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Individuals today are diverse and very analytical in their decisions. In the area of broadcasting and other media companies, it is important to identify the related attitudes of the clients and this includes the viewers, readership and listening attitudes (Steinbeck, 2000). In the case of Youtube. com, being a video sharing website, the purchase of their service and the development of a positive behavior of the users toward their services is an important issue on behaviors.

Since the viewers of Youtube. com is the young adults who spend more time browsing the internet, the company should maintain or advertise on a web site to publicize or sell their media and other services. “Youtube. com perfected the application of the dual generic marketing strategy – the combination of branding and channel management (Gale Reference Team, 2007, b2)”. These strategies helped them to be in an extremely strong position worldwide in connection to the line of the industry they belong.

It was also shown that they support their market position with high performing, relevant capabilities, such as communication and technology. But then again, there are still significant factors to be considered that will serve as reinforcement to fully exercise the effectiveness of the medium. Conclusion New technologies and the expansion of existing technologies will increase competitive pressures on Youtube. com which enable customers to quickly upload their videos offered. In order to remain competitive, needs to continue to enhance and improve the responsiveness, “functionality and features of the website”.

Youtube. com includes a continual program to involve other important software and hardware and the continued development and transformation of its “current technology, data-processing systems and network infrastructure” (Mowad, 2006). This need is particularly acute given the increasing traffic on its Web site and expanding sales volume through its transaction-processing systems.

The company recognizes that any inability to do so may cause unanticipated system disruptions, slower response times and degradation in levels of customer service, impaired quality and speed of order fulfilment and or delays. Some workers in Youtube. com must be able to comprehend, and accept online strategy if the key framework is to be changed into excellent strategic outcomes (Henderson, 2000). The media community must be aware of Youtube. com’s strategic intentions in order to properly evaluate the company’s current value and prospects for the future.

Only when the online strategy message is communicated in a clear, concise, timely and persuasive manner to key corporate stakeholders does Youtube. com have an opportunity to achieve total competitive advantage. Consequently, technological innovations especially in on-line applications had radically changed how corporations do business and have forced individuals to redefine their work force. The Internet, for example, had transformed products and services all over the world as cost-effective alternatives to usual international companies (Goldberg & McCalley, 1992).

Furthermore, because an approximation of 600 million people around the world is connected to the Internet, Youtube. com must migrate many of their marketing programs on-line for business expansion. They should concentrate, going on-line decreases variable costs associated with international marketing. The company must implement organizational functions and operations, which could be created and done on the web. This will lower their international market development costs which are more beneficial when compared to conventional market penetration strategies.


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