Professional Beggar Problem Essay Example
Professional Beggar Problem Essay Example

Professional Beggar Problem Essay Example

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  • Published: August 15, 2017
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Polices in Shanghai published a list of mendicants who have been caught most frequently on metro trains over the past four old ages on 21 August 2012. sparking
arguments about the job of “professional” mendicants. The scorer. who has been caught 308 times. is 22-year-old immature adult male from Anhui state in perfect wellness. following by an 88-year-old adult female with a record of 292 times [ 1 ] . Of the assorted jobs which our state faces today. the job of beggary is one of the most acute 1s. Every one of us has seen legion sorts of mendicants. Some are unsighted. square or crippled. and so take to imploring. Child and orphan mendicants besides are really common. However. others. who are physically sound before they join the beggary “career” but undertake is as their profession. for it enables them to gain their life easy. The causes of imploring are many. and they are really similar between inland China mendicants and those in other developing states ( e. g. India. Pakistan etc. ) [ 2 ] . First of all. some people. largely the senior and the really immature. are physically incapable of making any work and have no other accomplishments.

The lone manner of acquiring nutrient unfastened to them is imploring. They besides deserve the understanding of others. Second. some people take to imploring due to natural catastrophes. Third. some felons when they come out of gaols are non treated sympathetically by society. They are non given any opportunity to get down their life afresh. Becoming a mendicant is the lone man


ner to happen a shelter. On the other manus. largely in the large metropoliss. some people. who do non endure from poorness and disability. see the trade of imploring flourishing and mendicants gaining their support in a really easy manner. they merely enter the profession. In order to gain more understanding. they broke their ain legs or putrefied their ain tegument ; or even worse. some kidnapped other people’s kids and handicapped them. There are besides illegal organisations which train kids in the art of imploring. One can reason that improper societal rehabilitation and salvage mechanism may do the job in the above paragraph. But the truth is the mature Homeless Shelter & A ; Aid Station system in China’s large metropoliss leaves small room for unfavorable judgment.

We non merely supply nutrient. H2O and shelter in these assistance Stationss. we besides provide occupation consultancy service for the wellness 1s and train tickets to direct them place. So. what is the motive of these people ( some even with a college grade ) to go professional mendicants? Let us compare the undermentioned two income Numberss foremost. The mean monthly income of a middle-level director in Beijing is around US $ 1440 ( $ 65 daily ) before revenue enhancement ; the mean day-to-day income of a professional mendicant who “work” on tube trains in Shanghai is US $ 130. and tax-exempt.

To exceed it all. on 13 November 2012. a male mendicant transporting a child was spotted acquiring on his Audi A6 saloon after “work” in Qingdao metropolis. east China’s Shandon

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state. [ 3 ] These professional mendicants besides refuse any sort of aid from the societal and private charity groups. In China’s large metropoliss. the professional mendicants seem to populate a better life than ordinary on the job category people. Based on the grounds and statements above. we will now utilize the PATH theoretical account to happen out the truth beneath the job and seek to happen a manner ( or several ) to undertake this riddle. Why does the job of professional mendicants so terrible in China’s large metropoliss? What is the motor under the calling taking? Can we assist them to set up a right value of wealth?

1. PATH-Problem: Identifying and specifying the job

Harmonizing to Buunk and Van Vugt ( 2008 ) ’s PATH protocol in order to to the full understand the root of the job. we need to name it with brainstorming and assorted background informations. For the professional mendicant job specifically. here is what we need to cognize: a. What is the cardinal job that needs to be understood and addressed? Unlike existent mendicants who are unable to back up themselves. professional mendicants take beggary as a profitable calling. Their willingness to implore is the cardinal job lying behind the societal phenomenon. ( Hong Ying. Li 2000 ) Many intelligence studies [ 4 ] and societal policy articles ( Zhi. Li 2006. Chao Li 2005. Jiaqing Zou 2003 etc ) have pointed out that the low sense of self-respect versus the high income the mendicants get may be one of the nucleus issues needed to be tackled in the job.

