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How do information systems projects get started in organizations? Information systems projects get started by an organization that would form a project Initiation team that Involves a company forming a core of project team members that would assist In achieving the project launch. The project team would establish the project Initiation plan. The team would have to analyze the situation and come up design that would resolve the problem. How are organizational Information systems related to company strategy?

The strategy exists because it helps the organizations accomplish the company’s goals and the company’s objectives. It would also be determined by the organization competitive strategy. How does strategy affect the information systems a company develops and uses? The strategy affects the information system since the information services are utilized to the strategic business opportunity whereas the computer system could have an impact on the businesses products and its operations. What do you think Jims next step would be? Why? I think Jim should organize, create an Information team and assign responsibilities to each member.

He should also have the team brainstorm the “No Customer Escape” project. Jim should also compare with standard measurements, or measurements of Its peers by benchmarking so that the team can view the characteristics of their competitors, this would allow Jim to create a new information system, which would draw new costumes to their product.

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