: This means to admit opprobrious behaviour, perchance believing that the state of affairs is normal or even good. To deny is to snub or differ

with the facts. "The so called honor violent death is another illustration of how submergence in certain spiritual or cultural tenets can do the human head so warped that any horror is toothsome '' ( Opinion newspaper 12-02-2012, 14 ) records of how a male parent, female parent and boy were sentenced to life imprison over the violent death of their three teenage misss because their life style was an insult to their values.

The study said wiretapped grounds showed the adult male, Mohammad Shafia, showing satisfaction at the decease of his girls. "May the Satan defecate on their Gravess, '' he said ( Captioned from a narrative titled `` For their male parent 's honor, the misss died '' ) . This explains refusal to admit opprobrious behaviour, perchance believing that the state of affairs is normal or even good ( David Stoop and James Masteller 1997, 2 )

Extremes in struggle: ( Popoola 2011, 4 ) defines conflict as `` When two pieces of affair attempt to busy the same infinite at the same clip. The two pieces trying to come in the same infinite at the same clip will conflict or strike together '' . This could intend either excessively much combat in the place or deficient sum of peaceable coexistenceA among household members. In this instance the members may take up physical battle that may take to terrible hurts or even decease of one or more members.

The Effects Of Dysfunctional Families On Children

There are rather extended effects of dysfunctional households on kids harmonizing to Bass, and Davis, ( 1988, 1-5 ) , Some of these are as follow:

  1. Childs are robbed of their ain childhood, and they learn to disregard their ain demands and feelings. Failure to play grownup functions adequately in taking attention of their parents makes kids in dysfunctional places feel unequal and guilty. Inadequate and guilt feelings continue into maturity for kids that grew up in a dysfunctional household.
  2. Children may hold mental-health related issues as a bounciness back of household generational set back. Children may becomeA addictedA to smoke, A intoxicant, and/orA drugs, particularly if parents or friends have done the same.
  3. Children in dysfunctional households may hold assorted feelings ofA love-hateA towards certain household members. Such kids may hold trouble organizing healthyA relationshipsA within theirA peer groupA ( normally due toA shynessA or aA personality upset ) and in conclusion
  4. Children in dysfunctional households spend an inordinate sum of timeA aloneA watching telecasting, playing picture games, surfing the cyberspace, listening to music, and other activities which lack in-personA societal interaction.

Harmonizing to Bagley, Christopher ( 1991, abstract ) in his work on The Long-Term Psychological Effects of Child Sexual Abuse argued that the Canadian information show that sexual maltreatment in childhood is rather prevailing for both males and females, and is peculiarly prevailing in dysfunctional households. Such maltreatment frequently has a negative impact on self-pride, and increases depression, self-destructive feelings and behaviour, and hapless mental wellness.

Findingss by the Child public assistance Information Gateway revealed that recent encephalon research has established a foundation for many of the physical, cognitive, societal, and emotional troubles exhibited by

kids who experienced ill-treatment in their early old ages. Maltreatment ( child maltreatment or disregard ) during babyhood and early childhood has been shown to negatively impact early encephalon development and can hold digesting reverberations into adolescence and maturity.

It farther revealed that the experiences of babyhood and early childhood provide the forming model for the look of kids 's intelligence, emotions, and personalities. When those experiences are chiefly negative, kids may develop emotional, behavioural, and larning jobs that persist throughout their life-time, particularly in the absence of targeted intercessions.

Church Response To The Effects Of Dysfunctional Families: With Reference To Children Affected By Technical Divorce Or Kid Maltreatment

Separation by whatever ground ( s ) is ne'er a toothsome experience in the household. ( Separation by kid maltreatment or proficient divorce could be really traumatic for kids. Separation in any signifier leads to individual parenting which does non fall within a normal household. Harmonizing to the SU Harare study of 1985, 10, `` Church is a household of households which are committed to God, to each other, and together to Christ 's mission for the universe. '' Therefore, the Church is in the best place to respond to or give answer to the manner out for kids in this class. Mention to SU Harare study, 11, `` the Christian household is a contemplation of the Christian community... . This community is characterised by common relationships based on the compact between Christ and the church '' . When we say the church, we constantly refer to the households. i.e members this does non contradict the map of the local church in any manner. James 1:27 says `` Religion that God our male parent accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their hurt and to maintain oneself from being polluted by the universe

Direction of Aid

There are three sides to looking at the way of church response to kids from dysfunctional households: Those straight affected, Persons and bureaus that render support for such kids and the local church. To get down with the first class i.e. the affected kids ; these kids need to be ready to do usage of some of the good experiences they had developed as a consequence of life in dysfunctional households. The 2nd class must be ready to place and spouse with the local church to be able to efficaciously assist these kids. And the Church must be ready to travel all out to make to them after all they belong to the household, the church.

Bass and Davis ( 1988, ) while composing on how person can get the better of the consequence of dysfunctional households made the undermentioned suggestions. In every bit much as this may be helpful for the kids, they need the support of the concerned persons every bit good as the local church to ease enabling environment for them to be able to turn positively on these survival behavior.