We besides consider this as our cardinal job in our PATH theoretical account. B. Why is a peculiar issue perceived as a job in the first topographic point? The beggars’ personal involuntariness to alter their calling way is non merely the nucleus issue in the beggary job. it is besides the root of several other damaging societal jobs which we’ll illustrate later in the paragraph. If we can non alter their value. any assistance and aid from other people and the authorities will finally stop in vena. As we posted in the debut portion. even though the Homeless Shelter & A ; Aid station mechanism is rather mature ( Liulu Zhang 2009 ) in China’s large metropoliss. the professional mendicants still won’t accept these aid. c. For whom is it a job?

We found out besides that the whole society which will be indirectly affected by this job ; there are three types of people/organizations that suffer straight from it. First. are the mendicants themselves. Since they have chosen that as their calling. they lost opportunities to be employed as full-time workers with sufficient public assistance benefit and medical insurance. In China. the composing of the professional mendicants is largely the drifting population. intending they can non acquire the citizenship in the metropoliss they beg and their original topographic points will end their pension supply or even their Idaho after certain old ages. Second. are the beggars’ households. Their begging behaviour humiliates the whole households. even the whole small town. sometimes. On practical degree. since they may

lose their ID after several years’ imploring calling in large citers. their kids will lose the instruction chance due to black hukou ( residence enrollment ) . Third. the authoritiess of large metropoliss are victims. excessively.

Not merely because the professional mendicant damaged the metropolis image and wasted public resources. but they besides rose the offense rate particularly in child-kidnapping and street force. ( Xiangyu Chen. Na Li. 2011 ) d. What causes the job and how make these causes affect the job? On the larger graduated table. the mammonism ( money worship ) of the whole state is the perpetrator. Merely as the antediluvian Chinese stating goes “prostitution is better than poverty” became the steadfast belief of the professional mendicants ( Daming Zhu. 2010 ) . They witnessed the spread of wealth when they arrived at the large metropoliss. in order to rarefy the comparative want. they might hold tried several occupation and so found that beggary is the easiest manner. which taking to another cause. That is the indolence rooted in them. Why is that the instance? In most little town people’s kid memories. large metropoliss were heavenly topographic points filled with gold. They were ne'er cognizant of our hard-working rules.

From coevalss to coevalss. they enjoy their lay-back life style and enviousness others’ wealth in the average clip. They merely can non acquire the simple logic of the positive relation between hardworking and wealth-gaining. However. we can non merely fault this incorrect thought to the professional mendicants merely ; their household instruction and grow-up environment have a batch to make with. As the drifting population. many migratory workers choose to go forth their immature offspring with their old parent. The deficiency of parent-child interaction unluckily causes the apathy among household members. That is why when some professional mendicants were interviewed ; they said they feel abandoned by the household so there is no demand to experience shame in their calling. e. who should be convinced of the job?

Besides the professional mendicants. their households and the metropolis authorities we mentioned supra. The citizens and the workers of the Homeless Shelter & A ; Aid Stations are besides need to be convinced of the job. They should organize the thought that their understanding and aid to the professional mendicants are encouraging positions. which. in the long tally. will intensify the job. f. Whose cooperation is necessary to assist work out the job? The professional mendicants themselves. their households. the workers of the assistance Stationss. citizens with otiose understanding every bit good as the metropolis authoritiess. g. Can a societal psychological intercession be helpful to undertake the job at manus? Absolutely.

As mentioned in old paragraphs. the bing ordinances and the aid mechanisms make non work in a sufficient manner. Harmonizing to the jurisprudence. beggary is non a offense therefore so as to esteem their human rights the implementing authorization can merely direct them to the assistance station. However. they will come back to prosecute their imploring calling in large metropoliss after the assistance workers send them place once more and once more. Embracing a societal psychological intercession will assist us to calculate

out a solution that may undertake the nucleus of the job ( i. e. the beggars’ willingness to give up imploring voluntarily ) . By using this. we aim to switch their beggary behaviour through rectifying their attitude and knowledge towards wealth gaining.

