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Southwest Airlines is current leader among many air hose bearers in today ‘s extremely competitory transit industry. In order to keep such a strong clasp on the air hose industry, Southwest Airlines utilizes an intense and extremely systematic set of selling schemes. Most of their schemes are centered on offering its consumers low-priced tickets and free luggage cheques to wing most anyplace in the United States. Customers can be rest assured that Southwest Airlines will go on to make whatever it can to supply low-priced services. Some of the cardinal issues that will be discussed will include Southwest ‘s free luggage policy, its selling mix schemes, its cleavage rules, every bit good as a SWOT analysis.

Selling is a critical portion of any concern and is an built-in constituent of selling any merchandise or service. Whether the concern is a little ma and dad operation or a universe industry leader, selling is a portion of the concern. Southwest Airlines makes entire usage out of its best resources and abilities to construct on its cardinal selling patterns. Harmonizing to research by Chan, one of Southwest ‘s chief schemes is that it strives to handle its employees reasonably and engages in net income sharing so that their employees jointly own approximately 10 % of the company. Southwest Airlines has a high employee keeping rate of at least 92.3 % and maintains an enthusiastic work force. Southwest ‘s operational scheme is based on six pillars, viz. limited rider service, frequent, dependable goings, short-haul, point-to-point paths between mid-sized metropoliss and secondary airdromes, really low ticket monetary values, thin, to a great extent productive land and gate crews, and high aircraft use. Some of these cardinal factors, every bit good as attending to excellence in direction competency have launched this company to great success.

Because there are many ways to carry through the demands of the client, a straight-forward attack is to see the four “ Ps ” of the selling mix. This paper will analyze the selling mix and give illustrations of the selling mix as it pertains to Southwest Airlines. The four elements of the selling mix are merchandise, topographic point, publicity and monetary value.

As in the Product class, cleavage has defined some of the monetary value points. Price ( the sum a client wage ) is determined by market portion, competition, operational costs, trade name or merchandise individuality and the client ‘s sensed value of the merchandise. Pricing may increase or diminish with frequence and pricing schemes must be planned and worked daily. The planetary recession of the last two old ages has clouded some of the traditional differences, as some resort and upscale trade names have discounted to a great extent to the point where the lower priced belongingss can non efficaciously compete. Hotels should hold learned the lessons of the air hoses and non merely vie based on being the lowest cost. The choler of circulars today for being charged supernumerary for about everything has opened the manner for certain bearers to spread out and others to come in what were antecedently moneymaking and sole markets.

The associates of each of those air hoses have major differences every bit good in how and what to pass on to their travellers. Cash flow is an obvious critical factor and sensible price reductions on a logical footing are frequently good concern patterns. Southwest Airlines in the US has been systematically one of the most profitable bearers in the past 20 old ages and, at times, is the lowest menu supplier. A non-technical expression at their pricing schemes from merely a consumers ‘ position will demo how they track, demand, and adjust monetary values consequently, even in the economic downswing. They are non ever the lowest menu in a given market on a given twenty-four hours, but their overall satisfaction evaluations demonstrate their ongoing and continued success. Consumers will ever stay sensitive for just monetary values, price reduction options and particular offers, but viing on monetary value as the major constituent for success is non feasible or logical for long-run.

As a Promotion class, sou’-west is one of many air hoses that are progressively interested in happening more modern-day avenues for advertisement. Although, they are still dawdling behind other air hoses, they are detecting the importance of societal media in publicity. Social media sites like chirrup, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and even blogging allows Southwest the ability to acquire the online community to larn more about its low-costs monetary values and services.

As a topographic point class, Southwest Airlines is the 4th largest air hose in the US. It flies 64 million riders per twelvemonth to 64 metropoliss in 34 provinces. Southwest Airlines operates a fleet of 388 aircraft of the Boeing 737 type, runing from the 737-200 to the Following Generation 737-700. Although Southwest Airlines is chiefly a point-to-point bearer, there is an increasing sum of transportation traffic on their paths. Major hubs in SWA ‘s web include Las Vegas ( 185 daily goings ) , Phoenix ( 183 ) , and Baltimore/Washington ( 161 ) . In 2009, Southwest partnered with Coastal Vision 3000, a Northwest Florida concern group, in an effort to place Northwest Florida as one of America ‘s premier beach finishs. This partnership is working hard to excite occupation growing, economic advancement, and supply travellers more options for winging into countries with popular beach finishs.

