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RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS The Red Hot Chili Peppers band started in 1983 in a living room in Hollywood. This rock band was made up by four close friends; Anthony Kiedis, Hillel Slovak, Flea and Jack Irons. In the early years, the Red Hot Chili Peppers were not very popular. They had been a band for a few months, and still haven’t taken out a single album. Once they were discovered, people were taken back by this new style of music; mixing funk and punk with macho, sexed-up lyrics. The bands members have changed over the years. With people leaving due to drug addiction and other band members that didn’t work well with others.

Kiedis and Flea have been in the band since the beginning and haven’t parted yet. The band had a rough time with guitarist Dave Navarro. He didn’t work well with the others, and during the time that we was there, their music didn’t prosper. Once Frusciante came back, even though he was still facing Heroin addiction, the band’s music finally became popular again. The band’s original name was Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem. All the original band members knew each other from Fairfax High School. They got a recording contract from record label EMI.

Their first album, called The Red Hot Chili Peppers, did not sell many copies, but they got themselves some dedicated fans. Which each new album, their popularity increased little by little. One of the albums, named Mothers Milk, made it to number 52 on the Billboard 200 chart. Their songs also were heard on the radio, and even on MTV. On their album, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, their first single from the album, Give It Away, won a Grammy Award for “Best Hard Rock Performance. ” This song was also the band’s first song to go to number one on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.

Under The Bridge, their second single, was their most successful. It was number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Red Hot Chili Peppers released a “best of completion” album in 2003 called “Greatest Hits. ” It got to number 18 on the Billboard charts. They also released two live video albums. The one at Hyde Park in 2004 was the most profitable. After releasing “By The Way,” the Red Hot Chili Peppers went on tour for two years. Their album Stadium Arcade reached number one on the billboard charts in the U. S. and in two other charts, and was number one in 12 countries.

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