The result of the job definition:

Most of the professional mendicants are healthy people or the self-mutilated 1s who choose to be mendicants. Their willingness to implore is entirely based on the distorted wealthy-oriented value. ( job ) Why do these self bearable people ( aim population ) beg instead than work ( behaviors ) and what can we make to alter their head and live a normal life? ( solution )

2. PATH-Analysis: Explicating appropriate constructs and developing theory based accounts 2. 1 The result variables In the old problem-definition chapter we named several variables that influence the behaviour of the professional mendicants. In this paragraph. we’re traveling into item to set these variables into three classs: predisposing factors. reenforcing factors and enabling factors. On the larger graduated table. the predisposing factors the general money worship temper of the society thrust these professional mendicants to take imploring as a calling way. Besides that. other citizens categorize the job as offprint from their ain ; they have no inducement to care or to assist the authorities work outing the issue.

On the personal graduated table of the mendicants. the spread of wealth they witnessed is one of the strongest drivers for imploring behaviour. The household force per unit area can be considered as the chief reinforcing factor that influences the beggary behaviour which has a strong encourage consequence. For the mendicants themselves. the replaceability of their old normal occupations will heighten their continuance of imploring. Although. enormous attempt has been put into the societal assistance system. there is ever some room to better. If a societal psychological science perspective aid can be added in the system. which will certainly be more helpful than mere stuff and reding assistance.

2. 2 Brainstorming: Explaining “willingness to populate a self-support life” For the professional mendicants themselves. no trust in the public assistance system. deficiency of work motive and the “easy money/ speedy money” that they can get through imploring mostly weaken the desire to give up. For their households. fright of poorness is the largest negative factors which influence the willingness. At the other terminal. the shame they feel when they get to cognize that their household member is a mendicant might coerce these professional mendicants to populate a self-supported life. To the metropolis authoritiess. how to increase the willingness of the professional mendicants to give up the calling voluntarily is a thorny job. Because on one manus. stricter ordinance and Torahs will go against their human rights. on the other manus. the current regulations and assistance system do non look to work in a productive. The authoritiess need to happen a manner that can bring forth positive consequence every bit good as minimise the waste of public resources.

2. 3 Probationary Explanation

Based on the above analysis and brainstorming. we came out with the probationary account of our professional beggars’ job which shows the graph below:

On the left manus. five personal and external determiners are listed that will straight act upon the willingness to populate a self-support life. The environmental conditions with the result variable ( i. e. give up calling beggary ) is showed to the right. [ movie ]

2. 4 Issue related attacks

Several survey documents written by domestic policy research worker have shown us certain possible ground for this bing phenomenon: – Instability of occupation place ( Wei Guo. 2012 ) . A batch of people can happen a labour occupation. but since it is largely non skill related and therefore they are extremely replaceable. In comparing. being a professional mendicant. they are at least “self-employed” . – Lack of understanding from the society ( Xiangyu Chen. Na Li. 2010 ) . The society largely fails to truly understand the trouble of professional mendicant without holding been in similar state of affairs.

With the thought of non being understood. professional mendicants so have uncertainties about the preparedness of societal aid. which negatively effects their willingness to seek to get down a self-dependent life. – Polarization of societal wealth ( D Xue-hui. 2003 ) . As a popular theory goes. 20 % of the population possess 80 % of the resources. so that the rich become richer. the hapless so poorer. The professional mendicants in this environment face a higher likeliness to believe they are lower degree human being and of no usage to the society. That’s why they besides have merely small willingness to give up the beggary calling.

