Page Reflection on “Learning to Read” – Malcolm X Essay Example
Page Reflection on “Learning to Read” – Malcolm X Essay Example

Page Reflection on “Learning to Read” – Malcolm X Essay Example

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The story basically shows that Malcolm X was somebody that was able to become by himself a “somebody”. He became that “someone” after fighting street problems and after losing his freedom to jail. He was upset with himself because he didn’t even knew how to write and also because he lacked some of the very basic literacy abilities.

That fired upon him the eagerness to learn and make out of himself somebody important.An inmate called “Bimbi” was his initial motivator or “engine” that initiated those inner feelings within him. Within time, and for the reasons of thinking and putting thoughts within himself, gave him the opportunity to master the art of been a great thinker and afterwards an excellent orator. The story is presented in a


way that people can understand it very well. There are a whole bunch of flashbacks, contrasts and many references are used, sort of making something to easily believe that it’s true.What I liked about the story about Malcolm X is that he was very straight to the point always and also his tone was most of the time portrayed with a sense or urgency and thus his ability to move masses.

I like very much the fact that he was able to educate himself, but not just to educate himself but to be a very well educated person. He showed that in a never ending list of opportunities and in a never ending list of ways. My take on this story is that it is a real life story, more of history than of a story.It show ways that people can use and take as a learning process t

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make a better person out of themselves and also to be urged to learn “to learn” even in negative periods of time because it tells about how one can be at the flat bottom of life (in prison) but you can learn to be “resurrected” just as the Phoenix with work, concentration and been dedicated to whatever you do.

So, it is not impossible to become “somebody” even in hard times as the ones we are living right now.

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