Female Foeticide Is Truly A Curse Sociology

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Female foeticide is genuinely a expletive on the Indian society.The Atharva Vedic literature says, The birth of a girl, allow it elsewhere, here allow a boy. This stating in the holy Bible sums up the Indian attitude towards female kids.

Female foeticide is a grave job blighting India since a really long clip. It is a flagitious offense to even see killing / aborting a miss kid. It is nil but inhuman murder.A[ 1 ]The act of aborting or ending a foetus while it ‘s still in the uterus, because it is female, is known as female aborticide. This can be done after finding the sex of the kid before it ‘s born, through ultrasound scans. Female foeticide has become a black and lurid world of our state. In India a strong penchant for boies over girl. Peoples want smaller households with comparatively greater boies by maltreatment medical engineerings. It is one of the of import grounds for worsening sex ratio. Female foeticideis done intentionally by the female parent, after the sensing of the kid ‘s gender through medical agencies. This is normally done under familial force per unit area from the hubby or the in-laws or even the adult female ‘s parents.[ 2 ]

Literature reappraisal:

Shurei ( 1997 ) stated that Even in today ‘s alleged extremely modern society, misss are still non regarded as full individuals. There continues to be opposition against sing adult females as professionals, as economically independent individual, and parents and the society still wish to see her as a duteous married woman and female parent foremost, a professional, if at all necessary, last. Even though, after independency, considerable developments have taken topographic point in the lives of adult females, there remains a black image. The social attitude is still prejudiced against adult females. In India more than 6000 adult females are killed every twelvemonth because their in-laws see their doweries inadequate. . ( UNICEF ( 2000 ) suggested that Some jobs to be given uppermost precedence are femalefoeticide ( Census India, 2001 ) , female infanticide, malnutrition, illiteracy, kid matrimony, dowry torments and dowry deceases.

