Meaning of Manifest Destiny to Americans
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Manifest destiny was a belief that was held by the Americans in the 19th century that the United States was destined to occupy from coast to coast. This belief played an important role towards the fueling of the eviction of Native Americans western settlement and war with Mexico. O’Sullovan first used the belief in an […]

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American Identity, Expansionism and Isolationism
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American identity has had major impacts on the historic U.S. foreign policy traditions as well as post-cold war policy. American exceptionalism has been gradually used to explain U.S. foreign policy traditions. As Pease (99) argues, the American exceptionalism and foreign policy are both interconnected. It is believed that American exceptionalism encouraged not only the exemplarist […]

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Westward Expansion Project
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Imagine yourself going into a time machine and coming out of the time of 1804, now imagine going on a journey requested by the president, not knowing where you are going , being attacked by wild animals you have never seen, eating dogs, living in record temperatures, and walking with a indian you scarcely know. […]

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Westward Expansion