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Age Of Discovery AP Human Geography Latitude And Longitude Maps Of The World World Geography
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Age Of Discovery Geology Mechanical Engineering Oceanography World Geography
Oceanography Test 1 298 terms
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What were the political, economic, and social reasons for European expansion in the age of discovery? Which motive was the strongest?
WHAT were the motives? God, so Catholicism expanding because they fought against protestant reform. (Jesuits building schools) Gold, to gain more wealth both individually and for their country… when both weren’t happening, they fought. (Pizarro and Incas- tied up the leader and killed him, just for gold. Glory, to gain more land for their area and be the first ones to do this (as to have more power and gain more land…. it repeats itself as a pattern.) (Portuguese and Spanish Empires Treaty of Tordesillas.) (Columbus and america) The motives for European expansion were, put simply, gold, glory, and god. Examples such as Pizarro’s conquest of the Incas, Columbus’s travels to America, and the Jesuit people’s expansion of Catholicism demonstrate the “god, glory, and gold” motives for expansion. The “God” motive, being the Jesuit expansion in the Americas, demonstrates one of the few examples that is without a “Gold” involvement. The other two, representing the “Gold” and “Glory” motives, both have wealth to gain by expanding the European empire. Gold (Magellan and Silver in mines, Portuguese and Incas), God (mostly catholicism- end of ch. w/ Jesuits, converting natives) & Glory (Columbus for seeing island first… also in GOLD category) Portuguese and Incas- Incas had not encountered smallpox b/c were not around domestic animals- 20 million Native Americans in New World before smallpox, 95% died when Portuguese arrived
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What factors contributed to the success of the West in the age of discovery and encounter?
(GUNS (religion), GERMS (smallpox), STEEL (swords)) Money, weapons, the wheel, germs. Europe is the West. Europeans the first to acquire these things because of geographic location. Ex. – Portuguese taking over spice Islands (mass murders? Cutting off hands or something…) – Pizarro taking over Incas (On horses for the first time ever, people frightened) – Cortez taking over Aztecs (Tenochtitlán, quetzalcoatl…) The success of the West was attributed to their techniques, inventions, and illnesses that other non-European countries had not been exposed to. Examples such as the Portuguese’s conquest of Malacca, Cortes’s conquest of the Aztecs, and Pizarro’s conquest of the Incas demonstrated the conquerors’ use of these tools to benefit themselves and bring down the powerful forces of those occupying the area. On the downside, the conquered people began with an unfair advantage by not being immune to the European diseases, and not being advanced enough in their inventions because of their geographic locations (as some experts say.) This left them defenseless and vulnerable to being conquered from the beginning. The success of Europe in conquering other areas was because of their unfair advantages, put into use to conqueror other areas by killing and injuring many of the inhabitants in those regions. Par. 1: Alfonso de Albuquerque captured and killed many Arabs in order to reduce the Arab influence in the spice trade. His use of weapons such as heavy guns and remarkable seamanship allowed him an advantage over the Arabs. The effects of this were a cruel and unusual punishment to the Arabs when he cut off the men’s hands and the women’s noses and ears. Par. 2: Pizarro’s conquest of the Incas was one where they were greatly outnumbered, proving they had to have many unfair advantages in order to take down the area. Pizarro and his men numbered 168 while the Inca population numbered 80,000. Their swords used in battle were one of many advantages they had. One could even say that the Spanish’s killing techniques of the Inca ruler were an unfair advantage because they scared other natives. Smallpox helped. Par. 3: Cortes’s conquest of the Aztecs was one that was also outnumbered, and he only was invited in because of the Aztec belief that he was the Quetzalcoatl god returning to them. (This may also have been because Cortes had blond hair and blue eyes.) Smallpox killed many of the natives in Tenochtitlan, as well as the Spanish men who killed the Cholula people when afraid of the Cholula’s growing resistance.
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Provide examples of developments in geography for the age of discovery or the 16th century
Cartographers Mercator and orThleus created maps for explorers
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Age of Exploration aka Age of Discovery
begun early 15th century and cont into 17th century -navigation advances, mapmaking and shipbuilding -expanded European exploration from Portugual, Spain, France and England seeking new routes to Asia -led to discovery of new lands and colonization of India, Asia, Africa and North America
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