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In October tenth 2012, our group members interviewed the director of Jesus City Church which is a Pentecostal church on O’Connell st in Auckland CBD, New Zealand. ( KimTimothy, 2012 ) The church was founded in 2009. During the past three old ages the rank of the administration has increased to 70, out of which a bulk are international pupils. There are 9 staffs members consisted of, senior curate, managers and leaders.

The intent of this study is to derive information about the assorted communicating activities, undertakings and interactions that occur within the Church. This study presents construction of the Church and provides an analysis and rating how the Church communicates and how effectual that communicating is.

The survey involved two primary research undertakings, an interview of the director in the organisation of the church and reading and survey of the text edition and other reputable. The interview includes inquiries about subjects which are suggested by guideline. And the text edition provides information to analyse the construction of the church and how the church communicates both internally and externally.

The church was founded to distribute the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to evangelize international pupils. There are five squads which manage the administration. Every hebdomad they have regular meeting with senior curate and church members as juncture demands. There are besides seven groups which are organised by church ‘s fold under group leaders. They have regular meeting like informal group one time a hebdomad and making several activities to tramp a friendly relationship.

This study finds the chances of the church in its current place are non positive. Although, the organisation is turning immediately, their construction and system are non changed yet. Furthermore, the senior curate can non talk English fluently so there is restriction to pass on members who have other nationalities.

Recommendations discussed include:

New construction to forestall centralisation

Compliment of flyer ‘s failing

Post the codification paper so that everyone knows

Participate or keep an international festival

Make and manage assorted particular nines that members personally want

a…? . Findings & A ; Decisions

Subject 1. Administration construction and communicating channels


It is construction of Jesus City Church below.

Largely senior curate novices and allocates undertakings after discuss with squad leaders and church members. And the director is working for the church as decision maker. His occupations in the church are Administration occupations ( office occupations ) , Pull offing church ‘s assets, Helping senior curate as her secretary and assisting communicating between senior curate, church members and other interest holders.

There are five squads to pull off the administration and besides seven squads to which are organised by church ‘s folds under squad leaders. They lead their squad members and work for fixing Sunday service chiefly and have to describe the senior curate on a regular basis by E-mail. Every hebdomad, all of the staffs besides have regular meeting with senior curate. They besides use nomadic phone to communication each other.

There are many pipelines in the church because the administration is organised by many sorts of people. It can be positive or negative. Of class, positive pipelines affect good influence the church. However, some members are hurt by other members. It is excessively difficult to catch the full state of affairs. But staffs try to catch the state of affairs and when they recognize it, they try to work out the state of affairs through meeting and supplication with curate or staffs and to protect their member ‘s privateness. Before they have run intoing, they do non bury to look into the facts of the negative state of affairss because of protecting other church members.


The administration ‘s construction is traditional hierarchy and they have simple and efficient construction. But the rank of the administration has increased to 70. It means that their communicating system is working good and staffs ‘ coaction is good so far. On the other manus, the church is non little organisation any longer. They need to alter the construction every bit shortly as possible.

Additionally, harmonizing to Holy Bible, the first and most of import portion of the church ‘s construction is the Head Shepherd who is Jesus Christ. He is the 1 who joins and holds every portion of the church ‘s organic structure together. Without Jesus as the caput of the church, it will non be able to work or carry through its mission. The undermentioned figure illustrates the In, Out, Up and Down-Reach relationships and how each are related to one another. ( HoneycuttSeth, 2001 ) The figure below shows religious communicating construction.

There are downwards, upwards, horizontal and informal communicating waies in this church. The senior curate has powerful authorization by Holy Bible but she tries to accept and to understand leaders ‘ and folds ‘ sentiments through regular meetings and single meetings. Each leader can order to their members to accomplish their intent. But it does non intend that they have power like the senior curate. In the large church, there are clear hierarchy such as senior group, deacon group and layman. However, in Jesus City Church, most folds are international pupils so most church members are layperson and communicating waies are horizontal. Furthermore, there are besides informal communicating waies such as pipelines.

Pull offing pipeline is of import for this administration as informal communicating. So the church leaders use many channels to catch pipelines, particularly negative things. Sometimes negative pipelines raise critical state of affairs among folds in a church. Therefore, the church leaders have to seek to pull off the negative pipeline actively. However, I think that this church has controlled good so far because the rank of the administration is turning invariably.

Subject 2. Work squads and group kineticss


In church the direction is divided into different sections and each section has a squad and each squad has a squad leader.

( 1 ) Welcome squad

They are specially trained for new-comers. Main undertaking is presenting all about the church including mission and vision. The undertaking is so indispensable of extension the church ‘s influence power. Every new-comer will acquire first feeling by this squad ‘s attitude. So this squad plays a function to be face of the church.

