Reasons of Why Tertiary Level Students Are Not Mastering English

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English linguistic communication has been a really strong influence throughout the universe today. A batch of international concern and trading rely on the linguistic communication for susceptible and a good concern relationship between companies. Those companies who are able to make concern minutess and meetings by utilizing the English linguistic communication are much more respectable and regarded to. Other states that use English as their chief medium of pass oning have been shown to hold a greater thrust in their economic position. The English linguistic communication is an of import medium of interaction used among people in assorted field. such as calling. academic and concern throughout the universe. Jerry Anak Ahen. 2009 ) .

Take Singapore as an illustration. Even though the state consists of different race that speaks different linguistic communication. they decide to utilize English as the chief medium for pass oning and they are now a first universe state. Using English as their chief linguistic communication would do conversing between a Chinese and a Malay cat easier. instead than the conventional Malay. Yes. we in Malaysia might believe that by utilizing English is disrespectful towards our ancestor’s linguistic communication. but we can non hold that mentality once more in order to be a first universe state.

I late went to Singapore and I find it exciting to be able to discourse with the Chinese and Indian people who are populating at that place. I could see that there are a batch of benefits in utilizing the English linguistic communication. Given the current ascendent place of the English linguistic communication as the linguistic communication of planetary academe. scientific discipline and engineering every bit good as commercialism. among other countries of societal life. English linguistic communication surveies form a “wide and varied country for probe and critical reflection” ( Allison. 2002. p. ten ) Malayan instruction system had tried to implement the PPSMI or Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik Dalam Bahasa Inggeris but the measure had proven that our instruction system and the pupils are non ready yet to larn and accommodate English into their surveies. The deficiency of preparing and educating both instructors and pupils proves to be a suicide mission for the PPSMI. Most of the pupils in school have a really low proficiency in English to understand the scientific discipline and mathematics topics to be taught in English.

Adding on to the job is that non many instructors that are competent plenty in utilizing English linguistic communication to learn the two topics. So. at last it was abolished and now it is back to normal. Yesterday the instruction ministry announced that English will be a compulsory topic that is needed to go through in order for Form 5 pupils to go through their Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia or SPM. But that is due in 2016 and I think that it will be excessively late.

The history of English linguistic communication in our state would necessitate us to chew over back during the colonisation old ages where the British tried to implement the linguistic communication in the schools. therefore the schools like Victoria Institution was formed. The British colonial instruction system introduced the instruction of English in Malaysia in the 1960s and it is still entrenched in the current Malaysian educational system ( Asmah Haji Omar. 1992 ) . But back so. most of the Malayans are disbelieving and worry that the linguistic communication is a bad influence.

As stated by Venugopal. the acquisition of English linguistic communication in Malaysia began during the colonial times as a tool of socio-economic mobility and instruction sweetening ( Venugopal. 2000 ) . Time has passed and now English is regarded as an of import tool for pupils to use and acquire a nice occupation with a nice wage. Most companies will engage pupils who are competent and able to pass on utilizing the linguistic communication. It is an added value towards their college or university grade. But surprisingly our Malayan pupils are still missing in get the hanging the linguistic communication therefore the unemployment rate is still really high.

We have fresh alumnuss but they are all unemployed merely because they could non get the hang the linguistic communication. Harmonizing to an article in The Star. “Skills and internal patterns of a company can be taught but you need to be adept in English to larn. We need an intercession programme to guarantee a supply of skilled labor. ” ( The Star. 2010 ) . The alumnus pupils in Malaysia are really adept and have a good consequence in their custodies but due to miss of English communicating and societal accomplishments. they are non able to use or acquire the occupation that they want.

Inside this study. we would discourse about the four chief grounds on why the pupils in third degree are holding job in get the hanging the English linguistic communication. Reasons of why Tertiary Degree Students are Not Mastering English. Non Supportive Environment for the Students to Study Let us acknowledge it. our Malayan people are still a small spot Orthodox and old fashioned. We would be shocked whenever a new civilization from the West came into our state. We might be shocked because yes we are Muslims and we are bound to our faith regulations and ordinances. Some might believe English is a coarse linguistic communication to larn or it is a wickedness.

But fortunately some of the of import people in our faith are get downing to recognize the importance of holding preaches and supplications in English. Basically English is merely a linguistic communication and nil is behind it. It shows a degree of domination and instruction if a individual is able to larn and talk the linguistic communication. Traveling on. I believe that our Malayan pupils are fighting in larning the linguistic communication is non due to the Orthodox Malays but it is because of the non supportive environment of people around them. Malay linguistic communication has ever been the female parent lingua amongst us so it is ever difficult to larn a 2nd linguistic communication without our first linguistic communication act uponing it.

