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Dred Scott Decision The House
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What was one effect of the Dred Scott decision
It was condemned by free African-Americans
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In the Dred Scott decision, Chief Justice Taney ruled that which of the following was unconstitutional?
The Missouri Compromise
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The 1857 Dred Scott decision had which of the following consequences?
The decision persuaded many Republicans that the Supreme Court and President Buchanan were part of the “slave power” conspiracy.
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Explain how the Dred Scott decision and Brown’s Harpers Ferry raid deepened sectional antagonism.
Dred Scott sues for his freedom because he was brought to a free state, but loses Two Major Problems No African Americans free or not have any rights. They are not citizens Undermines all the compromises There is no more free or slave states Sucks for North John Brown attempts to free slaves from ferry Becomes a Northern Hero Hated by South The North and South’s differing views on slavery led to even further division then before as they continue to disagree
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In the controversial Dred Scott decision, the supreme court declared that
– slaves were property, not people living in the united states
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What was the Dred Scott decision and what was its effect?
The Supreme court ruled that African Americans were not and could never be citizens. Thus Dred Scott had no right even to file a lawsuit and remained a slave. The effects were that slavery was legally expanded, and tensions lead to the civil war. The slavery dbate was intensified.
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The Practical Reality of the Dred Scott decision was that
Slavery could exist everywhere in the us
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In 1857, the Supreme Court ruled in the Dred Scott decision that
protection of slavery was guaranteed in all the territories of the West
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In the Dred Scott decision, the Supreme Court
ruled that Congress could not prohibit slavery in any of the territories because slaves were private property of which owners could not be deprived
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The Supreme Court began the process of applying the Bill of Rights to the states: a. In the case of Marbury v. Madison b. Shortly after the Civil War c. In the 1960s d. In the Dred Scott decision e. In a piecemeal fashion starting in 1897
E. In a piecemeal fashion starting in 1897
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