American West Expansion and Mexican American War Essay Example
American West Expansion and Mexican American War Essay Example

American West Expansion and Mexican American War Essay Example

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  • Published: January 21, 2022
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Thomas Jefferson, the former U.S president believed that the westward expansion was the major key to America’s future and health. Apparently, Jefferson believed that a nation had to depend on an independent and virtuous citizenship for its survival. To him, land ownership went hand in hand with nation’s independence and virtue. This expansion is one of the defining themes in America’s history and was influenced by several geographic, security, and economic factors;

Firstly, the population growth in eastern states was the major reason for the expansion, which was expected to double from the previous census of around 5.3 million to reach 23million by the next census. Secondly, for Americans to purchase new territory from France and other foreign powers, the government had to motivate its citizens to move from eastern states to western states. This territory acquisition saw


the country double in size, evacuates France from North America entirely, and they finally secured the access to New Orleans, as well as transport along the Mississippi River.

Thirdly, economic opportunity, for instance, Gold Rush in California and availability of cheap and fertile land in the neighboring countries led to this expansion. Hence, they ended on to Mexico, where the government acquired miles of land, leading to many pioneers engaging in cash crop and growing marketable products. Thereby, financial panics and economic decline uprooted people from east to west for a better and a fresh start.

Fourthly, according to a manifest destiny notion, Americans believed that they were the strongest among all other nations and they were destined to expand the west. Thereafter, the manifest power became a driving force in America’s western expansion, and used it to justify a

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war against Mexico, which saw them acquire acres of land from Mexicans. Finally, western expansion had the Native Americans removed from their land and forced onto reserves.

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