They said "Regardless of the beginning of disfunction, you have survived. You have likely developed a figure of valuable accomplishments to acquire you through tough fortunes. Consequently, it is of import

to first halt and take stock. You may happen that much of what you learned in your household is valuable. Many of the endurance behaviours you developed are your best assets. For illustration, people who grow up in dysfunctional households frequently have finely tuned empathy for others ; they are frequently really achievement-oriented and extremely successful in some countries of their lives ; they are frequently resilient to emphasize and adaptive to alter. In analyzing alterations you may desire to do in yourself, it is of import non to lose sight of your good qualities '' ( Bass and Davis 1988, 4 )

Childs who are abused by parents or others, and households go throughing through proficient divorce may be laden with fright and uncertainty. They frequently find it hard believing their feelings and reactions. This is where they need outside support to supply an nonsubjective position and much needed avowal which will assist them larn to swear their ain reactions. Aid or support can take many signifiers: single guidance and church guidance.

This is a really good suggestion for kids who are affected by maltreatment from others or even worse from parents.. Stop each twenty-four hours and place emotions you are or have been sing. What triggered them? How might you confirm or react to them? Try maintaining a day-to-day feelings diary. Be selective in sharing your feelings with others. You may non happen it helpful to portion all of your feelings.

Forgiveness is a really sensible last measure in recovery ; forgive your parents for any disregard or maltreatment you suffered. Puting the duty for what happened during your childhood where it belongs, i.e. , with the responsible grownups or instead with God, allows you to experience less guilt and shame.

The fright of the unknown invariably hurts kids affected by any signifier of maltreatment by their parents or by the disregard of the parents. So the advice is to take little hazards at first in allowing others know them. Slowly construct up to taking bigger hazards. Learning who to swear and how much to swear is really helpful. They must larn non to go on to seek blessing and credence from households. These people may non likely be able to run into your demands.

Children need to be helped to take good attention of themselves alternatively of over working themselves. Try placing the things you truly bask making, so give yourself permission to make at least one of these per twenty-four hours. Work on equilibrating the things you should make with the things you want to make. Balance is a cardinal word for people who 've grown up in dysfunctional households. Do you acquire regular exercising?

Local Church

In visible radiation of these facts, the church has a serious function to play following the scriptural theoretical account. For illustration, the Church took attention of the needy and the orphans ( Acts 6:1ff ) . James negotiations of perfect faith as lovingness for the widows and the fatherless. Besides James 2: 14-26 negotiations about Christians traveling out of their ways to make out to the fighting people. In the visible radiation of the above and

many other records in the Bible, the followers are some ways the church can supply answer to the effects of dysfunctional households on the kids.

They could back up the kids from the place in hard currency and sort. Regular organized place visits where this is allowed and possible by church support group. During which clip the kids are encouraged to pattern their 'behaviour subsister therapy ' that is seeking to use all the positive things they have acquired as a consequence of turning in dysfunctional households. The church should form on a regular basis household enrichment plans concentrating on fighting kids.

Dan Prater, 2008, 6-14 in the diary 'helping Families in Crisis and while talking on `` Child Abuse: What should the Church do about it? '' suggests the followers: That the Church should non wait infinitely to let excessively much of physical, mental, emotional, or sexual maltreatment at the custodies of a parent before the church deem it prudent to take the kid from the place and topographic point the kid in protective detention. He suggests that such kid should be housed by available, capable, loving, caring households to ease the injury.

Churchs need to be cognizant of their legal duty in describing kid maltreatment. Child-abuse Torahs vary by province. Rearing categories can be a proactive manner of learning rearing accomplishments and forestalling kid maltreatment. Having a marriage/parenting mentoring plan is another manner to beef up rearing accomplishments.

Court Appointed Special Advocates ( CASA ) is a plan in which church members can go involved. Judges appoint CASA voluntaries to recommend for the safety and wellbeing of kids who have been removed from their places due to parental maltreatment and disregard

These persons must besides work aboard the local Church to supply aid for kids affected by kid maltreatment, proficient divorce or that have suffered from a dysfunctional background. This could be in signifier of developing stuffs suited for their age and touching on developing their assurance and edifice in them the belief that they can be what they desire to be in life.


From all the above treatment, one thing stands certain and that is the fact that all dysfunctionality in the households is preventable. The truth is that there are many dysfunctional households today in our churches and in the state. It is an under-statement to state we have many kids who are abused or have suffered maltreatment of different types. To rectify or convey to minimum dysfunctional households, we all have functions to play. i.e persons, households and the Church in peculiar.

For the household to carry through her functions as evangelizing agent, male parent and female parent must be strong, equipped to raise the kids in the manner of the Lord, who in bend will happen their intent in God, stand as informant and take the Gospel of the land to all the atomic warheads and crevice of the universe. The church has a batch to make in set uping strong household ties particularly for the interest of the kids. He must be ready to promote household togetherness and cut down to minimal the being of dysfunctional places. To construct strong

households is to construct strong kids who in bend build a strong church ; constructing a strong church is constructing a strong state.