Female Sex Victims And Slaves Sociology Essay Example
Female Sex Victims And Slaves Sociology Essay Example

Female Sex Victims And Slaves Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 19, 2017
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We as members of the Elon Community take for granted the insouciant day-to-day ambles across campus. We grow accustom to the beautiful flowers and brick edifices along the manner, the nutrients and drinks that we consume, and the freedom we have to travel wheresoever our Black Marias desire. Now imagine you are midway across the universe. There are no beautiful flowers, no edifices, and unhappily no freedom. Imagine that you are confined to a individual room, which smells of blood and perspiration. All of a sudden, a adult male is shouting at you, crushing you, and coercing you to make as he desires. Then it stops, merely to get down once more minutes subsequently, but this clip they are worse. The cheering and whippings crescendo until you feel yourself stealing into uncons


ciousness and so he rapes you because he knows you can non halt him. You awake in hurting ( both physical and mental ) because you know like so many adult females before you that there will be no penalty for the offenses committed against you.

Sadly, these fortunes are non unlike what many adult females around the universe face daily. One tierce of adult females world-wide face whippings in the place and 30 to sixty per centum of females report that they have experienced some type of physical or sexual force by a male. A recent survey showed that adult females fifteen to forty old ages of age `` are more likely to be maimed or die from male force than from malignant neoplastic disease, malaria, traffic accidents, and war combined '' ( Kristof & A ; WuDunn ) . The right to vote

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of adult females all over the Earth is enormous. In Ghanese, 21 per centum of adult females report that their induction to sex was by colza, while in Nigeria 17 per centum claim to hold been raped by 19 old ages of age. Other parts of the universe show similar sings of subjugation such as South Africa and Thailand where 21 or more per centum of adult females have been raped by the age of 15. It is clear that many adult females around the universe are enduring from male force and maltreatment as they have been for 1000s of old ages. Often times, we Americans assume that there has been no bondage since Robert E. Lee and the South surrendered in 1865. How easy we forget the remainder of the universe and the endless inhuman treatment endured by so many.

History informs us that adult females have ever been treated as inferiors and in some civilizations adult females have been and are treated as slaves. The modern American belief is that adult females have gained equality with work forces through many different adult females 's rights motions such as the feminist motion in the United States in the 1960 's. What most people do non recognize is that, while adult females in the United States are deriving societal equality, between one to two million adult females are being enslaved and trafficked each twelvemonth, more than any other clip in history. So what precisely is slavery and human trafficking?

Slavery every bit defined in the fresh Half the Sky is `` the position or status of a individual over whom any or all of the powers assailing

to the right of ownership are exercised '' ( Kristof & A ; WuDunn ) . It is besides believed that adult females who are trafficked are victims of modern bondage. A survey by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime studies that the trafficking of adult females and kids is a $ 7 billion industry per twelvemonth, while the United Nations Women and Children 's Fun reports it to be a $ 10 billion concern. It is estimated that a net income of $ 32 billion is made from forced labour each twelvemonth. Surprisingly, a 2005 study by the International Labor Organization ( ILO ) stated that of the 9.5 million victims of forced labour in Asia, less than 10 per centum were trafficked for `` commercial sexual development, '' and less than 50 per centum of trafficked victims worldwide are portion of the sex trade. Even if these Numberss are accurate, sex trafficking is one of the largest concerns in the universe and it involves `` disorganised offense '' made up of multiple persons and organisations. Nowhere in the universe is this more outstanding than in Southeast Asia and Thailand.

In the 1930s, Thailand was the prima exporter of trafficked adult females, but now it is the taking importer. Women pour in from Russia, Yugoslavia, Poland, and other states. These adult females are brought into Thailand by several major groups. The Chiang Rai, Ranang, and the Mae Hong boy groups control trafficking through the Burmese boundary line, while the Trat and Sa Kaew organisations control the Kampuchean boundary line. Similarly, the Makdahan and Nang Khai import adult females through the Laos boundary line

and the Yala group through the Malaysia boundary line. The Luk Moo web that smuggles adult females in from China is responsible for 50 per centum of adult females and misss smuggled into whorehouses in Thailand. There are besides other organisations that specialize in misss for eating houses and bars such as the Kabuankarn Loy Fah web. These groups have an improbably strong clasp over the state 's economic system and frequently times work forces keeping political office will hold a connexion to one of these groups. The trafficking and harlotry of adult females is so great in Thailand that it literally accounts for 60 per centum of the state economic system. So how did this go on?

