Propaganda Power As The Longing Essay Example
Propaganda Power As The Longing Essay Example

Propaganda Power As The Longing Essay Example

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  • Published: November 27, 2017
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In London, a dystopian society has been established where there are curfews, strict laws, and a pervasive atmosphere of fear that prevents people from venturing outside. This fear is unlike any other experienced before. The people of London have turned to the corrupt government for assistance, only to be deceived and further instilled with fear.

The Chancellor's propaganda in London used war, disease, and discrimination to instill fear and obedience among its citizens. The government manipulated these factors to gain power but failed to provide help during the ongoing war, leaving the people in constant fear. Britain's involvement in the war on terror resulted in widespread destruction and terrorism, forcing the population to accept curfews, laws, and a life of perpetual fear under a corrupt regime. The conservative and openly fascist Norse-fire party orchestrated a purge targeting Muslims, Jews, Homosexuals, Liberals, and


war protesters as enemies of the state. These individuals were rounded up at night and imprisoned in camp-like facilities where many perished. These events caused deep divisions within the country until a bio-terrorist attack occurred.

Disease claimed the lives of 80,000 people, paving the way for Norse-fire to seize power by capitalizing on the fear and the subsequent development of a cure. Unbeknownst to the public, Norse-fire orchestrated the attack as a strategic maneuver to gain control. The virus and its antidote were created through unethical human experimentation conducted on marginalized individuals and political dissidents imprisoned in camps. Discrimination plagued British society during this time.

In this enclosed society, anyone who was of a different race, culture, or identified as homosexual faced permanent expulsion from society. Consequently, these individuals were forced into hiding and had limite

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freedom to interact with others. They were also compelled to conform to the unjust laws imposed by the corrupt government and society. As time went on, their fear intensified while the government grew more powerful. Currently, Britain is characterized by boundaries that isolate its citizens, rampant corruption, and a significant lack of personal liberty. The government in this society is not only corrupt but also malevolent; it instills fear among the people, spreads falsehoods, and fosters distrust. These oppressive actions have sparked a revolution that has propelled the undeserving government into power.

Fear, trust, and death were all achieved through lies and propaganda in London. The Chancellor's manipulation of information on war, disease, and discrimination led to a populace that was both obedient and fearful, allowing the government to consolidate its power.

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