Majumdar ( 2008 ) expressed his positions about human rights in Afghanistan. Harmonizing to UN figures for 2007, in Afghanistan a sum of 1500 civilians were killed. Common people are kidnapped, assaulted, crush, insulted, threatened and tortured by Taliban. They are endangering the common peoples security and their self-respect. Day by twenty-four hours the force in Afghanistan is increasing. Mander ( 2008 ) argued that using manual scavengers to clear human body waste is punishable under the jurisprudence. Yet, many establishments, private and public, go on to make so. Manual scavengers themselves do non talk out because of shame and fright of losing even this often insecure beginning of support. Alternatively they remain trapped in a barbarous rhythm of intense stigma, segregation, hapless wellness and instruction, destructive get bying schemes like intoxicant and drugs. Fuller ( 2008 ) explains that the force against adult females has been increased in the xenophobic force that swept across South Africa at the beginning of the twelvemonth 2008. More than 50 people have died, 100s were injured and 1000s were displaced. Sexual force against adult females in South Africa as a means to command and penalize adult females was committed in big figure. Men colza South African adult females as a agency of commanding them or controling their penchant to take foreign work forces. Naik ( 2007 ) states that the infliction of exigency by Bangladesh caretaker authorities has seen the curtailment of civil autonomies along with several human rights misdemeanors. Initially greeted with some blessing, the surplus of the exigency have now evoked widespread apprehensiveness amongst the people. Veisskopf ( 2006 ) states that in every state in South Asia there are racial caste or other cultural communities whose mean public assistance – by many societal and economic indexs – is significantly below that of the population as a whole. In several of these states, policies of positive favoritism have been introduced in an attempt to cut down historically relentless slowdowns in the societal and economic public assistance of comparatively hapless communities. By positive favoritism it means discriminatory choice of Numberss of under represented cultural communities to desirable places in society, where such policies have been implemented, they have most frequently proven extremely controversial. Rajkumar ( 2006 ) asserts that this was the first clip, the National Human Rights Commission examined the issue of corruptness from a human right point of view. The gravitation of human rights misdemeanor ensuing from corrupt patterns is no less than that of tutelary force or any other signifier of misdemeanor of civil, political, economic, societal and cultural rights. Rastogi and Therly ( 2006 ) revealed that domestic force, sexual torment in society every bit good as in the workplace, bonded laborers, poorness, and constabularies disregard and torment. This essay is an effort to research the favoritism adult females are still confronting in society, and how instruction has made an unerasable feeling in controling the pattern of dowery through creative activity of sceptered adult females in society. I conclude by analysing the state of affairs of adult females who are still dawdling behind. Kaarthikeyan ( 2005 ) discusses a assortment of issues including poorness, gender justness and kid rights. Role of constabulary as defenders of human rights is highlighted by him. He shows terrorist act as the gravest misdemeanor of human rights. To him tutelary justness and function of jurisprudence enforcement bureaus in protecting human rights, without perpetrating surpluss, are necessary for a good societal set up. Chaudhary ( 2005 ) states that human rights and poorness are inter-related. Of class, there is organic interface between the two in the negative sense because poorness and misdemeanor of human rights go manus in manus but poorness is non the lone manifestation of misdemeanor of human rights. The causative factors lending to the gross misdemeanor of human rights are both historical and contextual every bit good as planetary and local in nature. Malhotra et Al. ( 2005 ) point out that in a state, in malice of assorted constitutional precautions, misdemeanor of human rights takes topographic point every twenty-four hours in a assortment of signifiers. These misdemeanors include breach of civil, and political rights, favoritism against minorities, adult females and weaker subdivisions of society like scheduled caste and scheduled folks, arbitrary apprehension, anguish and decease of suspected perpetrators in the constabulary detention, female infanticide, killing of suspected activists in constabulary detention, spiritual force, child labor, cultural violent deaths and nobbling for ransom. Furthermore degraded or polluted environment itself is a human rights misdemeanor. It is clip to acknowledge that those who pollute or destroy the natural environment are non merely perpetrating a offense against nature but are go againsting human rights every bit good. Narain ( 2005 ) observes that poorness as a denial or misdemeanor of basic human rights because it violates one ‘s self-respect. It is really indispensable to understand poorness as a human rights misdemeanor. Poverty is non natural. It is the look of many signifiers of human rights misdemeanor. At the beginning, poorness denies the right to life, which is the central right. Shamsi ( 2004 ) explains that harmonizing to reliable beginning the rate of human rights misdemeanor is increasing daily. The people are besieged by human rights misdemeanor in all Fieldss, both internal and external. Sharma ( 2002 ) misdemeanor of human rights is one of the most distressing jobs of our times for the full civilisation of the universe. All value-based force which contravenes by and large accepted norms of societal order, human behavior and right to life and equality of all work forces, is retrograde. Terrorism is negation of life and misdemeanor of the norms of human behavior recognized by all civilised people of the universe. Stephen ( 2002 ) emphasizes the fact that human existences should get the better of the job of human right misdemeanor as they live and respond creatively. Education has ne’er been viewed as a tool to develop the overall personality and capablenesss of adult females. More than geting economic and societal freedom for adult females on par with work forces, the society has viewed instruction as a necessity for a good marital relationship, as a pre-requisite for obtaining a good lucifer

Aims of the survey

To analyze the behaviour of literate and illiterate Women cut downing female foeticide.

To place the chief Factors responsible for female aborticide.

To analyze of impact of female foeticide have on the sex ratioA

To happen out the ways and agencies of cut downing the female foeticide.

Research Methodology

Personal interview method is used to cognize the adult females behavior about female foeticide in little town JAGADHRI. Respondents have been choosen indiscriminately. Data is collected through intelligence paper, magazines, and sites.

Samle Size = 50 adult females ( literate and nonreader )

Sampling = Judgment sampling

Data analysis and Interpretation:

Ist Obj: – To analyze the behaviour of literate and illiterate Women cut downing female aborticide.

Comparative Study of ducated adult females and Uneducated Womans




1.Marrital position



2. Status of Family

Single, Confused, income earning

Increase, Joint Family

3. Reasons For

Female Feticide

No Social Security

Dowary, Socail Security, Delhi Case,

4. Resposible for

sex of kid



5. Sexual activity of kid known

before birth



6. After a male child babe,

demand of miss


Yes, penchant is given to Boy Baby.