( 2 ) Administration squad

This squad manages the whole system. In the existent state of affairs, all squads works individually. So this squad play function to link to collaborate each squads. And this squad manages employees and members. This squad support curate so that all activities is under control and progressed swimmingly.

( 3 ) Media squad

They work for proclamations and advertisement. The undertaking is planing flyers and back uping worship by computing machine plans. They make the worship more sensationally and beautifully by power point and redacting picture cartridge holder. Normally, the squad has a harmoniousness with speech-makers for good public presentation.

( 4 ) Praise squad

They prepare the worship. The most of import point of their undertaking is doing a sanctity air in the church verbally and musically. During the worship, they make speech separately. The address choice of the worship.

( 5 ) Multi-culture back uping squad

They consult with aliens except Koreans. So the chief undertaking is confer withing and taking attention the aliens

( 6 ) Membership squad

This squad is organised by laymans to advance friendly relationship. They have run intoing one time a hebdomad and pray together for each other and make several activities such as bowling or billiard.

The squad leader ever led the squad and looks after his squad couples and helps them when they need. To guarantee that the squads are making the good work or non, the senior curates arrange meeting every hebdomad on Wednesday and besides have a quarterly twelvemonth meeting with all the church members where they ask the squad leader about their undertaking which they given by them. Enhance the squad members being asked if they have any job or issue in the church. During the meeting the senior curates discuss and analyse the work done by the squads. This manner they make certain that the squads are traveling into right way. Furthermore, the squads will be under supervising sometime of the senior curates. The managers of the church decide the undertaking so give that to the senior curates, who subsequently give that to the squad leader to finish that. The squad leader maintain the undertaking, he discuss with his squad and led them how they traveling to complete that.

During the procedure of the undertaking the squads work truly difficult to finish it on clip. In the squads there are people from different civilizations, but they all work together and the squad leaders ever help members to voice their positions and accomplish to a consensus about their intent and precedences. After every squad vie their undertaking the senior curates and the manager review their work, the squad who did great occupation will make acquire rewarded by the direction of the church.


In the church, there is a squad orientation civilization. The church has different squads for every section. This manner they divided the work into constituent parts which make their occupation really easily. Each squad has a squad leader who takes the in charge of the undertaking given by the senior curates. Which is an advantage for them, because this manner they likely to complete their undertakings rapidly and due to team leader there is ever person who can take duties and doing certain everything traveling good during the undertakings so the senior curates do non hold to take any excess load on them. In the church they besides fixed run intoing with the church members to work out their jobs. This manner they make a god communicating procedure with their member. After the meeting the senior curates give their feedback on the squads work and choose the best squad who did really good occupation and rewarded them with something particular. This is really good manner to promote them and do a healthy competition between the squads.

These squads are holding a treatment at least one time a hebdomad that mean the leaders do non seek the bossy leading. Each leaders respect all squad member ‘s sentiment every bit. Whole squad kineticss are accommodating a democracy system. The system has a virtue which the squad members could acquire a feeling to be treated every bit. It is a manner of promoting them. The individual who is treated every bit, the individual will hold much assurance than others. And democracy means no favoritism so the system is good matched with Jesus ‘ value. However, there is a disadvantage on it. When all members say different thoughts the leader has to make many plants every bit good as he gathered. So the leader needs an ability to screen out more utile sentiment among the sentiments.

Subject 3. Stakeholder communicating


1. First of wholly, who are the stakeholders?

1 ) Church members ( curate, decision makers, leaders, members of squad, trusters, possible trusters ) : All members involved in this group are straight related as stakeholder.

2 ) Other church in New Zealand: They are related by same end and aim so they are closer than remainders

3 ) Other spiritual group: The group is indirectly related with the church but the group is took topographic point under the same authorities with the church. So they will be affected by authorities policy like church. Therefore, the groups and the church are socially connected.

4 ) Government ( IRD, AUCKLAND COUNCIL etcaˆ¦ ) : Government is able to prosecute church politically.

2. Communication harmonizing to the construction.

1 ) Internal communicating



Team leaders

Team members

( 1 ) Between curate and squad leaders: This is downward and upward communicating. All messages are carried to take down for intent or end. So the words from senior are tend to be coercive. The orders must be clearly understood so both are have to pay attending to utilize clear words. Some topics are under confidentiality.

( 2 ) Between Team leaders and Team members: It is downward and upward as good but the leader is portion of the squad so they have more opportunity to be understood each other. Some topics are under confidentiality. And coercive words are sounded accidently.

