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The designed interface for the new information database system is the overall platform for the input and output environments that manages the data entirely. The user interface design presents a measure for the senior management team and the project manager to obtain a stringent formed relationship – that strengthens the recommended communication model matrix.

The proposed effort for sharing and receiving imperative information concerning the stages of the actual project tasks to organize the accuracy reporting to stakeholders (Armstrong and Kotter, 2007).The organizational behavior presents a synergy to the effective communication matrix monitored by the project manager to assure that the user interface design has effectively relayed all data necessary for the operations. The proposed communication model demonstrates the main purpose for utilizes the user interface design. User Interface Design Menu 1 Menu 2 Menu 3 User Interface User Interface 2 User Interface 3 Clearance Entry _Level A Secured Level B to Sorting Follow Through-Level C Output . User Ids, passwords to access level A that presents newer subsystems availability .Department passwords to enter specifics platforms of information .

Automatically entry to output platforms that delivers information on certain queries. Input Design The input design in the below figure outlines the internal information system mission to securing the security protocols necessary to present resources for the desired outcomes. Internal External Inputing the key areas of clearance level 1 data fields. Confirmation of data displayed for accounting resources to delivering the key areas of focuses.The desired input designed of using communication model for an elimination of unrelated issues.

The external communication a planned outcome from the inputting of required data fields in the database systems. Output Design The output design presented below outlines the mission to implement a proactive approach to delivering the final desired results of queried information to the end user. Inputs Performances Outcomes Entry of user and passwords Quantity of work Confirmation of authorization Time assess to transfer Quality of work Concluded accessSecurity field Safety rules/regulation Variety of Benefits High level Platform Game Levels Extended areas of focus data Key areas sorted Demonstrated ability Data relayed New level fields Manageability Signed off conclusion of data Joined links Good Attitude Visual data displayed Conclusion The formulated effort to delivering an effective information system management is imperative by utilizing the communication, cooperation, and the coordination of managing and transferring information (Thill and Bovee, 2007).In doing so, the coalition with the project team members and senior management provides the essentially means in the function in positive outcome.

The management for the delivery of the deliverable on time by implementing the four commitment concept models to present the business objectives within an organization that achieves the core goals. The IT management team is to follow the organization purpose for the development of the new information database system for an effective outcome.The phases of implementation of the new information system creates a concentrated effort on the structured for strategic planning internally and externally aspects. The organization is to consider having an IT management provides centralizing in securing the data to formulate the proactive means of delivering the desired results. The organization focused effort to implement proactive means creates a cost beneficial aspect of savings that can be reinvested for future upgrades and/or improvements of the internal database.The collaborative efforts for internal networks will provide the user interface platform an effective (Wild, Wild, and Han, 2006).

Therefore, the proposed new internal system provides the beneficial aspects for an organization to centralize their internal systems to improve the firm operations in an effective and efficient method.ReferencesBruce W Dearstyne (2005). The Information Enterprise: New Challenges New Dimensions. Information Management Journal, 39(4), 38-42,44-45. Retrieved September 11, 2008, from Alumni – ABI/INFORM Global database.(Document ID: 874588041).

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, Wild, Kenneth L. , Han, Jerry C. Y. , (2006).

International Business, The Challenges of Globalization

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