Atassi Chapter 8 Quiz

The dominant motive for going on the First Crusade was:

The Norman Conquest of England took place in:

One of the major contributors to the agricultural boom after Charlemagne was:
the heavy-wheeled plow.

Which leader recaptured Jerusalem in 1187?

In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, lords began to encourage trade and commerce by permitting safe havens in principalities; this was especially true in:
the Rhineland and the Low Countries.

The three field system of crop rotation:
a. increased the amount of arable land.
b. provided insurance against natural disaster.
c. made it possible to support healthier animals.
D.>>> all of the above

Which eleventh- and twelfth-century cities controlled the carrying trade between Constantinople, Alexandria, and the West?
Venice, Pisa, and Genoa

One manifestation of the growing popular spirituality of the eleventh and twelfth centuries was:
the reverence for, and devotion to, relics.

The greatest advantage of the manorial system in terms of productivity was that it:
allowed the adoption of new and more efficient systems of crop rotation.

The first successful attempt to restore the spiritual legitimacy of the Latin church:
can be traced to the establishment of the monastery at Cluny.

In the tenth and eleventh centuries, the predatory lords who were rising to power often solidified territories by:
building castles.

In their dispute over the investiture of bishops, Pope Gregory not only excommunicated the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV, but also:
suggested that Henry IV’s subjects had a sacred duty to rebel against Henry’s leadership.

Around the year 1000 the most powerful monarchs on the European continent were:
the Saxon kings of Francia.

Pope Gregory VII took his reforms to the level of religious dogma by:
defining them as “a truth necessary for salvation.”

Where were the effects of the Crusades most disastrous?

In 1099, the crusading armies took Jerusalem and slaughtered:
a. Muslims.
b. Christians.
c. Jews.
D. >>>all of the above

A fief was:
a gift or grant creating a contractual relationship between the giver and the receiver.

The Carolingian dynasty in France was replaced by which dynasty in 987?

Perhaps the most influential Muslim scholar to help purify and preserve the study of Aristotle’s thought was:
Averreos Ibn Rushd.

In asserting his power and authority, Pope Gregory VII:
argued that popes had the power to judge all people but could not themselves be judged.

Iceland may have been the location of the first parliamentary democracy when the settlers there formed a legislative assembly in:

One of the results of the Crusades was that:
various Italian trading cities profited greatly from trade with and through the Muslim powers for goods from the east.

Pope Nicholas II created the College of Cardinals to:
elect the popes and be the legislative body of the Church.

The influence of Cluniac monastic reform was strongest in:
France and Italy.

The Byzantines were conservative regarding classical knowledge, and Emperor Alexius Comnenus eventually:
banned the teaching of Aristotelian logic.

Which pope proclaimed the First Crusade at Clermont in 1095?
Urban II

In the mid-eleventh century, in an effort to raise money to support its military and defend itself against external attacks, Byzantium:
debased its gold currency.

At Canossa in the winter of 1077:
Henry IV humiliated himself before Pope Gregory VII.

The relationship between a lord and vassal was made solemn by an act of:

Manors began to take shape after the ninth century when:
villagers began to combine their lands into common fields.

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