Go Ask Alice Argumentative Essay Example
Go Ask Alice Argumentative Essay Example

Go Ask Alice Argumentative Essay Example

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  • Published: February 26, 2019
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Go ask Alice
Go ask Alice
1. Alice, the writer of the diary. She's 15 years old when the story begins. Her real name is not known.

Mom, her mother, and Dad, her father, a university professor.

Alex(andria), her sister.

Tim, her brother.

Gran, her grandmother, and Gramps, her grandfather.

Roger, a schoolmate with whome she is in love for some time.

Jill Peters, a schoolmate at her first school.

Gerta, Beth, Fawn, friends she meet at her new school.

Jan, Marcie, drug-users at her new school.

Richie, Ted, pushers.

Bill, Joe, Lane, Jacky, drug-users.

Chris, a girl with whome Alice goes to San Francisco.

Mario Mellani, Alice's employer in San Francisco.

Sheila, Chris's employer in San Francisco.

Doris, a drug-user with whom Alice lives in Coos Bay, Oregon.



oel Reems, a student that Alice hoops to marry.

Babby, Tom, young people that Alice meets in the mental hospital.

2. Alice is a member of a middle-class family of the western part of America.

The names of the towns the live in are not mentioned. The story takes place in the 1960's.
3. Jill Peters, an old friend from school, invites her to a party. At the party Alice is given a Coke with LSD in it, and for the first time she takes a "trip". That's the way she started using drugs.
4. On the first page of her diary, Alice writes about life at school. She feels unhappy about Roger, a boy she likes very much, pays no attention te her. He asked her to go out with him, but he didn't come te meet her. Alice has also trouble with her weight. When her father gets a new job, she's very excited because they're going to move to a different

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town. But as the moving day draws near, she feels afraid, and sorry to leave the house she always lived in. It takes Alice a long time to make friends at her new school. First she goes out with a girl named Gerta. Later in may she finds a real friend in Beth Baum, a Jewish girl. Alice and Beth feel both terrible when they can't spend the holiday together.

Alice spends part of the summer holidays with het grandparents, in the town where she used to live. She feels quite bored untill she meets Jill Peters, an old friend , who invites her to a party. At the party Alice is given a Coke with LSD in it, and for the first time she takes a "trip". She likes the experience very much. Bill, a boy at the party, gives her more drugs, an later occasions. During one of the trips she goes to bed with Bill. When she meets Roger again she feels quilty and does not know how to deal with him. At home again, Alice feels miserable because she's afraid she is pregnant. Her relationship with her parents get worse. Then she meets Chris, a girl who works at a boutique. Chris gives Alice drugs and get her a part-time job. At a party Alice uses hashish for the first time. She falls in love with Richie, a pusher, and starts selling drugs for him, even to small childeren. Then Alice and Chris find out that Richie and Ted, Chris's boy friend, are homosexuals who are just using the girl to sell drugs for them. In October the girls decide to run

away to San Francisco. Before she goes, Alice writes a letter to inform the police about Richie's activities.

Alice and Chris promis each other not to use drugs anymore. They find a job in San Francisco, but Alice misses her family very much. At a party the girls forget their promis and smoke LSD. At an other party the take heroine and are sexual abused. Again they decide to stop using drugs. Together they start a jewelry shop in wich many young people come and sit to talk about their problems. In December the girls get homesick and return to their families.Alice's family gives her a wonderful welcome, showing how much they love her. Alice has a happy Chistmas.

The drug-users at school will not let Alice alone. Near the end of January Chris starts taking drugs again, and Alice does too. One evening the police find drugs in Chris's house, but the girls t.....ell their parents that they have not used them. Alice's parents watch her closely and send her to a psychiatrist. She cannot stand all this, so in March she runs away from home again. This time she's going to Denver and then to Coos Bay in Oregon. She sleeps in a park and then she's helped by some social workers.

In a doctor's waiting room she meets Doris, a 14-year old durg-user, who invites her to come and live in her room. together they travel to Southern California, where there's a drug rally. The constant use of drugs makes Alice very confused, also in her sex life. At last an old priest helps her. He telephones her parents, who come to take her home.

Once again Alice is determined to start a new life. and she also starts a new diary.

Now and then Alice has hallucinations, caused by her former use of drugs. Back at school some childeren, especially a gril named Jan, bother her because she has stopped using drugs. When Alice's grandfather dies, she feels very lonely, aslo because she has no friends. She has nightmares about maggots and worms. In May Alice meets a student, Joel Reems, and they become close friends. One evening when she's is baby-stting, Jan drops by. Jan is stoned and behaves very wildly. Alice telephones Jan's parents, who come and take their daughter home. Later Jan's friends accuse Alice of having betrayed Jan. They threaten her in very various ways. When Alice's grandmother dies in June the nightmares of maggots and worms get worse again. Before Alice and Joel say goodbye for the summer, she confessesto him that she has been a drug-user, and he is very understanding.

Alice is in hospital, badly injured. At first she does not know what was happened, but then she remembers that, while baby-sitting for the Larsons, she ate some candy in wich somebody had put an overdose of drugs. The result was a terrible "trip", full of worms and maggots. Alice had hurt herself badly trying the "worms" off her body. When Alice is somewhat recovered, she is taken to the mental hospital. She is terrible afraid, and she hates it there. Many childeren there are mentally ill as a result of using drugs. She meets Babbie who is 13 and has been on drugs for two years already, and Tom who's 15. In the

hospital she goes to school and takes part in group therapy until she has recovered enough to go home. Once again Alice is at home. She goes on holiday outing with her family, but misses Joel, who has gone home to Chicago for the summer. In September Alice makes friends with Fawn, a girl at her school who does not use drugs. On her birthday (September 20) Joel surpri ses her by coming to see her. She feels that, together with Joel, her future will be happy. The following day she decides to stop keeping a diary.
Three weeks after the last entry in the diary, Alice dies of an overdose drugs. Nobody knows exactly what happened.
5. The book is about a girl who start using drugs and that's the way the relationship with her parents get from bad to worse.
6. It's an autobiographical book. The book is written in the form of a diary.
The book is written in a form of a diary, so you see everything through the eyes of Alice. It's a very good book, because it so realistic.

The book is written chronological. She writes every evening what was happen that day.
Go ask Alice is based on a real diary of a girl who died at the age of 17, probably of an overdose of drugs. She is not named in the book, but we will call her Alice. ( Alice is also the name of another drug-user that the main character meets in Southern California.)
It's a very good book, because it so realistic. So can see how a girl of 15 years old is losing everything,

her friends, her relationship with her parents. The only person where she feels happy is Joel. After you've read this book I think you'll not just experiment with drugs, because you can see how Alice's live changed.

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