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AP European History AP United States History Pope Gregory Vii World History
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Pope Gregory VII decreed the practice of investiture invalid. What was investiture?
practice of state appointment of bishops
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Which best describes the purpose of the doctrines introduced by Pope Gregory VII (elected 1073)?
To increase the power of the Catholic Church
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The difference in thinking between these two 12th century people, Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and Pope Gregory VII shows
Popes and monarchs sometimes challenged each other’s authority
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how did Pope Gregory VII get rid of the lay investiture?
He issued a decree forbidding high members of clergy from receiving power from lay leaders
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Pope Gregory VII took his reforms to the level of religious dogma by:
defining them as “a truth necessary for salvation.”
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Why did Pope Gregory VII excommunicate Emperor Henry IV?
He excommunicated him because he wanted to have as much control over the officials possible.
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The investiture contest reached its peak with a struggle between Pope Gregory VII and
Emperor Henry IV
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During the Investiture Conflict, Pope Gregory VII:
excommunicated Henry IV as king of Germany and encouraged all faithful Christians to rebel against his rule.
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The Investiture Controversy pitted Pope Gregory VII against
1. Briefly describe the conflict between Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII. 2. Who won the struggle?
1. The controversy occurred over the custom of lay investiture: Henry IV thought that a the king should be allowed to choose bishops and church officials for offices, but pope Gregory VII believed that bishops and popes should be chosen by the cardinals. 2. Gregory VII won the struggle
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