In the 1930 's, the Nipponese military invaded much of Southeast Asia and took 100s of native adult females as their prisoners. These adult females from China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand were repeatedly raped and trafficked by the Nipponese soldiers. This was the official start of the `` sex industry '' in Asia. The sex roar in Southeast Asia, nevertheless, did non truly get down until the United States ' military presence in Vietnam. In 1957, two old ages prior to the United States fall ining the war attempts in Vietnam, there were 20,000 cocottes in Thailand. Seven old ages subsequently, there were 400,000 cocottes within the state 's boundary lines due to the seven U.S. military bases ( Hall ) . It is rumored that the U.S. and Thailand on the side agreed on footings sing the rights and entree to Thai adult females and cocottes. As a Thai politician put it `` we needed

money and the American 's needful misss '' ( Hall ) . Because of this understanding, American soldiers began sing the Thai whorehouses on a regular basis. This finally led to $ 16 million dollars being pumped into the Thai economic system. The soldiers ' visits to whorehouses were named `` remainder and diversion '' by the Thailand authorities, while the American soldiers preferred the name `` I & A ; I '' ( intercourse and poisoning ) . Either manner it was clear that the sex industry was taking over the state and by the terminal of the war a new economic clip had begun for Thailand.

When the war ended, sex touristry from the West made up for the deficiency of soldiers and a new signifier of harlotry, whorehouse trains or `` comfort waggons, '' helped the sex concern continue to boom. Many politicians and functionaries began puting in the sex industry because of its possible net incomes. Because of this, the authorities encouraged Thai soldiers to increase their visits to whorehouses. Currently, 80 % of Thai soldiers have visited a whorehouse within the last six months and 73 % of them report that they lost their virginity to a cocotte. These Numberss are reeling and demo what an improbably big portion the sex industry plays in Thailand and its economic system. As mentioned earlier, fifty to sixty per centum of the authorities 's budget comes from net income made through the sex industry. This alone is a major job if a alteration is of all time traveling to be made to better the lives of the many laden and trafficked adult females of

Thailand. Sadly, this is merely one of a long list of jobs that have come about from the sex industry.

The Problems

Since the terminal of the Vietnam War, Thailand has found itself trusting to a great extent on its male population and the sex tourers from the West to maintain the sex industry booming. Tourists from the West are drawn to Southeast Asia and more specifically Thailand because of the `` mystique of Asiatic adult females - beautiful, obedient, and available '' ( Hall ) . While Western society focal points on the beauty, obeisance, and handiness of Asiatic adult females, Thai work forces take a different attack. These work forces believe it is their natural born right to hold inexpensive adult females for sex. 450,000 Thai work forces visit whorehouses each twenty-four hours and the bulk study holding their first sexual experience with a cocotte. Often times these first sexual experiences come as portion of high school hazing rites. Surveies show that 95 per centum of all Thai work forces over the age of 21 have had sex with a cocotte `` and while it is absolutely acceptable for work forces to see cocottes, prenuptial sex between work forces and adult females who are dating is purely out '' ( Hall ) . This unwritten jurisprudence has been strengthened by political leaders and the media in order to assist keep the flourishing sex industry. The thought behind it is that if Thai work forces can non hold sex with their girlfriends so they will turn alternatively to whorehouses and cocottes. While work forces turn to cocottes to fulfill their sexual desires, adult females have to

stay clean and chaste. So if adult females have to stay clean and chaste so why are at that place so many cocottes in Thailand?

The lone ground Thai misss end up as cocotte is because they have no pick. Most of the clip, nevertheless, it is a consequence of turning up in a rural country. One tierce of Thailand 's population lives in a metropolis and 15 per centum of the population of Thailand lives in the Bangkok country. Bangkok entirely accounts for half the state 's GDP and the income degree is nine times higher in this metropolis than the remainder of the state. It should be no surprise so that the changeless poorness in rural countries leads to migration into metropoliss. Seventy per centum of all cocottes in Southeast Asia come from farming households and about all 12 to sixteen twelvemonth old miss prostitutes come from the hill tribes ( the worst economic country in Thailand ) . This still does non explicate why they become cocottes ( sex slaves ) . Harmonizing to the United Nation Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, the deficiency of proper cogent evidence of citizenship ( ID ) is `` the individual highest hazard for a hill tribe miss or adult females to be trafficked or exploited '' ( Feingold ) . The deficiency of designation increases a miss 's hazard to be exploited because they can non acquire an instruction, a occupation, or a matrimony certification without cogent evidence of citizenship and therefore can non back up themselves. Even if they do hold proper designation, misss are frequently times tricked or brainwashed into going harlotry. The misss