Southwest Airlines, along with Jet Blue, Frontier, and Airtran, are presently taking in low-priced air menu pricing and are go oning to gain while other air hoses such as United, US Airways and Delta are enduring economic reverses ( Chan, 2007 ) . Based on this research, Southwest Airlines has non been forced to diminish their flights or lay off many employees even with the branchings of the events of September 11th on many air hose industries. The air hose successfully maintained a $ 2 billion hard currency modesty prior to September 11th and continues to endeavor and last during hard economic times. Part of its digesting success is associated with effectual selling schemes every bit good as long-run overall schemes. Harmonizing to farther research by Chan, Southwest ‘s primary focal point is the creative activity of a trim set of best-fit activities. It still carries on much of it philosophies from 30 old ages ago by offering low cost without the illusion catchs offered by other air hoses. Southwest has ne’er participated in an in flight repast service or assigned seats and still maintains those same patterns in order to maintain costs low. Besides, harmonizing to Chan, Southwest has something known as a additive path construction. The air hose uses this method to wing merely one specific sort of aeroplane so that it can remain in high-density markets merely. This scheme benefits the air hose by leting it to keep a strong competitory advantage and high net incomes.

Controversy Over Carry-on Baggage

Within the last several old ages, the treatment of statute law sing industry-wide standardisation on restrictions for carry-on luggage has been widely debated throughout the US air hose industry. While a figure of air hose industry-based groups have advocated standardisation on the figure, size, and weight of bags that would be allowed onto an aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) has yet to take any serious action to this point. As a consequence, the argument over carry-on luggage limitations still exists and causes unneeded confusion and trouble for both the air hoses themselves every bit good as their riders.

As the figure of air hose riders has increased in recent old ages, the figure of riders electing to convey their baggage on board a plane alternatively of look intoing their bags has besides increased. Some riders feel that look intoing their bags will take to loss, harm, or larceny. Others find waiting in check-in lines excessively time-consuming and opt to check-in at their gate. As a consequence operating expense bins and storage compartments on flights are frequently overcrowded. These overcrowded bins lead to about 4,500 hurts yearly in the United States harmonizing to Air Safety Week, an industry newssheet. These hurts result from luggage that falls on riders when bins are opened after reaching or when bins by chance opening during unsmooth theodolite.

Southwest holds the noteworthy position of being the lone country-wide bearer to non bear down riders for 2nd checked bags. Over the past few months, all the Legacy Airlines and most of the low-priced bearers have added a charge for 2nd bags, and American Airlines made an proclamation on May 21, 2008 refering a $ 15 fee for a first checkered luggage, this created a immense tumult. Southwest main executive Gary Kelly stated that, “ It ‘s non what clients want, cipher wants to be nickeled and dimed ” . Other air hoses jumped on similar bandwagons by enforcing a $ 25-each-way fee for the 2nd bag checked. ( Maxon, 2008 ) Research by Maxon besides noted that Southwest is enforcing some fees, on January 29, 2008 is began originating a $ 25 fee each manner for the 2nd bag checked.

Harmonizing to this research other air hoses are besides bear downing for transporting pets, travel by unaccompanied bush leagues, transporting checked points such as antlers and ski cogwheel or acquiring better seats. There ‘s no stating how long Southwest will lodge with its passenger-friendly fee policy, but during this tough economic system, Southwest managed to be the lone profitable air hose in the first one-fourth of 2008 and late ranked as the top U.S. air hose in a major client satisfaction study.

What does it take to win in a concern every bit troubled as the air hose concern? It takes a alone strategic point of position, a long-run committedness to that scheme, and a personality in the market place that clients find interesting, piquant, and compelling.

