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The experience of service has always been an integral part of everything that I do. With the increasing diversity happening in the workplace, I feel the need to improve and develop my skills and potentials to remain dynamic and competitive in my field. These competencies can provide the needed avenue for success and expand my capabilities. With this, I express my intention to apply for a Masters degree at the University of Southern California.

By pursuing degree in International Public Policy and Management (IPPAM), it can cater to both my long and short term goals.Service has always been an important facilitator of my educational pursuits. Looking back, I am to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology in December 2008. This degree has given me the perspective of how social interaction can affect the way we view things and at the same time open our eyes to endless possibilities. Due to this, I continuously pursued my interests with utmost dedication and commitment. My contributions were not taken for granted as I became a recipient of the California Scholarship Foundation.

I received the scholarship for service distinction during the year 2001-2002 and 2002-2003.Similarly, I used this passion in my continued effort so serve other people’s needs. This has been manifested in my volunteer and current work. The experience working under Rectron LTD and the Christian Zion Church has been a vital component in application of service to other people. Moreover, my experience in China serving people and children in need became a focal point and culminating point of my life. It renewed the fervor and commitment to increase service to other people.

Thus, this degree can better equip me with the relevant skills and models in enhancing service.Likewise, this application is a vital process and stepladder towards my realization of success and fulfillment. In the end, it is this presumption that drives me to conquer the challenges and create improvements in my capabilities. There had been numerous opportunities for me to change the career that I want to. However, I somehow cannot find the reasons as to why I cannot forego the willingness and passion to be of service to other people. This burning desire to provide to other people continues to envelope my personality.

It is this motivation that has made me pursue continued education.Such facets may have been attributed to the way I was brought up. Coming from a religious family, my parents had given me the proper teachings and training that circled on the commitment to spread the faith. Being active in this realm has given me the necessary foundations in creating the notion that the element of assistance emanates from the concept of imparting unto others the desire to do the same. Likewise, my peers may have also sparked this initiative as my social relationships began to also showcase the similar facets as I have.I easily became comfortable with people who have the same commitment as I have.

In addition, these networks have given me the chance to find my purpose and meaning in life. As part of the learning process, their experiences became my own and considered it in any decision process that I had to make. In the choice to determine what I wanted to do in my career, the decision came in easy. I desired to pursue something close to my heart wherein I can manifest my skills and function accordingly to the expectations given to me.

With this related mindset, I came to choose Bachelor of Arts and specialized in the realm of sociology. Now, I consider this to be a great decision as it became easier for me to cope with the increasing challenges during this time. I chose sociology because of its capability to understand the surrounding facets of commitment and understanding; a prerequisite needed to attain service. Moreover, not only shall it cater to enhancing my cultural competence but at the same time be a focal point in creating avenues for change.It takes into consideration various social factors and problems that are prevalent during this time.

Lastly, it covers a scope that is holistic and encompassing in nature that one can actively use in determining areas that needs to be addressed. With this inspiration, I took the specialization by heart. I wanted to see change happen right before my eyes. Though it may seem to be idealistic in nature, it does not mean that such can be unattainable.

I believe that it is this idealism that fires and fuels the enduring notion of commitment and prospects to transform the status quo.The exposure towards community outreach activities and social programs also had contributed to the increased tendency to be observant and transform people. With the escalating number of abuses, violence, and inequalities in various societies, individuals and groups must constantly create ways to level the playing field and make possible the changes needed. My experience during the activities in China has given me the perfect opportunity to progress and develop the aptitude to discover the possibilities available. In the end, this commitment cannot only be attained by acting alone.

One must constantly seek the help of other people to make this a collaborative effort. Cooperation can then yield better results and fosters the needed agenda that is accountable, secure and strong. That is why having a Masters degree is a good step in attaining this process. Not only can it widen my scope of competence in the field, it can also cater increased skill acquisition and proficiency of enacting things that are vital in my field of profession.

It is through this that I gain the unusual feeling of commitment and security.

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