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Political Science Essay

Political Science Essay

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  • Published: April 16, 2022
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The concept of civil rights pertains to the privileges that individuals acquire as citizens or residents of a country, granting them freedom within the legal system. These rights can be obtained through exclusion or individual conduct. In the United States, social media platforms provide a window into civil rights, highlighting the government's societal duties towards its populace. This essay will explore two significant incidents related to civil rights that have had a profound impact on the government's social obligations: specifically, the Watts riots and the Los Angeles riots.

1. Discuss two (2) civil liberties or civil rights events, past or present, that have influenced a sense of social responsibility in the American government today. Include examples to support your answer. Consider how these events have shaped the socially responsible or ethical actions of state, local, or national political leaders and agenc


ies within the community.

First Civil Right Event

The Watts riots occurred in 1965 after a confrontation between two white police officers and a black motorist who was believed to be driving while under the influence. Bystanders witnessing the arrest were appalled by the behavior of the police, seeing it as racially discriminatory. This incident led to thirty-four fatalities and more than one thousand injuries.

The government responded by arresting four thousand individuals who took part in the riots. According to the government, the riots were a result of underlying societal problems among the populace.

Second Civil Right Event

In another case involving government involvement in promoting social accountability, we witnessed the 1992 Los Angeles riots. These disturbances occurred after an incident in which four white police officers from the Los Angeles police department attacked an African American motorist in

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1991. As a result, fifty people died and two thousand were injured. Both of these incidents sparked unrest throughout America.

The government demonstrated its commitment to the well-being of the populace by expressing sincere care and pursuing legal measures against all responsible parties, irrespective of their backgrounds. Failing to enforce accountability for these individuals would imply a dereliction of the government's duty in fulfilling its societal obligations.

Please discuss two (2) media events (past or present) that have had a positive or negative impact on the public's perception of a government agency. It is crucial to back up your answer with examples. Furthermore, consider how news stories or media coverage of these events can shape how the public sees a government agency's role in fulfilling the needs of its customers, who are the American people. Media events refer to any activities organized and conducted by social media platforms with the intention of influencing how the public perceives or deals with comparable life situations.

The impact of social media in the United States is significant in shaping the minds of citizens on various government and social activities within the country (Ignatieff, 2005). This essay focuses on two important political media events held annually by the United States' social media. These events are the "Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting" and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference.

First Media Event

The Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting aims to prepare first-time attendees by providing them with sustainable and reliable experiences. It promotes networking by offering information and opportunities for engagement among participants. Television coverage of these events has a positive impact on shaping public opinion (Lippmann, 2012).

The event influences individuals' political

perspectives by fostering connections among participants and establishing a strategy for engagement.

Second Media Event

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference has a transformative impact on public sentiment, empowering individuals of all ages, religions, and races who advocate for Israel. This conference stands as the largest gathering of pro-Israel supporters, collaborating with politicians from both major parties in the United States to secure ongoing security aid for Israel.

The event aims to foster the U.S. relationship by fostering the exchange of ideas and tangible materials that contribute to development in these countries. For instance, witnessing the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting can elicit emotions of affection, national pride, and patriotism, particularly in situations where political challenges are present. Nevertheless, these events can potentially influence public opinion negatively due to media interference.

For instance, a TV show might prioritize the guilt of a presumed killer while disregarding other aspects of the crime scene. In a similar way, let's analyze two contrasting elements between the Republican and Democratic parties that could affect the ethical well-being of American citizens in either positive or negative ways. Examples will be provided to support this analysis. It is important to consider the diverse ideals, values, morals, and objectives upheld by both parties as well as their differing stances on governing ethically or morally and crafting optimal policies for their constituents.

To evaluate the ethical implications of your example for the American public interest, it is crucial to acknowledge the divided political landscape of the United States. The country is mainly divided between Democrats and Republicans, who hold contrasting ideologies on various national aspects. Outlining these party differences from a

political perspective can be challenging; hence, this essay will examine their disparities in both political and social contexts.

First Difference

The Republican Party and Democratic Party hold contrasting views on social issues. The Republican Party takes a conservative stance, opposing gay marriage and promoting heterosexual marriage as an alternative. Additionally, they adopt a negative position on abortion and advocate for citizens' right to possess firearms (Harrison, 2014).

Democrats have distinct personal beliefs, including their support for abortion and gay marriage, as well as their advocacy for strict gun control regulations limiting gun ownership. These social differences have ethical implications for citizens.

Second Difference: Contrasting Views on Social Programs

The two parties also hold contrasting views on social programs. Democrats recognize the significance of social programs in improving the United States.

Differences between Democrats and Republicans are seen in their views on government's role in providing social programs. Democrats support welfare, unemployment benefits, food stamps, and Medicaid while Republicans advocate for less funding and stricter control. Moreover, Republicans back private enterprises assisting those in need. However, a major contrast lies in LGBTQ+ issues that significantly impact the ethical concerns of over 80% of the U.S. population.

Citizens oppose this ideology. The Democrats oppose the citizens' requirement by advocating for gay marriage.


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The text below consists of two and their contents, mentioning the books "American exceptionalism and

human rights" by Princeton University Press and "Public Opinion" by W. Lippmann (2012).

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