are extremely susceptible to brainwashing because they have received small instruction due to the rural location of their places. In Thailand, there is a deficit of authorities schools, which causes the people to turn to traditional Pagoda instruction, which is taught entirely by a monastic. This system does non let adult females to be educated and because of this 17 per centum of Thai adult females are illiterate. The misss that are educated still do non ever have a pick whether or non they become cocottes. Fathers of Thai misss will indenture their girls to whorehouses in order to pay off household loans. The misss become sex slaves and when they make money they send it back place to their households to pay off loans. A random study of cocottes in Bangkok, found that merely four out of 50 cocottes were NOT directing money back place to their households.

Although the bulk of Thai cocottes do non take their profession, there are some that do. So why would anyone desire to be a slave to the sex industry? Most of the clip misss choose to be cocottes because they think they are doing a rational determination. They believe that they are functioning their state and more significantly assisting their household. The misss move to the metropoliss and go cocottes because it is the highest paying occupation for adult females. A cordial reception miss makes $ 49 a dark more than some adult females can do in a hebdomad. These cocottes so take the money they have earn and direct it back place to their households who finally pay off debt and accumulate wealth. Frequently, these households

will stop up constructing big houses and as a consequence will go good respected in society. Because of this many of the adult females are forced to go cocottes by the demands of their households. There are, nevertheless, other grounds why adult females and misss become cocottes. Some adult females dream of get marrieding an American and believe that the lone manner this will come true is if they become cocottes and run into a sex tourer who is looking for a married woman. This dream is a consequence of World War II and the Vietnam War when half of American service work forces go forthing the Philippines brought back a Filipino bride. So what is so incorrect with adult females going cocottes if it helps their household? The chief issue is that harlotry has so many negative effects on these nescient adult females and misss.

Thai misss are being sexually exploited earlier and earlier each twelvemonth sometime every bit early as nine old ages of age. The younger the misss are the more prone they are to lesions and sex related hurts. The misss and adult females are frequently injured when they have sex during their catamenial rhythms. The adult females are fined if they stop working during their periods and most do non make so because they need the money. Besides, one 4th of Thai cocottes are addicted to some type of drug, normally velocity, barbiturates, or diacetylmorphine. A cocotte described her usage of drugs stating, `` after holding my organic structure ravaged by several clients in a row, I merely acquire excessively tired to travel my limbs. At times like this, a shooting

of diacetylmorphine is needed. This enables me to manage five or six work forces in a individual dark. I ca n't assist but take the drug in order to maintain myself in working status '' ( Kristof & A ; WuDunn ) . The changeless sexual maltreatment, hurts, and drug use can hold an tremendous mental consequence on cocottes. A big part of ex-prostitutes need reding because of the injury they have under gone, but unhappily really small of Thai adult females can afford such intervention because of the monetary value. Although harlotry can be mentally detrimental, there is no greater consequence on Thai cocottes so the spread of diseases and AIDS.

Forty per centum of Thai cocottes have a disease, which is the consequence of being raped an upwards of eight to nine times per twenty-four hours. Harmonizing to societal critic Sukanya Hantrakul, `` In Thailand, adult females are supposed to be chaste until matrimony and monogamous afterwards, while work forces are supposed to be promiscuous. '' This clear dual criterion is doing a enormous sum of jobs in Thailand. Most of the work forces sing whorehouses will non have on a rubber, but because the cocottes need the money they are forced to accept. While the work forces will non have on a rubber when they visit a cocotte, they will have on them with their married womans, but even with these steps the spread of HIVs is inevitable. In 2000, 1.5 million Thai adult females were HIV-positive. In the hereafter, it is estimated that half of their kids will be born HIV-positive. Harmonizing to a survey by UNICEF, Thai adult females have a

50 per centum higher hazard of undertaking HIV than adult females in the remainder of the universe. With so many sex tourer sing Thai whorehouses each twenty-four hours, the figure of instances outside Thailand will be certain to lift every bit good. It is estimated that AIDs could do Thailand to loss $ 8.7 billion in income and $ 2 billion in foreign financess. Additionally, the addition in AIDs could raise the monetary value of wellness attention. This will go forth 100s of people without wellness attention and will finally take to an addition in deceases.

