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Chest And Back Health Assessment Heart Rate And Rhythm
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Anatomy Chest And Back Emergency Medical Responder
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Chest And Back Stars
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Chest And Back History of Asia Social Studies
paper towns- main characters 24 terms
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7. How should the nurse prepare the client for inspection of the precordium? 1. Assist the client to a left side-lying position with his chest and back exposed. 2. Open the back of the client’s gown while he sits on the side of the bed. 3. Help the client to a supine position on the bed with his chest exposed. 4. Loosen the client’s gown and ask him to lean forward in the bedside chair.
Help the client to a supine position on the bed with his chest exposed.
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About ten minutes after the nurse begins an infusion of packed RBCs, the patient complains of chills, chest and back pain, and nausea. His face is flushed, and he’s anxious. Which is the priority nursing action? 1. Administering antihistamines STAT for an allergic reaction. 2. Notifying the physician of a possible transfusion reaction. 3. Obtaining a urine and serum specimen to send to the lab immediately. 4. Stopping hte transfusion and maintaining a patent IV catheter.”
The correct answer is 4. The patietn is experiencing a transfusion reaction. The immediate nursing action is to stop the transfusion and maintain a patent IV line. The other options may be indicated but aren’t the priority in this case.
More test answers on https://studyhippo.com/blood-transfusion-nclex/
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