The Griffin and The Minor Canon Essay Example
The Griffin and The Minor Canon Essay Example

The Griffin and The Minor Canon Essay Example

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  • Published: November 6, 2016
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This assignment is on “The Griffin and The Minor Canon” by Frank R. Stockton. We have to make up a story for the Minor Canon where he shows fear but he’s confronted on it by anyone. After the griffin left the Minor Canon the Minor Canon went into town fearing for the equinox coming up but he had to hide it and keep pretending he wasn’t scared of the griffin even though he was.

Later that day Charlie Sheen appears from the woods and the Minor Canon is very surprised to see him, he comes closer and confronts the Minor Canon, he says, “Hello Minor Canon, I’ve been watching you for some time now, as I can see from your experiences with the Griffin, you’re very scared of him even though you don’t let it s


how. ” The Minor Canon replies asking, “How do you know? ” “I have mind reading powers, every time you’re with him you get even more scared of him. ”

“I know but I don’t know what I can do. Santa Clause comes in from the sky on his sleigh. “Oh Minor Canon you should listen to Charlie for if you just confront your fear or run away you will be safe from the Griffin and you won’t be scared of him anymore. ” Says Santa. “But I can’t run away for I’m to scared the Griffin will do something horribly bad. ” replies the Minor Canon. “Don’t worry Minor Canon I know just what you need. ” says Charlie Sheen as he walks into the woods.

“I’m back!!!! ” yells Charlie Sheen coming bac

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with Miley Cyrus. How is Miley Cyrus going to help me with anything? ” asks the Minor Canon. *Miley Cyrus starts singing* “Oh now I’m not scared, I can do this, I’ll run away from the village and bring the Griffin away with me so everyone in the village will be safe! ” screams the Minor Canon. The Minor Canon leaves the village so that everyone in it is now safe and forever will be safe for the Griffin followed him, Santa went back to the North Pole, and Charlie Sheen left back into the woods and Miley remained in the village for the rest of her life.

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