Study of Employee perception of HRM in Seha
Study of Employee perception of HRM in Seha

Study of Employee perception of HRM in Seha

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  • Published: October 22, 2017
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This study comprises the analysis of responses from employees at Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “ SEHA ” . As we go through the study we hope that we will be able to place some of the cardinal tendencies of the work penchants and orientations of the employees. This will include core personal strengths and properties and the degree of battle and satisfaction of the assorted organisational and HR facets at Work. The cardinal results from this study may bespeak the precedences of the HR section and the consciousness of those schemes constabularies by employees around the organisation.

This research paper is intended to observe and heighten the HR patterns though scientific footing research. The survey focuses on a wide set of research variables that may positively impact an employee ‘s satisfaction, public presentation, battle and productiveness at work. Hence, the results to be generated from this survey could inform human capital schemes and enterprises within organisations, with the aim of increasing employee motive and wellbeing at the workplace.

This research is a consequence of a immense collaborative attempt between our group members the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company “ SEHA ” .

1.2 Statement of the job:

This paper aims to separate the transparence by the HR Management towards employees at the Abu Dhabi wellness Care Service Company “ SEHA ” . It is simply a step of different variables to bespeak the degree of engagement by employees to joint the policies and processs adopted by the HR section. The variable hopefully to cover the different concerns of employees at the company. Such concerns will include five wide classs of orientations by employees i.e. orientation to work, orientation to self, orientation others, work environment and individuality.

1.3 Purposes and aims:

The ultimate aim of this survey is to detect failings countries in the consciousness of employees of

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the HR policies and process and so to bring forth a comprehensive action program for rectification and review of such countries. That would take us to whether HR drivers need attending from SEHA Overall particularly to concentrate on clear and just HR policies, employee intervention, wage and benefits.

1.4 Aims of this survey:

To carry on a root causes analysis ( RCA ) for the implicit in job for the different countries under consideration.

To supply an action program includes executable stairss to be taken by the company for bettering the employee ‘s perceptual experience of the regulating HR policy and process.

This research provides methodological analysiss for the HR direction on how to interrupt up predominating generic stereotype perceptual experience of HR patterns.

1.5 Scope of the survey:

To project will seek to sketch an attack to the HR patterns, policies manual, existent public presentation on the land of the HR unit at the Al Gharbia Hospitals which is an affiliate to Abu Dhabi Health Services Company. Therefore, this survey might be executable for this organisation specifically or similar organisations autumn in the same environment.

1.6 Significance of the survey:

Al Gharbia Region is one of the fastest turning parts in the Gulf Countries, both economically and demographically, with an emerging population. The promotion of the local work force is one of the biggest HR issues in the part and requires focused and sustained attempt to back up the part ‘s future growing and development.

It is our hope that this research would be open uping and pave the manner for ongoing duologue and argument every bit good as future grounds based HR patterns in the part.

Sing the importance of human resource policies will impact the reactivity of the satisfaction in the organisation. This will assist employers to understand their employees better and implement the demand of satisfaction in their work that may do increase the productiveness of the employees.

The benefit of this survey is non merely for employers but besides for employees themselves. It will let them to measure their communicating abilities. It will besides descry the visible radiation on the failings countries. Furthermore, it will supply good repute and relationship that will take for felicity and satisfaction which might do to increase competitory factors with their co-workers.

1.7 Restriction of the survey:

This is merely a local research survey built based on current patterns of a local HR Department. There is no international facet what so of all time for this survey unless for similar organisation if exist in the same environment and of similar patterns.

Chapter 2:


In our survey, we will concentrate on human resources policies and how can impact the employer and the employee. There is batch of research worker wrote about this subject but in our research we will non necessitate everything of all time written on this subject because there is a immense information and information. We will see SEHA Company as pattern attack in our research.

In our research we will carry on comprehensive study to analyse the perceptual experience of human resource policies to SEHA company employees. The intent of literature study is to supply foundation theoretical model

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