Although harlotry and the sex industry ushered Thailand out of economic depression station War World II, it has left improbably deep lesions in the state, which alternatively of mending are merely acquiring worse. Because of the figure and earnestness of the jobs, the sex industry will non be easy to repair, particularly sing the patriarchal society in Thailand that net incomes vastly off of it. If harlotry is of all time traveling to be stopped it will be due to the coaction, attempts, and actions of multiple organisations and authoritiess. The job is that the universe is full of states and people with changing positions and positions. Because of this, the lone manner to act upon these states and push for alteration in Thailand and in the universe is to understand their position of harlotry, the sex industry, and adult females 's rights.

The World 's Position at a Glance

There are over one hundred and 50 states in the universe all of which have different sentiments and Torahs sing the trafficking and harlotry of adult females. The inquiry `` is harlotry

a valid occupation option or is it a signifier of force against adult females? '' is the inquiry that the universe continually debates. The UN states `` harlotry is incompatible with the self-respect and worth of the human individual '' and urges provinces to penalize anyone who `` entice or leads off, for the intents of harlotry, another individual, even with the consent of that individual '' ( Pickup ) . It besides gives a formal definition of trafficking saying that it is `` all Acts of the Apostless involved in the enlisting and/or transit of adult females within and across national boundary lines for work or services by agencies of force or the menace of force, maltreatment of authorization or dominant place, debt bondage, misrepresentation, and other signifiers of coercion '' ( Pickup ) . If the United Nation, which includes about all autonomous provinces in the universe, holds this strong of a position point against harlotry and the trafficking of adult females so why are at that place still states that have legal harlotry?

The reply to this inquiry lies in the positions of each independent state. Americans most normally believe that a state either makes harlotry legal or illegal merely based on the thought that it is either right or incorrect. What we do non recognize is that sometimes states have really small pick in the affair. So why would a state of all time have to do harlotry legal? Russian political leaders have found themselves holding to do hard determinations on what is best for their state in recent old ages because of the function of harlotry dramas for adult females in

their state. Russia maintains the thought that `` if maltreatments are built-in in migratory harlotry, so authoritiess must get rid of both harlotry and trafficking '' ( Pickup ) . In other words, harlotry must be stopped. With this thought, they feel that if they eliminate the demand by prosecuting 3rd parties involved ( cocottes, whorehouses, etc... ) so the supply ( the trafficking of adult females ) will travel off. This, nevertheless, ignores the fact that adult females need to do a life. In Russia, 40 per centum of adult females are unemployed and because of this a big part of adult females frequently turn to prostitution to pay the measures. Because of this fact, many states have been hesitating to do harlotry illegal. The Netherlands is a premier illustration of this, believing harlotry is merely acceptable if `` there is a differentiation between forced and free harlotry '' ( Pickup ) . This official statement allows for adult females who need a occupation to go cocottes, while still leting the authorities to modulate the sex industry to see safety and wellness.

There are other states, nevertheless, such as Thailand and Haiti that do non curtail harlotry, trafficking, or the sex industry. In Haiti, it is non uncommon for a immature adult male to nobble and ravish a miss of his desire if he believes she or her household will non accept a matrimony proposal. By knaping the miss, he is efficaciously doing the miss worthless because her Hymens has been taken. The miss 's parents will about ne'er prosecute a raper because it would merely decline their girl 's repute and do the household

expression bad in the eyes of the community for interrupting tradition ( Skinner ) . Often times, the household has small pick but to get married their girl to the raper. A Haitian male parent whose girl had been raped said, `` more weight is still given to the offense of stealing a thing than to the offense of stealing a individual and ravishing her '' ( Skinner ) . While this may be in Haiti, Thailand holds the place that `` harlotry does non be because it is illegal '' ( Pickup ) .You might be inquiring than how it is that Thailand is the prima state for the sex industry? The Thai authorities gives us the reply, stating that `` while harlotry does non be there are massage parlours, eating houses, motels and tea houses that may good offer sexual services '' ( Pickup ) . This contradiction is the state 's manner of maintaining their economic system thriving will officially reprobating harlotry. Many Tai authorities functionaries make net income off the sex industry and are making nil to halt the changeless maltreatment and right to vote that is being endured by so many adult females and kids in their ain state.

