Implications of Students in Using Cellphones Essay Example
Implications of Students in Using Cellphones Essay Example

Implications of Students in Using Cellphones Essay Example

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  • Published: April 8, 2017
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They are getting too much addicted to it because it is enjoying, relaxing, and you can search more friends by texting them without the knowledge of their number. Cellphone addiction is one of the problems of parents among their children because they got failing grades in school. They cannot study because they always holding their cellphones just to text with their friends. Another problem is you will be stress because you will stay up late at night just because you are too addicted to it and you cannot help it. This can cause of having a cancer because of its radiation. It will not help them in building their dreams but a nightmare.

Researchers are hoping that they will not be a victim of it so that it will not take them to something that they did not expect. It is entitle


d “The Implication of cellphone on the Study Habit of Students” and was conducted to know the reasons why they are addicted on using their cellphones. Their parents are affected on their behavior because they are having a problem with regards to their grades at school that will start their arguments. Most of them got failing grades because they are not studying.

They cannot do their household chores because they are busy in texting their friends. They are fond of chatting and texting and sometimes they forgot their real tasks at home and in school. Even though they did not intend to forget them, some says that they are really doing not want to do their jobs and then it will cause arguments between them. The teenagers knows that they’re doings was wrong and they shoul

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correct their misbehavior.

According to [1]John Dewey, his main theory of education is often summed up in the phrase “learning by doing. ” Until his time, most educators believed in the strict, traditional theories of education practiced in Europe. Many lessons were learned by heart. Students were often taught subjects that they would never use and in which they had little interest.

Dewey sought to replace these old methods. “Education,” he said, “is a process of living. The student must learn to grow and change in a changing world. He believed that education should prepare children to take part in a democratic society. This research may help us to understand what will be the consequences of rapid development in our society especially for those teenagers that will get addicted to it.

Cellphone addiction is the most undeniable situation that affects the study habit among teenagers. It is one of the problems of the parents with their children’s behavior. Some of them do not know what to do because they cannot think of a solution to their problems. They should consult some experts like their relatives because it will help them a lot to resolve their problem of being addicted to cellphones.


This part of research will determine the problem encountered by the students and parents of both private and public schools on what will be the effects of cellphone addiction to teenagers. Especially this study will answer the following questions to our problems: 1. How do cellphones damage our concentration in studying? 2.

Why do teenagers get addicted to cell phones? What are the effects of cellphones addition to the student’s study habits? . What ways can

parents do to lessen their children’s cellphone addiction? III. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The researchers believed that the success depends on the value it could give to the readers. As the researchers go on to their study, they made some points that they will look for some basis to make this thing understandable. This will undergo some methods to know all the possible answers to their questions.

To the students from the school, that they may learn the values that the teenagers and parents will give to us and then try to think of it if you are going to admit it or not. They should know all the tasks as the teenagers must do in order to develop their mental skills and not to be an addict. To the parents, which they may know their responsibilities to know the best thing to do with regards to their children’s behavior. They should plan what to do first to their children’s behavior so that they will not be like that. That they should not always give their support because they will be hard-headed someday. To the principal and faculty members for they can tell us what they are going to do after they read all of the articles about this research.

To the physicians that the researchers may learn all the facts that help them understand that cellphone addiction is a serious problem that should avoid the teenagers. To the aspirant physicians for they will know about the research and for they will try to understand what will be the causes and effects and they could comment on how the researchers will prove the right decisions so as

the people will be. To the future researchers for they will know something about this research and they can improve their research well and make their research much better to understand. IV.


This research will guide the teenagers on how to cope with teenagers’ cellphone addiction. It will manage the teenager’s time well when they are not addicted to it. This research will help the teenagers a lot because you will know how to manage your time well and make it a busy day. They can think of something that can help to manage them with their being addicted to cellphones.

The teenagers should manage their time for example, when they woke up first in the morning and after eating their breakfast, they will study first their major subjects for about one-hundred and eighty minutes. So they can refresh their memory before going to school. As part of the researchers’ plan, the researchers made some questionnaires that will be pass on some of the teenagers with their parents on what they are going to do about the situation to the problem. The researchers will determine the analysis on the statistical data base from the people concerned.

The people may or may not tell their personal answer to the researchers. The researchers have no responsibility for the person that does not like be asked. And as researchers go on with their study, the researchers will tell the teenagers on how to manage well their time. And they tell us on how to make their time be a busy day so that they will not touch and hold their cellphones for a long period of

time. Teenagers must focus on their schedule task in order to make their time efficient.

The researchers will help the teenagers in what activity will they should be doing so that they can cope with their problem of being addicted to their cellphones. They will tell us the methods on how to study their lessons, which they can study without using their cellphones. And there should be a method on studying their lessons so that it will not be hard for them to memorize all the words in a chapter of a book in an hour.

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