2. 5 Conceptual attacks

To integrate to the societal psychological degree. we try to look at this job with some field related theories: – Emotion on determination devising. One of the braches of it is Self Defense Mechanisms ( Phebe Cramer 2006 ) . SDM in simple words are psychological schemes brought into drama to keep a socially acceptable self-image. In our instance. taking the professional mendicant calling is a cause of shame and embarrassment. When they categorize themselves in a lower degree of societal life. they have uncertainties about the truthfulness of the society. Thinking that they are merely pitied and non understood. they become closed to themselves and neglect to swear in the true kindness. As effect. they are non ready or unfastened to accept possible aid which could assist them to get down a independent life. – Social comparing ( Naomi Ellemers. 2002 ) .

To be more specific for our instance. we need to understand Relative Deprivation Theory. It refers to the discontent people feel when they compare their places to others and recognize that they have less of what they believe themselves to be entitled than those around them. Most professional mendicants are non plenty educated or possibly even have non been through the obligated instruction stage. which leaves them with no competitory accomplishments to put nutrient in the occupation market. They besides don’t see themselves with any possible success in the society. Entirely with this. they still need to confront the unrealistic high outlook from the household.

When they want to travel back place. in order non to “lose face” . they will

necessitate to hold adequate money. which. sing their state of affairs. is difficult to gain other than being mendicants. – Risk perceptual experience. Affect being a of import portion of the hazard perceptual experience. we will here take a expression at how Mood Congruence Effect ( Seo et al. . 2010 ) can act upon our job. Harmonizing to this consequence. if positive feeling responds to positive result. a prospective positive result will be rated as more likely. In our instance. the sum of money earned is really near to the sum of a normal employee. which for the mendicants is a surprisingly good income degree. Combined the positive income and the happy feeling. they are more positive about the “bright future” in the beggary calling. and hence non willing to give it up.

2. 6 General theory attack
Expected Utility

At the terminal it all comes to outlook: persons expect a higher societal position ; households expect the kids to be successful ; the society expects the professional mendicants to vanish. We will see a spot closer from these three facets: – Personal: persons leave place to seek to do a calling so that they can feed their household. do them proud and be utile to the society. But holding a end without holding matching accomplishments to really populate up to their outlook. leaves them in defeat. Bing a professional mendicant in this state of affairs becomes their lifebuoy. The money they earn from it in some degree creates them the semblance of holding a calling and it amends for the feeling of losing societal position. – Family: every parent thinks that their kids can be successful in the society one manner or another.

The money the mendicants bring place is the “proof” of their success. which. when the household is non cognizant of the method how they earn it. is sometimes more than plenty for the household to believe that their outlook has been met. – Society: the society deep down wants that the professional mendicants won’t. one twenty-four hours. be a job any longer. With this in head. people try to donate stuff or offer voluntary aid. The material/monetary aid in some manner really assures the mendicants that they will be able to do a life being in the calling. When the society doesn’t see the betterment of their outlook over clip. they lose the motive to maintain on assisting.

3. Test – concluding reply

Before we can come to the concluding graph. we go through once more all the possible relevant elements with 2 standards: relevancy and changeableness. The same clip we try to extinguish the elements with low relevancy and/or low changeableness. besides the 1s that overlap with others. – Substitutability ( in a occupation place ) : it means that it’s hard for the mendicants to happen a stable occupation. It so overlaps with “easy money” . which says that the mendicant calling offers them the possibility to hold a “job” that besides earns them money easy. – Experience similarity ( from the societal aid side ) : holding a similar experience brings a bigger opportunity to really understand the

troubles that others are confronting. With appropriate understand the aid can so be echt. It therefore convergences with “sympathy” . But so in order to understand most of the clip is a issue of willingness. The society has already rated the mendicants negative without seeing the really grounds of the phenomenon.

