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Simbahan at Pulitika Essay Example
Simbahan at Pulitika Essay Example

Simbahan at Pulitika Essay Example

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  • Published: May 17, 2017
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Asin ng Lupa: Simbahan at Pulitika The Church and the State are one of the most influential forces when it comes to a non-atheist country. These two work hand-in-hand for the betterment of all. However, the Church and the State are stereotyped to oppose each other. Indeed this is true. Whenever the government goes into action, the Church always has a certain reaction. The Church meddles in the State’s affair which looks annoying as it gets. As result, the Church is then criticized for getting involved in political issues. The film we watched investigates the crucial role the Church has played in defining moments of recent Philippine history.

The documentary asks the difficult questions: A) What does the separation of Church and State mean? B) Why does the Church get involved in politics? C) Should the Church get involved in politics? After watching the film, unresolved issues became clearer. T


he Church has a vital role in the progress of a society. To separate the Church from the State means that whatever the State declares, the Church must not meddle with its affairs, and whatever the Church proclaims, the State would stay out of it either. But since the Church plays a vital role in the betterment of all, she has to react to the State’s action.

The Church reacts not to cause commotion – she has to react for she has to uphold God’s will to the people. She has to react for it is her responsibility to correct and direct people towards Christ. To be involved in politics is difficult, but as speakers and upholders of God’s law, she has to be involved. She does this not to bribe or gain glory. She may be accused and criticized badly for being involved in things of the government, but as we all know, the Church has to do this for she cares for us as how God cares for His creations.

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