Realidades 2: Practice Workbook 2
Realidades 2: Practice Workbook 2
1st Edition
Savvas Learning Co
ISBN: 9780130360021
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Page 26: Vocabulary

Exercise 1
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People who participate in activities

Cantante (singer)
Bailarina (dancer)
Patinador (skater)
Músico (musician)
Fotógrafo (Photographer)


Cantar (To sing)
Bailar (To dance)
Patinar (To skate)
Tocar música (To play music)
Tomar fotos (To take photos)

Computer and internet vocabulary

Chatear (To chat)
Iniciar sesión (To log in)
Navegar (To surf)
Buscar (To browse)
Salón de chat (Chat room)
Red social (Social network)

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