Students who are better in talking English are frequently regarded as clannish or chesty. Peoples would ever look down on the individual who tries to talk in English and they will somehow do merriment of them and mock them. They are frequently labeled as seeking excessively difficult or moving to be cool by talking English. This corrupting state of affairs and mentality is really disconcerting to the individual seeking to discourse in English. In the terminal. they might stop up non desiring to larn the linguistic communication at all because afraid of being mocked by their equals.

It has been proven that shyness affects public presentation in the linguistic communication ; the less diffident the scholars are the better they perform ( Hamayan et al. 1977 ) . Upshur ( 1968 ) has confirmed that the most efficient linguistic communication acquisition occurred in informal state of affairss outside the schoolroom when the scholar must do communicative usage of the linguistic communication assortment to be learned. In order for the acquisition of English to be easy and sustainable. the pupils must non merely pattern the linguistic communication in category. in fact they should seek to pattern it at place and with friends.

Some surveies have shown that households with different socio economic income have different influence towards the pupils. Normally pupils who came from a well and high socio economic position. they tend to utilize the English linguistic communication more in their day-to-day conversation. At the same clip the general feeling is that the ability to talk English is regarded as a mark of belonging to a higher societal category and a symbol of urbanisation although non all urban people are English-speaking ( Asmah Haji Omar. 1975 ) . In other words. the use of English amongst pupils in Malaysia or by and large the citizen of the state. they need a batch of support from the nvironment and people around them. Largely people who shun other people when they start to talk English are merely people who are really have a low cognition on the linguistic communication so hence by eschewing others from talking. they feel safe because they do non hold to talk the linguistic communication with them. Negative Perceptions towards the English Language Moving towards the 2nd ground on why pupils on third degree of instruction are holding jobs in get the hanging the linguistic communication is that they have negative perceptual experiences about the linguistic communication.

We have to look back from the start where the pupils are still in secondary school. Back so. the linguistic communication was non being so good enforced by the school or by the authorities. The English topic was simply a topic and there was non much support or custodies on activity related to the linguistic communication. This was likely due to our Malayan school system which has ever been exam oriented from the olden yearss. Students are willing to larn all the topics including English with merely one thing in their head – to go through the test with winging colorss.

Due to this test oriented instruction system. our pupils are non given adequate opportunity to truly analyze and utilize the linguistic communication because they are ever drilled with grammar and 1000s of essay illustrations merely to do certain they can compose good so they will hold better consequence in their scrutiny. This manner of acquisition is called rote larning where repeat occurs and it is non good because things that are repeated but non practiced will shortly be forgotten. In add-on. perceptual experiences towards the linguistic communication come within the pupils themselves.

Whether the pupils are cognizant that it is of import for them to larn the linguistic communication or non. it is up to them. They need some kind of motive to larn the linguistic communication harmonizing to Brown in his book. acquisition of a 2nd linguistic communication is a complex procedure. affecting a apparently infinite figure of variables. ( Brown. 1994 ) . Students need to cognize that English is a really of import topic and they will utilize it in the hereafter non merely for scrutiny intent. So they will hold to happen the thrust in order to larn and better more on the linguistic communication.

In the extract written by Asmah. she states that this linguistic communication is a linguistic communication of international diplomatic and commercial dealingss every bit good as a universe linguistic communication for airing and exchange of cognition and engineering. ( Asmah. 1982 ) . If pupils have adequate motive. they will be able to alter their perceptual experience towards the linguistic communication and they will recognize that they must larn to love English linguistic communication in a heartfelt way because it will assist them in the hereafter. Lack of Exposure and Interest amongst the Students I believe that with the right sum of exposure amongst the pupils. they will be able to larn and get the hang the English linguistic communication much better.

To larn English. it will take a batch of assorted attack and scheme for the scholars or pupils to be able to go proficient in English. But sometimes. the work is non merely in the custodies of the scholars. but the instructors excessively. They must supply adequate stuffs and learning AIDSs that relates towards the linguistic communication to assist heighten students’ involvement in larning it. Fun and interesting activities are needed in the schoolroom so that the pupils will be able to hold on the topic good. Amusing activities to be done in the schoolroom are like play or skits where the pupils are able to prosecute and pass on with each other utilizing the linguistic communication.

In larning utilizing play. it will light the students’ involvement in larning because non merely they can walk. run and move with their friends. they are able to pass on in a merriment and gratifying manner. On the other manus. the instructors or lectors can utilize extrinsic motive as a manner to learn the pupils to love English. Williams and Burden’s ( 1997 ) societal constructivist theoretical account identified four key factors which influence the acquisition procedure – instructors. scholars. undertakings. and context. As you can see. larning the linguistic communication involves those four facets and they are frequently inter-related with each other.