7. To whom edu. Spending

will be more



8. Suggestions about hereafter of female due to female aborticide

1. No Social Security

2. One Wife Multiple Husbands

3. Decrease the self-respect of the adult females.

4. Increase colza, More male Dominating

5. Deterioting moral values in kids.

No misss for male childs

One miss for many male childs

More male dominating


Girls disappear one twenty-four hours

Imbalance society

Second Obj: – To place the chief grounds responsible for female aborticide.

“ Girls are seen as consumers, whereas male childs are seen as manufacturers ”

1. Gaining Source, carry Name, Shame and attention intent: A boy is seen as person who can gain and care for his parents in their ulterior old ages, while a girl will acquire married and travel off. A boy can transport on the household name, while a girl becomes portion of her hubby ‘s household. Many households consider it a position symbol to hold a boy, and a point of shame to hold a girl.

2. Pressure: The force per unit area to bear a male kid on the adult female is so great that she herself might take to acquire sex finding done and abort the babe if it ‘s a miss. Illiteracy, poorness and the ticket of ‘burden ‘ that is assigned to a miss kid, makes the desire for a male kid even stronger. A miss is forced to undergo multiple gestations and ( or ) abortions, until she fulfills her womb-to-tomb end of being a genteelness machine that produces male offspring as per the demands of the household

3. Modern engineering: Modern engineering has made it really easy to find the sex of the kid while it ‘s still in the uterus, giving parents-to-be the option of aborting the foetus and go oning to seek to gestate boulder clay they get a male kid. While sex finding has been banned by the Indian authorities, it does non halt households from traveling to great lengths to happen out anyhow. Not merely are at that place plenty of scanning centres that reveal this information, many of the wealthier households fly the pregnant female parent to neighbouring states where sex finding is legal, to happen out the gender of the babe. Ultra Sound machines: This procedure began in the early 1990s when ultrasound techniques gained widespread usage in India. “ PAY 500 Rs NOW & A ; SAVE 500000 Rs. IN FUTURE.

4. Engagement of adult females: A bulk of female foeticide instances involve an enthusiastic engagement of adult females ; both old and immature. To add fuel to the fire, unethical sex finding and selective abortion of female babies has become a flourishing US $ 224 million industry- a unsafe inducement for this evildoing to thrive further in the close hereafter.

5. Indian Society and societal immoralities: Indian society professes a profound religion in every person ‘s “ right to life and self-respect ” . The rights associating to the weaker & A ; vulnerable subdivisions of Indian society particularly adult females, and more specially the miss kid were violated. The chief cause of female foeticideis that the dominant place of work forces in determinations.

6. Women face favoritism: Women face favoritism within households every bit good as in society, where society maintains dual criterions in the instance of instruction, matrimony, bridal relationships, domestic force, Torahs of patriarchal society, belongings Torahs, dowery system, sexual morality, sexual torment every bit good as prejudiced societal stigma and besides less acknowledgment and regard for adult females ‘s work.

7. Preference for the male kid: Elimination of misss from the household tree even before they are born clearly indicates the vehement desire for a male child kid. Sons are seen as the chief beginning of income. Even though adult females today can easy rub shoulders with work forces, about in every field they set their head to, the common misconception still remains that it is the male who will assist run the house, and expression after his parents. Once married, adult females are like lading, ready to be shipped off to another family, while parents breathe a suspiration of alleviation for a occupation good done in acquiring their ‘daughter ‘ settled.

