Should Teenagers Work While They Are Students

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It is true that is some countries teenagers have jobs while they are still students. I support this idea and believe that it can help the teenager a lot in his present and future life. Self-reliance is an important lesson of life. People need to learn it at some point of time. Teenagers who have jobs while they are studying learn to fend for themselves. They may use the money earned to pay their school fee or may use it as their pocket money. They learn how difficult it is to earn money.

This will make them appreciate the efforts put in by their parents to support the family. Teenagers who have part-time jobs while they study get some valuable work experience. Most of the employers will be appreciative of the work experience an individual has. For example, if an individual applies for the job of a lecturer in a college and has experience as a Teaching Assistant in his college, he will certainly have a better chance of getting the job.

Thus, the work experience that the teenagers get while studying will help them to get a job in their later life. Sharing of responsibility is something that teenagers will learn when

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they work part-time along with their studies. They will learn to share the workload and responsibilities with their parents and other family members. This will certainly ease the load on their parents and will help the family as a whole. For instance, if a family has two children who go to school, parents may feel it difficult to support both of them for their education.

In case, one of them works part-time and supports him self to some extent, the parents can divert more resources towards the other child and get him proper education. Thus, the family as a whole is benefited. It may even improve the understanding and coordination between the siblings. Thus, in my opinion part-time jobs undertaken by teenagers along with their studies help them by making them self-reliant and independent. It also makes them more responsible towards their family and society in general. Also read about my first day at work experience

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