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Abortion is one of the most controversial moral issues there is. It is a deliberate pregnancy termination. Different people will approach it differently. Some will claim it is morally right to have an abortion- promoting parents’ choices. Others will strongly condemn abortion based on it being a crime just like murder- promoting life. I will consider both sides because both have important moral insights. Perceptions of proposing position are heavily overweighed by those of opposing positions. The purpose or aim of this research paper is to help an understanding of these different situations rather than force or make anyone believe that one option is superior to the other.

The argument for my position is that abortion is morally wrong. Doing an abortion will automatically kill an innocent child. Killing is ethically and morally wrong and should be punishable by law. Researchers have proved that life begins at conception. If one does not want a child, then she should use contraception, which is many and readily available, to prevent conception. Even if you cannot see it, a fetus is a person and possesses unique genes. It’s a unique individual. Also, it is wrong to cause pain to a person. (Smyth 116) A fetus can feel pain at 18 weeks of pregnancy. Doing an abortion past 18 weeks will cause pain to the fetus. Therefore, it is wrong.

Research show that abortion doesn’t free women but leads them to regret. At a certain age, every woman will want to have a child. It is in a woman’s nature to be a mother. Abortion can rip this joy from a woman. What women wantis not an abortion but an environment appropriate for bearing children and parenting. For example, cheap and available child care, work placement with a flexible schedule and maternity leaves, and a government that helps women reintegrate to their jobs.(Smyth 116)
Issues like starvation or abusive relationships should not, under any circumstance, be an excuse to abort. These problems should be addressed instead of advocating for abortion. Establish a sustainable income and stable relationships for such families will create a favorable environment for the arrival of the unborn child. Sadly, abortion can badly damage a woman.(Smyth 117) After an abortion, a woman can permanently become barren. This will affect her future when she will be married and want a family with kids.

Abortion is a violation of principals of feminism. It violates the non-violence principle of feminism. It only favors selfish wish by men to have sex without having to be responsible. (Smyth 118)Men claim that pregnancy denies them their right to have sex with their wife and support abortion for this wrong and selfish reason. Even the bible condemns abortion. If abortion were legal, human race would not be delivered. Mary could have gone for an abortion the minute she realized she got pregnant out of wedlock. Jesus would have escaped suffering at the expense of humanity receiving the gift of salvation from heaven.

Based on the evidence discussed on this position, it would be right to conclude that abortion is not ethically and morally right. It is against God’s law that governs humanity. Just because a child is not yet born, it does not give a person the right to end its life. The child’s future could resemble that of the parents, in so many ways.

The opposing position supports abortion. Some moral insights are in support of abortion. The reason highly given for abortion is an unwanted pregnancy. If a pregnancy possesses a risk to the mother, then abortion should be allowed. A mother’s life should be considered first before that of an unknown fetus. (Ferris 50) Some women rights advocate for abortion. Women have a right to do whatever they want with their bodies. So as to achieve gender equality, abortion should to be legal. Women are highly sensitive and vulnerable to unwanted pregnancies. It can affect education to girls, and can crumble their future. Legalization of abortion will solve this problem and women will have babies when they want.

Refusing women to abort could lead them to seek illegal abortion services. This can pose a health risk like becoming barren or death. Abortion should be included in pregnancy rights to allow every woman a choice to have or terminate the pregnancy. Most young women, especially those still in schools, do not realize their dreams when they accidentally get pregnant. (Ferris 56)They, as a result, seek illegal abortion services that put their lives at risk now that abortion is illegal. Women should be valued more than just a bag to carry and support a pregnancy. Their rights and choices should be considered first before anything else.

Pregnancy changed the life of a woman more than that of a man. It negatively alters the sexy and beautiful woman body to a fatand unattractive one. Some women even have self-esteem issues. They cannot even recognize themselves. Some employer will fire a woman after getting pregnant- the moment she needs the money. (Ferris 60)Others defer or drop from school to take care of the baby. The baby slows down the women from realizing their dreams. Such fundamental issues implicate that women should be allowed to make the choice to have the baby or to abort.

Essentially, a woman has a right over her body. The fetus lives and grows inside a woman’s body. It should be the choice of a woman to allow the fetus to develop in her body or not. The woman, therefore, has a right to choose to abort the fetus. Illegalizing abortion then denies women freedom to act in a way beneficial to them. The argument is that a woman will never be free if she cannot consciously choose whether to be or not to be a mother. (Ferris 66)

Based on the premises supporting this opposing position that abortion is right, i can conclude that abortion is ethically and morally right. It overlooks the right the fetus has and capitalizes on the rights women have over their bodies and to make choices on issues affecting it. Abortion should be legal so women can practice their rights freely.

Premises supporting the conclusion of the first discussed argument that abortion is wrong and threatens life are true. Abortion itself is killing an innocent person and killing is illegal. Therefore abortion should stay illegal. It also risks a woman’s life which is evident in many cases where a woman dies trying prohibited, dangerous and uninformed abortion procedures. It leaves parents with the guilt of taking an innocent life that was their responsibility.(Smyth 118)The life of a fetus is as important as the life of any other person. No one should violate the right of a fetus to life. A man also has a right to his child and the woman should not take this away from him through abortion. People have rights over their body, so a mother should have the right to abort if she wants to because, after all, it’s her body. (Ferris 53) Also, abortion should be legal so as to fully achieve equality. It is only women who get pregnant.

With these two contradicting arguments on the morality of abortion, I still stick to the position that abortion is morally wrong and should not be allowed. As much as women have the right to choose, they cannot choose to end innocent lives. Even the fetus has a life to live and a future waiting. Also not always do people have a right over their body. Even suicide is a crime. Therefore abortion should remain illegal.

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