Some who have faced the same state of affairs but came out being really successful may despite the others who couldn’t. In the manner. the similar experience is non so relevant to work out the job. – Skill larning chances: as the quotation mark goes. you give a adult male a fish and you feed him for a twenty-four hours. you teach a adult male to angle and you feed him for life-time. Learning a practical accomplishment is the attack which will finally hold immense impact on this issue. The chances are really widely offered. but so the mendicants are non willing to take them. since they think the acquisition so happening a occupation procedure is taking the clip off from them gaining easy money. So the accomplishment larning chances is here non so relevant. – Awareness of use: some mendicants did non get down the mendicant calling on their ain purpose. They might hold been talked into the line of work. Those people who talked them into signifier this company-like group. they act like their “manager” . delegate their undertakings. location etc and besides take net income from them.

But so it’s hard to detect that they are manipulated while they are really holding income. This component is difficult to be changed. – Over-valuation of material life: in the large environment money negotiations. Money can’t do everything but so without money nil can be done. By and large recognized thought is that a good stuff life is the footing of a successful life. This element exist worldwide so that it would be truly hard to alter people’s believe in it. |Determinants |Changeability |Relevance |Overlap ( Y/N ) | |Substitutability |+ + |+ |Y | |Experience similarity |- – |+ |Y | |Learning chances |+ |/ |N | |Awareness of use |- – |+ |N | |Over-valuation material life |- – |+ + |Y | |Establishment of self-respect |+ |+ + |N | |Disbelief in society |- |+ |N | |Easy moneys |+ + |+ |N | |Empathy/Real solicitousness |+ + |+ + |N | |Family force per unit area |+ |+ + |N |

After the riddances. we can now here pull a concluding graph:

As illustrated above. there are three chief variables ( Establishment of self-respect. Empathy/Real solicitousness and Readiness to accept aid ) keep positive relation with the “give up begging” result. and two negative 1s ( Family force per unit area and Easy money ) . [ movie ]

We believe that “Establishment of dignity” from the personal side of the sbeggar and “Empathy/ Real solicitude” from the society/government side serves as the most of import positive fact in the whole relationship. Not merely because they are more inaugural variables than others. but besides. as shown. they get more positive determiners.

3. 2 Trials

With the concluding graph presented. now we will

integrate the societal psychological science theory and the existent life issue together to understand the being of the job and finally happen out the possible solution to work out it. – Readiness to accept aid. If the mendicants get to gain more self-pride. it will cut down the feeling of embarrassment or shame. Alone side they will more likely to believe the society is non merely feel foring them but alternatively seek to understand and assist them. With these two influences. the ego defence mechanisms would play a less of import function. In the terminal they will be more ready to open themselves to the aid. – Family force per unit area. The high outlook from household doesn’t lucifer with the existent accomplishments is the nucleus ground why the mendicants experience the comparative want. If they feel that there are no ways that they can be utile or appreciated. they will lose the willingness to better themselves. In this instance the households need to understand them excessively.

They should non merely compare the pecuniary income but more the accomplishments learned and the independency of their lives. to value the single betterment more. – Easy money. Compared to the income of a normal low accomplishment required labour work. the money they earned being a professional mendicant is instead nice. Therefore. their belief in future addition becomes a strong moderator in the relationship between easy money and the willingness to populate a self-support life. The unexpected income degree leads to positive emotions. with which they have more outlook towards the continuance of this calling. If they think they can gain a life from it. so they won’t be willing to give up and seek to get down a self-supported life.

PATH – Help

4. Conjectural decision

After seeking to analyse the phenomenon. we came across some possible stairss that we can take to better the state of affairs. among which the steps on a personal base seem to hold the ability to make the biggest impact. It means a alteration of their manner to believe. Merely when they believe in ego value. in the echt aid from the society. can the other steps or policy do their work. To make that. true communications between households and persons every bit good as between persons and the society should be encouraged t to take topographic point. The openness will better the apprehension. which finally improves the societal state of affairs.


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