8. Deteriorated Status of Women: “ Yatra naryustu pujyanty ramante tatra devtaa ” The position of adult females in a society can be determined by their instruction, wellness, economic function, presence in the professions and direction, and decision-making power within the household. It is profoundly influenced by the beliefs and values of society. At the bosom of the job is the inferior position of adult females in society, a patriarchal societal model and value system based on “ boy passion ”

8. Industrial Growth: Industrialization of the wellness sector has farther strengthened the selective sex abortion one-fourth. With the coming of CVS, amniocentesis and Ultrasound, sex finding of the foetus has become much easier than it was earlier. This goes on to demo how the makers of hi-tech equipments and appliances, used to run these trials, benefit from the sufferings of future parents and their unborn kid. Many infirmaries are known to subscribe long term contracts with the houses involved in the production of these types of medical machinery. Often, a healthy per centum of the net income is shared with the infirmary and both parties enjoy the fruits of honoring a decease sentence

9. Addition in Rape and Assault: Once adult females become an endangered species, it is merely a affair of clip before the cases of colza, assault and force become widespread. In the background of fewer available females, the lasting 1s will be faced with the world of managing a society driven by a testosterone high. The legal system may offer protection, but as is the state of affairs today, many instances might non even surface for fright of isolation and humiliation on the miss ‘s portion.

10. Dowary system: The tradition of paying dowery at the clip of a girl ‘s matrimony is alive and kicking. This sum can be so immense that many parents will travel to extreme lengths to avoid holding a girl in the first topographic point. Religion operates alongside other cultural and economic factors in take downing the position of adult females. In the bulk of instances, the legal system has no impact on the pattern of dowery. It is estimated that a dowry decease occurs in India every 93 proceedingss. The demand for a dowery for girl kids, and the ability to demand a dowery for male childs exerts considerable economic force per unit area on households to utilize any agencies to avoid holding misss, who are seen as a liability.

12. Illiteracy: Illiteracy is the 2nd most of import job. Female literacy rates are really low nationally. A expression at the statistics associating to female literacy reveals a inexorable image. Comparing these rates to male literacy is 63.68 % , it is clear that female literacy is neglected. This spread finally contributes to the subordination of adult females and greater dowery for demand in the matrimony market. Rajasthan, which has a really low female literacy rate, is still burdened with widespread patterns like sati, female foeticide and child-marriage. On the other manus, Kerala, which has a high female literacy rate, is about devoid of all these patterns except the pattern of dowery.

Third Obj: – To analyze of impact of female foeticidehave on the sex ratioA

Sexual activity ratio refers to ratio of females to males in a given part. Practices like female foeticide and female infanticide ( killing a babe miss after she is born ) have had an inauspicious consequence on the sex ratio of a state and gives rise to further societal immoralities.

Harmonizing to the decennial Indian nose count, theA sex ratioA in the 0-6 age group in India went from 104.0 males per 100 females in 1981, to 105.8 in 1991, to 107.8 in 2001, to 109.4 in 2011. The ratio is significantly higher in certainA statesA such asA PunjabA andA HaryanaA ( 126.1 and 122.0, as of 2001 )


Sexual activity ratio ( 0-6 age group in India )


104.0 per 100 males







As per theA Indian Census 2011A study, the sex ratio of India ( females per 1000 males ) is as follows:

Average India sex ratio – 933

Rural sex ratio – 946

Urban sex ratio – 900

State with highest female sex ratio – Kerala – 1058

State with lowest female sex ratio – Haryana – 861[ 3 ]

The sex ratios of some states are listed below:[ 4 ]

State Name

Sexual activity Ratio



South Korea






United kingdom


Sri Lanka:


Findingss and Suggestions:

Torahs have been passed declaring female foeticideas illegal. Ad for antenatal anticipation of sex has besides been declared illegal. Attempts should be made to implement these Torahs efficaciously. Rigorous penalty should be given to the defaulters. Attempts and commissariats should be made to supply societal security to parents who are above 65 old ages of age and have lone girls.

Girl kids should be provided free and mandatory instruction up to higher secondary degree. This would diminish the alleged “ unneeded investing on girl kids ” made by the parents on their girls.

Certain strategies should be started for supplying economic commissariats for the female kids. For this intent, authorities should get down assorted employment strategies for females where 100 % reserve could be made for adult females in businesss like instruction, nursing, as telephone operators etc.

Women ‘s right to have and inherit belongings and the societal duty of girls to back up parents in the same manner as boies, can be spread by policy intercession to instill these new values in families every bit good as legal support to implement these values should be provided.