There are states, nevertheless, that are doing bold statements to seek and do a difference. Great Britain and the United States have made immense attempts to alter the universe 's position on adult females 's rights and to do people more cognizant of the inhuman treatment and inhumaneness of the sex industry. Great Britain 's Solicitor General Harriet Harman said, `` Human trafficking is nil less than modern bondage '' ( Pickup

) . While these words absolutely reflect Britain 's base against harlotry and the trafficking of adult females, the United States holds a really similar place. The United States believes harlotry should be illegal because `` where harlotry is legalized or tolerated, there is a greater demand for human trafficking victims and about ever an addition in the figure of adult females and kids trafficked into commercial sex bondage '' ( Feingold ) . Feminist groups both in and outside the United States are profoundly concerned about cocottes because of the spread of STD 's such as AIDs. They besides feel that the harlotry and trafficking promotes force towards adult females and should be abolished worldwide. As a female American college pupil put it `` we should judge these civilization [ Thailand & A ; Haiti ] by their sexual cravings when it involves adult females being trafficked and raped in whorehouses due to the fact that the Hymens is so extremely regarded that a adult female 's household would kill her if she had sex before matrimony. Yet work forces are allowed to fornicate every bit often as they please with whomever they please. This besides increases the transition of HIV between spouses because rubber usage is so low. Therefore, the adult females get marrieding these work forces who have ne'er had any sexual contact are besides at a high hazard for undertaking HIV from their hubby and therefore go throughing it on to their kids. This seems to be a extremely barbarous circle '' ( Preroff ) . Many other misss, women's rightists, an organisations portion a similar position such as The Coalition

Against Trafficking in Women ( CATW ) , which claims that `` it is impossible for adult females to accept to prostitution on their ain agreement because it dehumanizes and objectifies themselves and adult females '' ( CATW ) .

It is clear that the universe 's position of the sex industry and of harlotry varies a great trade, but to me there is no alibi for the changeless colza of 1000s of adult females and immature misss. To me the line is black and white. The narratives of laden misss and colza victims from all over the universe state me that adult females are shouting out for aid. They need our support and for us to take action. So what can we make to halt the right to vote of adult females in the universe and more specifically the 100s of 1000s of sex slaves in Thailand and Southeast Asia?


Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn describe in their fresh Half the Sky that `` the most effectual alteration agents are n't aliens but local adult females ( and sometimes work forces ) who galvanize a motion '' ( Kristof & A ; WuDunn ) . There are no greater illustrations of this than Srey Rath and Mukhtar Mai and their astonishing life narratives. While you may hold heard of Mukhtar and her narrative because of the media attending it received several old ages ago doing her to derive famous person position, it is improbable that you have heard of Srey 's Ruth and her narrative.

Srey was a typical miss who grew up as a member of a hapless household in the rural countryside of Cambodia. When

she was 15 old ages old, her household was approached by an agent who was enrolling misss looking to work in a metropolis. He offered to take Srey into Thailand where see could rinse dishes and do a little income. This thought excited both Srey and her parents because she could `` assist back up her destitute household '' ( WuDunn ) . This adult male, nevertheless, turned out to be a sex seller. Srey ne'er washed a dish, but alternatively was taken to a whorehouse and held as a sex slave. She was routinely forced to hold sex with male clients and `` to guarantee conformity ( and smiles for her clients ) , her capturers routinely beat and drugged her '' ( WuDunn ) . Srey, nevertheless, was able to eventual flight and return back to Cambodia, where she sought out an assistance group that helped trafficked misss and sex victims. Through this organisation 's generous contributions, she was able to purchase adequate supplies to go a street pedlar and get down a new life.