That is why Southwest Airlines continues to wing high relation to the competition. In 2009, it was the lone major bearer to turn a net income. In 37 old ages of operation, it has ne’er lost money. Today, it is in the singular place of bear downing some of the lowest menus, paying comparatively high rewards ( unlike its challengers, it has ne’er used bankruptcy tribunal to remake brotherhood contracts ) , and bring forthing the best returns. Unusual, to be certain, but that ‘s what happens when you combine a alone scheme with an engaged and cheerful work force — and you ever look for customer-oriented ways to distinguish yourself. Last twelvemonth, as the other large bearers generated $ 2 billion in checked-baggage fees, Southwest non merely refused to bear down for checkered bags, but unveiled a screaming ad run to tweak its challengers for making so.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: Most of Southwest ‘s strengths are the same grounds why the air hose has captured a comparative advantage in the air hose industry. Southwest has been able to keep a low cost attack to flights that has appealed to the budget minded consumer. It is the first air hose to “offer moderately priced travel bundles with low frills and first-class client service.” ( Broughton, 2010 ) One scheme that Southwest uses to maintain their costs low is to buy merely Boeing aeroplanes. This attack reduces fix costs and provides bulk price reductions on purchases. Southwest has made itself really attractive to consumers by offering many client oriented plans. It is the first air hose that offered price reductions on flights to senior citizens. In add-on, it made the check-in procedure more efficient by originating ticketless travel. With the “no place assignment” policy, the procedure of get oning flights is non lone clip effectual but besides more cost effectual so their rivals. Southwest Airlines is besides the lone air hose that offers recognition on frequent circular stat mis based on the figure of trips taken with the air hose alternatively of stat mis traveled. Another client oriented plan that Southwest has adopted is the “Bags Fly Free Campaign” and a new early bird check-in plan that they are hopeful will hold a gross possible bring forthing about $ 18 million dollars. “The bearer besides generated about $ 10 million in grosss from its new pet menu, unaccompanied minor service charges, and excess/heavy luggage fees.” ( Gittel, 2009 ) With more than 3,200 day-to-day flights and 35,000 employees nationally, Southwest? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Failings: Although Southwest Airlines has systematically turned a net income that does non intend that they are exempt from failings. Failings refer to the organisational hindrances that Southwest must see when doing operational determinations. Southwest does non offer international flights. This determination limits Southwest flight locations to within the Continental United States. This failing over clip may go a barrier to increasing gross revenues, as it is closing out consumers that need to wing internationally. Southwest ‘s inability to use on-line engagement agents is another failing that the air hose should reconsider. Companies such as and would be able to increase the air hose ‘s ticket gross revenues and therefore be better able to run into their burden capacity. Load capacity is a serious concern to Southwest Airlines, as it represents the entire figure of riders required to run into their breakeven point. Southwest Airlines does non utilize chat communications such as electronic mail in its operations. Electronic signifiers of communicating would supply the air hose with a more direct and quicker manner to interact with employees and clients.

Opportunities: Southwest Airlines has many chances which will assist them to turn and remain productive. In the yesteryear, new engineering developments have been one of the many drive forces which enabled growing for Southwest. Using new engineering to do the travel experience more enticing is an chance that Southwest continues to prosecute. Research and development to progress processs and services within the industry would assist the air hose maintain its competitory border by leting the air hose to present new merchandises or services. Southwest should besides concentrate on increasing their ability to publicize on the cyberspace in order to make a broader scope of consumers. Currently, Southwest is be aftering on widening flights to farther finishs. A long term consideration for Southwest Airlines is to spread out their flights internationally and to other national markets. The air hose is besides be aftering to increase the frequence of 65 flights while diminishing the frequence of 10 flights for a entire net addition of 52. In add-on, they are sing spread outing services to include leisure or concern categories.

Finally, Southwest has initiated a labour decrease by “launching a voluntary early-out plan to better align staffing with the bearer ‘s capacity degrees. The company expects one-year nest eggs in subsequent old ages from the plan to transcend the cost of the program” ( Unknown, 2010 ) and with these nest eggs Southwest can put in other chances to keep its success.

