Female Convicts Essay Example
Female Convicts Essay Example

Female Convicts Essay Example

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  • Published: October 22, 2017
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The year 1788 was marked as a very important year in the entire History of Australia. It was the year the first fleet of convicts arrived in australia at Botonay Bay from the terrible and putrid conditions in London. The ships had both men and women onboard but the majority of them were males. The females of the colonies were often regarded as less than human hence them being treated in such a manor.

They were seen as the breeders of the colonies and their punishments were aimed for psychological harm.If women were re-offenders to crime once in the colonies they would be sent to have heir head shaved which would put a disgusting reputation to their name because women saw their long hair as the key to their femeninity. Women would also be sent to female factories in Pa


rramatta in New South Wales was a form of punishment often used on women who continued to commit crimes. These factories sent women to work.

They worked slept and ate all in the one building. They woudl do needle work, spinning wool or manufacturing blankets.Unlike men, women could not gain early freedom, that is unless they married a man and started a family. Women were always strong willed people and it is for these convict women that the females of today have such charisma and strength. These women were seen as whores and prostitues and were in the same category as animals. They built the female community and these women still live strong in our hearts today.

Us women have finally gained the respect and have overcome the sexiscm and gained our role in society a

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normal human being, all due to the help of the honourable women of the 19th century.

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