Mukhtar, on the other manus, grew up in a peasant household in Punjab and was ne'er educated. In 2002, her younger brother was kidnapped and raped by a Mastoi pack. Fearing penalty, the Mastoi pack accused Mukhtar 's brother of ravishing a Mastoi miss. These accusals finally led to a town hearing. Mukhtar went in order to apologise on behalf of her household ( even though her brother had non really committed any offense ) , but alternatively she was sentenced to immediate pack blame as a penalty for her household. `` Four work forces dragged her, shouting and

pleading, into an empty stable following to the meeting country and, as the crowed waited outdoors, they stripped her and raped her on the soil floor, one after the other '' ( Kristof & A ; WuDunn ) . Humiliated and half bare, Mukhtar ran place to perpetrate self-destruction like many misss before her, but was stopped by her parents. Finally, Mukhtar `` did something revolutionist: She went to the constabulary and reported the colza demanding prosecution '' ( Kristof & A ; WuDunn ) .

Her aggressors were finally arrested and she was even sent $ 8,300 of compensation money by Pakistan President Pervez Musharraff. She took this money and alternatively of maintaining it for herself, she started a school for misss. An American journalist heard of her narrative and through his column was able to raise and donated $ 430,000 to Mukhtar 's freshly founded school. Besides as a consequence of his column, multiple media mercantile establishments invited Mukhtar to America to be interviewed. Pakistan president Musharraf wanted to halt Mukhtar and said `` you [ Mukhtar ] have betrayed your state and helped our enemies '' ( Kristof & A ; WuDunn ) . As a consequence, she was black listed and put under house apprehension with no phone line and evidently no rights to go forth the state. It took a phone call from the U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, to eventually carry Musharraf to let go of Mukhtar and let her to see the U.S. On a tightly chaperoned visit, she promoted adult females 's rights and raised money for her school. During her trip, she became a immense famous

person and was even invited to see the White House.

When she returned to Punjab, she built another new school for over a 1000 pupils in a gang-ridden country. The local pack leaders sent their ain childs to school and made sure that the school was free from force. Mukhtar besides bought a school new wave that serves as an ambulance for pregnant adult females who need to acquire to the infirmary and she has helped pay for plastic surgery for adult females who had been victims of acid onslaughts ( a cruel penalty, which insists of acid being poured onto a adult females 's face that some packs give adult females if they do non accept to arouse, ) . Mukhtar shows us how local and foreign action can alter the lives of so many misss and adult females. Her hope is that adult females will contend back and travel to the constabulary when inhumane offenses are committed against them.

The narratives of Mukhtar and Srey show us what difference local adult females can do in the rights of adult females and what impact aliens can hold in this procedure. Merely because we may non populate in a topographic point where adult females are oppressed does non intend we can non assist. There are 100s of organisations and groups out at that place that are inquiring for our aid. Human Rights Watch, Captive Daughters, the Global Fund for Women, and the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women ( CATW ) are all organisations that help.

Human Rights Watch is an independent organisation that defends and protects human rights by giving a voice to the oppressed. Their end is

to keep all felons accountable for their actions and more specifically to `` contend against the dehumanisation and marginalisation of adult females '' and `` battle for adult females to hold equal rights and human self-respect '' ( BADA ) . The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women hopes to distribute information about trafficking and is making their portion to assist sex victims with 24 shelters and four rehabilitation centres located in Thailand. Captive Daughters and Global Fund for Women both are emphasizing the importance of educating people about sex trafficking and adult females 's rights and each organisation hope that by increasing misss ' entree to instruction they can take down force against adult females. All of these organisations and many more are doing stairss to better the lives of 1000000s of adult females and kids. They all accept contributions, but if you can non donate money there are still alternate ways to do a difference. An organisation called Equality Now focuses on the maltreatment of adult females around the universe and uses the power of letters to do alteration. `` Letter authors did shine sufficiency of a limelight on Ethiopia that it was shamed into altering its Torahs. Today, a adult male is apt for colza even if the victim subsequently agrees to get married him '' ( Kristof & A ; WuDunn ) .

We live in a clip when there are more slaves and sex victims than any other clip in history. The universe, nevertheless, is invariably germinating and our present actions can do a enormous impact on the universe of our hereafter. Through instruction, we can authorise adult females and by penalizing

those who so often commit offenses inhumane offense, we can get down to stop the right to vote and subjugation of so many adult females, misss, and kids all over the universe. It is improbable that the universe 's 3rd largest concern will merely vanish overnight but it is our function as planetary citizens to assist the adult females who are shouting out for aid. If we can merely listen, larn, and take action so in the procedure we can alter the lives and the hereafter of 1000000s of adult females.

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