Solomon Saint Or Sinner Theology Religion
Solomon Saint Or Sinner Theology Religion

Solomon Saint Or Sinner Theology Religion

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  • Published: October 22, 2017
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King Solomon ruled for more than forty old ages the most powerful land in Israels history. He was the 3rd male monarch of Israel, after his male parent, King David, and King Saul. He was celebrated for his wisdom and appreciated for the great temple to be built of God, Beit Hamikdash in Jerusalem and brought a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity in the land. Solomon was an anointed male monarch even when his brother Adonijah was be aftering to take the throne for himself. The immature male monarch reigned with his male parent until the decease of David. Solomon 's first act after his male parent 's decease was to extinguish all former enemies of his male parent. After he killed all those potentially threatened his authorization, he focused on developing and enriching the land.

Solomon inherits from his male parent a immense kingdom, which stretches from the Euphrates to the boundary line with Egypt ( Oussani ) . His laterality includes lands of Transjordan and Syria. King Solomon controls the chief roads between Egypt and Mesopotamia: international paths known as `` Via Maris '' and `` The Way of Kings '' ( Major Trade Routs ) . Trade made along these paths has greatly increased the wealth of his land.

The Lord appears to him in a vision at dark and promises to give him what he would be asked in the supplication. And here is seen the illustriousness of Solomon 's psyche: he does non necessitate for long life, or wealths, or taking of enemies, but alternatively


he says to the Lord: `` So give your retainer a spoting bosom to regulate your people and to separate between right and incorrect. For who is able to regulate this great people of yours? '' ( NIV, 1 Kings 3.9 ) . Solomon is known as the most polygamist Jew in history. He married royal household members from other states, including the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians, Hittites and Egyptians, and even the girl of the male monarch of Egypt, to set up good dealingss and close ties between the lands and its neighbours. Legend tells that he had 1000 married womans. The combination of international diplomatic negotiations and internal development managed to make alone wealth in Israel. Solomon 's wealth has been equaled merely by his wisdom ; celebrated `` wisdom of Solomon '' that was the topic of many narratives and fables. Solomon 's wisdom was put to the trial when two adult females came to him, both asseverating to be the female parent of the same kid. Solomon, realizes that the true female parent would be most concerned about the public assistance of the kid, orders to cut the babe in half, under the stalking-horse that will give to each adult female a half. Although one of the adult females is willing to accept this solution, the existent female parent shriek alarmed, preferring to abandon wholly the kid than to see him endure. The job is therefore solved and king 's intelligence and justness receives the merited glorification. Solomon 's celebrity as a wise and right male monarch

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shortly spreads to other states and visitants from all over come to convey court and to inquire for advice. The most celebrated of these is the queen of Sheba, who came with her aˆ‹aˆ‹retinue, loaded with gifts. She wants to see with her ain eyes the wisdom and wealth about she had heard so much, and lefts impressed by the copiousness of both. Solomon enjoys particular godly gifts: `` God gave Solomon wisdom and really great penetration, and a comprehensiveness of understanding every bit measureless as the sand on the coast. Solomon 's wisdom was greater than the wisdom of all the work forces of the East, and greater than all the wisdom of Egypt '' ( NIV, 1 Kings 4.29-30 ) . In add-on, he remains the male monarch builder par excellence, by constructing the Temple. Chapter 8 of 1 Kings references even his supplication for the consecration of the temple, and after 1 Kings 8:63, Solomon himself is the 1 who sanctifies the temple.

Where is much visible radiation, and shadows are many, this applies to Solomon besides. Although Solomon 's reign begins by listening to the jurisprudence of Yahweh, surprising that after Deuteronomistic History, the King 's terminal remains marred by wickedness. The first cause of the autumn of Solomon 's was noncompliance to the jurisprudence of Deuteronomy, which prohibited matrimony with foreign adult females. The decision is that `` adult females have turned away his bosom '' . In add-on to assorted matrimonies prohibited by the Deuteronomy, Solomon sinned even worse by devotion: `` As Solomon grew old, his married womans turned his bosom after other Gods, and his bosom was non to the full devoted to the Lord his God, as the bosom of David his male parent had been.A He followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, and Molek the abhorrent God of the Ammonites. So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the Lord ; he did non follow the Lord wholly, as David his male parent had done. '' ( NIV, 1 Kings 11.4-6 ) . Solomon seems downright haunted by evil spirit, which incited him to idolatry. Besides, oppressive revenue enhancements and forced labour were the policies of Solomon 's disposal. There is no uncertainty about the fact that Solomon workss the seed of his ain devastation, by oppressive rulership of his ain people. This is the ruin when his glorification comes at a monetary value that he forgets to honour and payback.

Solomon spends his last yearss entirely, in the brilliant castle that he built for himself. His reign was marked by 40 old ages of peace and repose. Shortly after Solomon 's decease the land of Israel is raped by the political convulsion. The calamity of King Solomon strikes a cosmopolitan tribunal. Possibly, no other human being has been blessed with such deep and enduring wisdom. By trusting on this Godhead penetration Solomon managed to construct Israel into a mighty state ; and yet, someway, he lost his manner. Caught up in all these glorious achievements Solomon lost sight of demands of a common adult male. The reflecting promise of his

young person was ne'er realized. Wisdom without compassion can be a unsafe tool. In his hungriness of illustriousness, Solomon was to mistreat his God given gift and take a bend with a black consequence, against non merely his ain people, but besides against himself. 1,005 words