Religious instruction can play a function by prophesying against female foeticide, dowery and favoritism against the girl kids.

Moral instruction should be imparted in schools. Children should be taught to uphold ethical motives and chorus from patterns of dowery, female foeticide, gender prejudice. The vulnerable heads of the kids should be so influenced that they grow up as grownups who consider practising dowery and femalefoeticideas immoral.

Womans should besides be socialized from early childhood to see themselves as equal to work forces. This would be a positive influence on the coming coevalss as today ‘s miss kid would be tomorrow ‘s female parent every bit good as female parent in-law.

The Advisory Committee provides adept and proficient support to the Appropriate Authority. Conflicting the commissariats of the Act can take to a mulct of Rs 10,000 and up to three old ages imprisonment for a first offense, with greater mulcts and longer footings of imprisonment for repetition wrongdoers. The Appropriate Authority informs the cardinal or province medical council to take action against medical professionals, taking to suspension or the dramatic off of practicians found guilty of conflicting the commissariats of the Act.

The tendency of taking and giving of dowery which takes topographic point largely in educated and upper category places can non be discouraged by Torahs entirely. It is entrenched in the mentality of India ‘s people and no sum of prophesying would halt it. However attempts should go on to be made at the person every bit good as at the authorities degree. Stringent and effectual Torahs should be supported by speedy tests, dowery giving and taking instances should be tried by a particular tribunal and short stay places should be set up for beat-up adult females.

Cancellation/permanent expiration of the physician ‘s licence who partakes in carry throughing a client ‘s demand to make off with her miss child.Heavy punishment imposed on companies like GE, that specialize in marketing medical equipments used for illegal sex finding and abortion in unaccredited clinics and infirmaries.

High mulcts and judicial action against ‘parents ‘ who wittingly try to kill their unborn babe.

Widespread runs and seminars for immature grownups and possible parents to edify them about the sick effects of female aborticide. Ignorance is one of the major causes for the addition in the selective sex abortion instances. Spreading consciousness can travel a long manner in salvaging our hereafter sisters, female parents, girlfriends and wives.for ex- satya mav jayate by Amir Khan on Television.

Girl kids should be provided free and mandatory instruction up to higher secondary degree. This would diminish the alleged “ unneeded investing on girl kids ” made by the parents on their girls. They would halt taking their girls as a liability, which many respondents taken for the survey did grumble about.

Women ‘s right to have and inherit belongings and the societal duty of girls to back up parents in the same manner as boies, can be spread by policy intercession to instill these new values in families every bit good as legal support to implement these values should be provided.

The Ministry of Women and Child Welfare should despatch congratulatory salutations to twosomes who attain parentage with the birth of a miss kid. Many respondents in the survey felt shame and embarrassment about holding many girls. The authorities by despatching such salutations could distribute consciousness that the birth of a miss is a joyous juncture and would transfuse assurance in the female parent who normally finds herself at the having terminal whenever a miss kid is born.

The first and first thing is to guarantee rigorous deduction of bing statute law. Apart from this more of public consciousness is required with a strictly scientific and humanist attack. Every person and NGO can besides do their parts to educate the populace on this affair and beef up the position of adult females in the society. .[ 5 ]


Future is the name of your miss kid, yesteryear is the name of your female parent. This is truth that NO PRESENT, NO PAST, NO FUTURE WITHOUT GIRL CHILD. Female foeticideis self-destruction, Save the miss kid and see the hereafter. The impact on society is really unsafe, we should non be underestimated. These are the unsafe effects of the female aborticide which are such as. more adult females are likely to be exploited as sex workers, Additions in molestations and colza are an obvious consequence. You can see sex offenses in Delhi have been attributed to the unequal sex ratio. Demographers warn the India that in the following 20 old ages at that place will be a deficit of brides in the matrimony market chiefly because of the inauspicious sex ratio. We want to finish my article with really beautiful line: –

“ Kaliyo Ko Khil Jaane Do,

Mitthi Khushboo Phalane Do.

Band Karo Hatya Ab Inkiiiiii,

Jeevan Jyoth Jalane Do. ”

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