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The movie begins in 1939 in Warsaw, Poland. Hallways Suppliant, the main character is a Jewish concert pianist from Poland.

Hallways Suppliant is the main focus in this film. He is played by Adrian Broody. Broody does a wonderful job portraying Hallways Suppliant. In fact, the resemblance between the actor and the man he portrayed is remarkable. Civilian’s role is huge.

At the beginning of the film, Suppliant tells his mother, played by Maureen Oilman, that he is not going anywhere. His mother then said, “Don’t be ridiculous; we’ve got to stick together” .

From that point on, Hallways Suppliant made it his job to make sure that his family stayed together. In order to not get killed or beaten, they needed work permits so that they could work in factories. Hallways father, played by Frank Finial, was the only one who could not get a working permit.

His siblings Haling, Regina, and Henry were all able to get their permits. The whole family, including their mother, found work at the same place, so they were able to stay together, working and being treated like trash, their clothes also started to look like trash. People were slowly dying and disintegrating due to the lack of food and the terrible mistreatment, which they had no energy to fight. The German soldiers would throw them down in the dirt and beat them.

The Jewish people had to wear the Yellow Star of David on their sleeves. That way everyone would be able to know who was Jewish and who was not. The costumes may not have been identical to what was worn in real life back then, but they looked pretty similar. Costumes, in a movie like this, are a very important factor. They help tell the story.

Their costumes were not the only things that cooked so realistic.

The location where they filmed was also unbelievable. The filming took place where some of World War II happened. Poland and Germany were the main locations for filming. When watching the film almost felt as though I was there as it all was happening.

The storyline in this movie is wonderful. This film is based on a true story. Hallways Suppliant is a real person who lived through this horrible tragedy and survived it. Hallways Suppliant wrote about his experience in a book that is titled,” The Pianist”. This films storyline was well put together. It was ere easy to follow.

The story went day by day. It showed all of the struggles the Jews endured: hiding and going days without food or water to drink. What was amazing it seem that the issue of hunger was one of the main focus. Another was the separation of the family unit was very instrumental in the capturing of their minds and spirits. The storyline was wonderful; it did not jump around at all.

They threw in a curve ball toward the end that I don t think anyone would have suspected to happen unless they read the book. Although the length of the movie was a little long, it could not have gone thou any of the scenes.

Overall, The Pianist receives a ten out of ten from me. I thought this movie was wonderful.

It exceeds everything I thought it was going to be. For someone like me who loves learning and watching what went on during World War II this movie is great. This movie everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime. I only watched it once before writing this paper, but will watch this movie many more times. I am not a huge fan of reading books, and usually people read the book before they watch a movie, but this time I really would love to go buy the book and read it.

The movies are always a little different from the book, so I think it would be interesting to learn more about Hallways Civilian’s Story. My favorite part of the movie was when Suppliant had gotten sick and was unable to seek medical attention, having at this point to make the decision that he could no longer stay in the comforts of where he was for surely he would die from starvation. When he was hiding in one Of the homes in the area that was previously destroyed. When Hallways went down stairs to try and find something to open his can of food, he found.

He accidental dropped the can, and it rolled to the feet of a German soldier.

At that point, my heart dropped because it was so close to the war being over and he had made it so far to get caught now. The German soldier, Captain Will Household, made Hallways play the piano for him and then asked him where he was hiding. Once he knew where he was hiding he asked if he had food. Of course, Suppliant was all out so Captain Will Responded brought him food and helped him survive.

I thought that was amazing. This film’s actors and actresses did a wonderful job telling the story and asking this film so realistic.

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