Tae Guk Gi Cultural Analysis Essay Example
Tae Guk Gi Cultural Analysis Essay Example

Tae Guk Gi Cultural Analysis Essay Example

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According to Korean culture, socializing without restrictions and taking care of the family falls solely on men. It is expected that men will have a more active social life with friends and children, while women should be reserved and exhibit quiet behavior.

Despite facing death, she remains composed. On the train journey to war, she endeavours to soothe the two men. Their emotional equilibrium during the war is striking, highlighting their agreeable nature and affable demeanour.

Culture Analysis

While in the kitchen, the couple refrains from public displays of affection to avoid awkwardness in front of others. The background noise, consisting of children's laughter and a man shouting "ice cream, ice cream", creates an ambiance of love. Surviving is difficult due to high food expens


es, including pricey items like barley and ice cream. One of the family members even admits that they would "kill for free food". The eldest brother is praised as a hero for bearing the responsibility of providing for the family and making sacrifices like working hard to pay for his younger brother's education.

The film features a poignant scene in which one of the brothers remarks "Dad is waiting for us" before conversing with what is revealed to be a memorial for their deceased father. The practice of speaking with ancestors and presenting offerings is a common one. Furthermore, language itself is imbued with spiritual significance; rather than referring to each other by their given names as stated in the subtitles, the brothers opt to call one another "big brother" and "young brother", with each term carrying its own distinct connotations.

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