Teachers who are enthusiastic in their instruction will ever hold their students’ attending therefore they will make a resonance therefore doing larning more meaningful. To do an English schoolroom meaningful. the instructor could convey interesting films and play to the category and demo them to the category. Most of us pupils are ocular scholars so by demoing interesting films in category. the pupils will be interested to larn the linguistic communication. After they watched the film. fix some exciting quiz for them to reply and the instructors can include some award for the individual who managed to reply the quiz with full Arks. Afraid of being “Othered” by their Peers Surprisingly. the English linguistic communication has two different sides. In which the sides are those who speaks the linguistic communication and those who do non. Most of the pupils have this sense of belonging or seeking to be in a group. whereas it could be seen that pupils who can talk English will hold out with merely people who can talk excessively and frailty versa. They tend to move and believe otherwise excessively. most of them who are fluent in the linguistic communication are much more unfastened to anything and they are rather broad.

The group which can talk English tend to be more loud and they are courageous to talk out what is inside their heads whereas the other group who can non talk the linguistic communication are much more diffident and cautious in voicing out. Harmonizing to an instruction diary. their initiation was that one of their respondent. which was Kat. an Indian respondent claims that she has been labeled “mat salleh celup” by her relations for talking English better than Tamil. and “there’s like a stigma attached to it. if you’re Indian and you don’t speak Tamil. it’s sort of bias really. they start believing you’re perasan…” ( Su Kim. et. Al. 2010 ) .

This was a good illustration that those who speak English will be deemed negatively by their society or race. Even some of the Malays would be labeled as “not Malay” merely because they are able to talk and utilize the English linguistic communication really good. Society credence towards the people who speaks English is important so that those people who are better than other people will be able to learn them on how to better in English. The people who know English better than the other will non be afraid of being “othered” or mocked if the society knows the true importance of the linguistic communication.

Suggestions Educate the Society on the Importance of English Back to the root of the job. that is the society. The society needs to be educated on the importance of English. When they know it. they will be able to recognize that it is non good to mock people who try to talk the linguistic communication because it would convey so much benefit non merely to the individual but to the society excessively. A individual who knows English linguistic communication good might convey the society to a whole new degree. whereas he or she could open up a category and learn other pupils who are willing to larn English.

The society needs to cognize that English is no longer related to those Orthodox and olden yearss of believing where it is related to bad things and Christianity. Yes it was back so. but now English is being used as a medium for socialising. pass oning. making concern and such. It is being used in such a broad assortment that people should cognize how to use the linguistic communication good. When people know the importance. they will get down to larn the linguistic communication for the improvement of themselves and their society.

Those who are able to discourse and utilize the linguistic communication good are extremely respected and noteworthy amongst the society. They besides have higher chance of being hired by a company instead than a individual who is non able to talk English but merely have good classs. In decision. good classs and the ability to pass on good is a plus. More Campaign and Enforcement by the Education Ministry We Malaysians. loves our Malay linguistic communication really much up to an extent that we have a batch of publicity and runs to transfuse awareness amongst Malayan about our female parent linguistic communication.

The instruction ministry should make the same excessively. get down by implementing runs from primary schools so that they will get down to love English from an early age. As the Malay stating goes. “melentur buluh biarlah Dari rebungnya. ” Political campaigns are of import in educating and transfusing love towards the English linguistic communication amongst pupils and people in general. By making for illustration. an English month in school so that the pupils will hold to talk English for a month is a good move.

Not merely by talking. during the whole month. a batch of activities must be held to pull more pupils in larning English. The school can make an English play competition. or choral speech production or merely narrative stating. Simple activities can be done but they must be done by utilizing purely English. Students can be “fine” for non talking English during the month. Not merely have that. enforcement of doing the English subjected as a compulsory topic to base on balls in the SPM is a good move. because pupils will happen the importance of being able to make good in English or else they will non acquire the certification.

The runs should affect parents at place because most parents condone or did non pattern the linguistic communication at place. It should be a two manner communicating and parents should be able to learn and do English as a pattern at place to ease the acquisition of their kids. Conclusion English is an of import linguistic communication to larn in this of all time altering universe. The universe is so huge right now and fundamentally everything is merely a click off. So pupils should be able to larn English wherever they are. and by larning the linguistic communication they will be able to sell themselves to future employers and companies.

Not merely that. pupils should recognize that by larning English they will be able to better their life style and became much more well-thought-of amongst their equals. Those who are able to talk fluently should besides educate their equals to non excuse other people courage to talk and larn English. To reason the study. I believe that larning English is a womb-to-tomb procedure and one can ever better themselves because they are no bound in larning the linguistic communication nor larning itself.

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