Menaces: The menaces that Southwest Airlines are faced with are state of affairss, events or conditions that are faced by all air hoses within the full air hose industry. One of the biggest menaces that Southwest has had to confront since 9/11 is the diminution in the figure of travellers for leisure. Many travellers since the terrorist onslaughts of 9/11 have opted to go by auto alternatively of winging out of fright. Since 9/11 there have been legion terrorist efforts on aeroplanes. The most recent one was Christmas twenty-four hours 2009. In order for Southwest to go on to turn and last in the air hose market they must go on to pass on to their clients their dedication to the security of their riders. In add-on, Southwest must stand by their committedness by increasing airdrome security, which has and will go on to increase their costs on an one-year footing.

Another menace that the air hose industry must postulate with is the authorities ‘s ability to make and put to death new ordinances that will impact air hoses such as Southwest. Many of these ordinances can increase operating costs. One such ordinance includes limitations on the types of aircraft used and bounds on the figure of operations. The biggest menace to the air hose industry is the fluctuation in gas and oil monetary values. Southwest has managed to set up fuel fudging contracts in the yesteryear which has given them the advantage over their rivals. However, these contracts are run outing and if Southwest can non successfully renegociate these contracts, they run the hazard of subjecting themselves to higher fuel costs. This could hold a negative impact on non merely their hereafter client menus but besides their net incomes as good. To day of the month, they have revised their fuel hedge portfolio to include derivative contracts in topographic point for about 50 % of their estimated 2010 fuel ingestion. This alteration has lowered their first one-fourth 2010 expected fudging premium costs by $ 30 million, which is $ 15 million lower than the 4th one-fourth 2009 costs.

Market Cleavage

Market cleavage is among the most powerful arms in the selling armory. Joyce Rogge the frailty president of selling for Southwest provinces that, “ Our end is to go the preferable air hose in each metropolis that we serve.” . Southwest is consciously concentrating on aiming assorted client bases. The company ‘s run has concentrated on pulling the African American demographic that remains prevailing in every bit many as 24 of 59 parts that Southwest Airlines serves. ( Churchill, 2001 )

Southwest decided to spouse with BET ‘s ( Black Entertainment Television ) Black College Football Classic Coverage, ESPN, and National Football League games to aim the male 25-54 demographic. The air hose has used these avenues every bit good as partnerships with Pizza Hut and Disney as portion of their increasing advertisement budget to aim cardinal demographic markets.

With regard to the psychographic class, Southwest is run intoing the cost witting demands of circulars. Airline bearers like Delta, United, and American have battled for higher borders by indulging the price-insensitive concern traveller, thereby efficaciously go forthing behind a big figure of consumers who hunt for deals. As viing air hoses have continued to increase costs to provide to clients who require plush seats, better vinos, and airdrome sofas, Southwest found the demand to appeal to the relatively undemanding circular who perfectly had to go but was non willing to pay the high fees charged by other bearers.

Southwest has entered into a assortment of intended geographic markets to include gaps in Florida, Baltimore, and even Long Island where there is a shuttle service to Boston. In other words, Southwest “ arrives where clients are, instead than disbursement clip and attempt to construct traffic ” . This and other tactics have attributed to 23 old ages of net incomes for Southwest. ( Haas, 2010 ) Although, cleavage is a great manner to bring out growing markets, current cleavage patterns frequently blind companies to market disruption-the most valuable sort of invention.


Southwest has long been regarded as a benchmark in its industry for operational excellence. Southwest Airlines is a all right illustration of a company that is committed to its nucleus competences and efficient operations to drive its low cost construction, outstanding bringing of client service, and advanced HR direction patterns. It has the lowest costs and strongest balance sheet in its industry. This air hose might confront many challenges in the hereafter such as an addition in labour costs, fuel costs and competition from other low cost bearers. However, it still has the comparative advantage within the air hose industry. Southwest ‘s rivals will non be able to turn every bit rapidly as Southwest. In order for the competition to turn at a faster rate they would hold to run at a cost equal or lower than Southwest. Southwest Airlines has taken all of the above factors into consideration in an attempt to keep itself as one of the top rivals in an of all time altering industry.


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