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Political Science Essay

Political Science Essay

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  • Published: April 16, 2022
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Civil right refers to an individual entitlement that a person acquires for being a citizen or a resident of a country. The rights confer a person the freedom of the law. One can acquire these rights by alienation or through personal conduct. The social media platforms of the United States provides details on some of the civil rights that demonstrate many impacts on the way the government exploits its social responsibilities on its citizens (Francis, 2014). This essay will describe two significant civil rights events that influence the social responsibilities of this government. The two most important events are the Watts riots and the Los Angeles riots.
1. Discuss either two (2) civil liberties or two (2) civil rights events (past or current) that have influenced a sense of social responsibility in the American government today. Provide examples


to support your answer. Note: In your response, consider how the events influenced the way state, local or national political leaders or agencies responded in a socially responsible or ethical manner toward the community.

First Civil Right Event

The Watts riots occurred when two white police officers scuffle with a black motorist in 1965. The police officers suspected that the motorist was under the influence of alcohol. People stayed aside and watched the arrest of the driver before they were angry by the police’s action. These people believed that the police tried to abuse the motorist because they did not belong to the same race. The event killed thirty –four people and more than a thousand people suffered had some injuries. The government responded to this issue by arresting four thousand persons who contributed to the riots. The government declared

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that the riots emerged because of the much deeper problems that existed among the citizens.

Second Civil Right Event

Another civil right event that presented the government involvement in the promoting social responsibility is the Los Angeles riots that took place in 1992. The event emerged when four white police officers from Los Angeles police department beat a black motorist in 1991. The rioting left fifty people dead and two thousand suffered from injuries. These two events provoked the U.S. government to demonstrate its social role. The government responded to the events by showing a lot of social concern of the people. In this case, the case government made prosecutions on the causalities regardless of their colors. Otherwise, failure of the government to prosecute the prosecutors could show a failure of the government in administering its social responsibility.

1. Discuss two (2) media events (past or present) that have positively and or negatively influenced the public’s opinion of a government agency. Provide examples to support your answer. Note: Consider how a news story or media coverage of an event positively or negatively changed the public’s opinion (or perception) regarding how responsible a government agency should be towards meeting the needs of its customers; i.e. the American people.

Media events refer to any activity that the social media designs and hosts to cause an impact on the way the public think or deal with a similar life situation. The United States social media play a significant role in building the minds of the citizens on matters concerning the government or any other socially related activity within the country (Ignatieff, 2005). The essay will discuss two important political media events that

the social media of the United States plans hosts every year. The media events that the paper will address are the “Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting” and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference.

First Media Event

Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting is a meeting that ensures preparation of the first time attendees of the meeting to equip them with sustainable and reliable experience. It facilitates networking of individuals by offering information and different opportunities for engaging all the participants. Watching television shows on these two events has both positive impacts in shaping the public opinion (Lippmann, 2012). The event shapes people’s political way of thinking by creating a strategy for developing a relationship among the members.

Second Media Event

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference changes the public opinion by empowering the pro-Israel activist regardless of their ages, religions and races. It is the largest gathering of the pro-Israel movement. It works with politicians of the two major parties in the United States to ensure Israel acquires a special security aid all the years. The event promotes the U.S. relationship to enhance the exchange of ideas and tangible materials that enhance development in these countries. For example, watching the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting can evoke feelings of love, national pride and patriotism in situations that involve political difficulties. However, these events may have an adverse impact on the public opinion because of the interference by the press. For example, a show may present all the possibilities of a suspected murdered to be guilty but fails to show the other parts of the scene.

1. Discuss two (2) differences between the Republican and Democratic parties that

may have an ethical impact (positively or negatively) on the American people. Provide examples to support your answer. Note: Consider the different ideals, values, morals, and/or goals held by the Republican and Democratic parties, and their different views on the ethically or morally right way to govern and make the best policies for the people they serve. Determine if your example presents any type of ethical concerns for or against the public interest of the American people.

The political domain of the United States depends on two political parties i.e. Democrats and Republicans. These two sides have different ideologies in perceiving various aspects of the country. It is hard to define the differences between these parties using their political perspective. Therefore, the essay will view their differences depending on their political and social aspects.

First Difference

The Republican and Democratic parties differ on social issues. Most of the members of the Republican Party tend to be conservative in matters concerning social issues. They oppose the idea of gay marriage and advocate for marriage between a man and a woman. The same members of the Republican Party have a negative attitude on abortion and support the right for owning a gun by the citizens (Harrison, 2014). On the other hand, Democrats have an obsession on their personal views. For example, Democrats issue claims that support abortion and gay marriage. These members do advocate for the establishment of the gun control regulations that deny gun ownership. These social differences have an ethical impact on the citizens.

Second Difference

The two parties differ in their perception of the social programs. Democrats believe that the U.S. government should implement social programs like welfare, unemployment

benefits, food stamps and the establishment of the Medicaid that helps the needy. Another example is that Democrats have a belief that the government should allocate more funds to these programs. The Republicans have a different ideology of less funding and tighter control over these programs. They vote for supporting private enterprises that help the needy. The difference between these parties that affect the ethical concern for the American people is the issue of gays. More than eighty percentages of the U.S. citizens are against this ideology. The Democrats goes against the requirement of the citizens by advocating for gay marriage.


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