( 3 ) Between all staffs and truster: The communicating could be a talk and public presentation. Staffs have intent which is strongly support truster ‘s religion. So the communicating manner is lead. The staff must handle trusters like client so all words from staffs must be every bit soft as possible. And staffs must be a good hearer to pass on good.

2 ) External communicating

( 1 ) Staffs and non-believer: unfastened and lead communicating is indispensable.

( 2 ) The church and other churches in New Zealand: The relationship is horizontal. They have to utilize clear words for sharing information. The type of communicating is turn outing

( 3 ) Other spiritual group and the church: They are seldom connected. In the church, other spiritual group has been treated such as non-believers. And the staffs are cognizant of them sometimes.

( 4 ) Government and the church: This is hierarchal construction so the communicating manner is upward and downward. Government function is watching the church ‘s kineticss for protecting citizen and church has many factors to be engaged by the authorities. So they have to be cognizant of proclamation by authorities.

( 5 ) Local community and the church: This is hierarchal construction as good but in this instance, local community is higher than church because the local community place is information supplier and there are tonss of possible members to be Christian.


In the construction of internal communicating, the point of every workers attending is concentrating trusters so that ‘s why the construction is made like that image. The most of import factor is how the trusters can comfortably hold a conversation with advisor.

In the church, there are many meetings what pastor already holds so they need to accept indirect ways such as cyberspace.

The internal communicating is accepted by procedure theory that all messages goes down and they have feedback by an e-mail or verbal. It is appropriate system for staff. However, to the trusters, the system is non comfy. The manner of taking feedback from trusters is merely keeping a meeting that means the individual have to take part the meeting even when he is busy.

In the external communicating, one of the points is even though the relationship is horizontal, all paperss directing and having must be formal and respectable words on it. Communication in stakeholder must be familiar to each other. The point is being household each other. Manager have make that kind of ambiance in order that member are comfy.

If communicating is complicated as users are nearing, the communicating system is useless. So director must happen out the cause and do it simple every bit much as they can. Even though in an organisation, this is same as societal relationship. So everyone who are portion of lower hierarchical is non easy to conversation with higher. Naturally, they get some force per unit area emotionally so decision makers have to be careful when they have conversation with subsidiaries. It is of import that the horizontal construction groups co-operate each other by handling as a co-worker. They should non bury respectable words they have to utilize.

Subject 4. Oranisation civilization & A ; employee duties


The most folds are Korean and there are some of New Zealanders and other Asians. Furthermore, the curate and the most staffs are Korean. But, their mission is to construct 200 leaders of different nationalities through the universe intercessory supplication Centre. Therefore, they ever try to understand other nationalities and there are besides Kiwi & A ; Malayan leaders and multi-cultural squad for other nationalities. In order to other nationalities, during services or worship, curate and Praise squad speak in English and the church makes hand-out in English. They have a multi-culture squad, the squad looks after multicultural issues ( linguistic communication, nutrient etc. ) and as they are Christians, they try to hold supplication meeting every bit frequently as they can and so they have run intoing or do conversation for taking barriers to intercultural communicating. They held regular meeting on every Wednesday and twice a twelvemonth they held a cantonment meeting with all church members to pass on among folds. As a consequence, the rank of the administration has increased dramatically in past three old ages.

Their codification of behavior is that if they receive any massage, electronic mail or coverage from senior curate and other squad leaders they must answer within 24 hours. Honestly, they are non certain it can be sort of behavior for communicating, but it is their mail regulation for communicating.

In Holy Bible, there are Christian moralss on Colossians 3:1-6: “ Since, so, you have been raised with Christ, put your Black Marias on things above, where Jesus is seated at the right manus of God. Put your heads on things above, non on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears, so you besides will look with him in glorification. Put to decease, hence, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, dross, lecherousness, evil desires and greed, which is devotion. Because of these, the wrath of God is coming. ” ( Crossway, 2001 )


The orgaisation ‘s mission is to construct 200 leaders of different nationalities through the universe intercessory supplication Centre. Therefore, they try to accept and to understand other nationalities through many ways. So, the church is turning fast during past three old ages. But it is true chief civilization of the administration is Korean civilization. And the senior curate does non talk English fluently. It means that the administration ‘s leader can non pass on with folds expeditiously and efficaciously who are other nationalities and there is bound to turn the administration.

As the director told, the church does non hold certain codification of behavior. The ground why it is possible is that the church is little. They do non necessitate complex system to pull off yet, if the administration becomes large, they will necessitate codification of behavior.

The director said that the codification of ethic is able to happen out on Colossians 3:1-6 in Holy Bible. The chief sentence is Colossians 3:6 which is “ Put to decease, hence, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, dross, lecherousness, evil desires and greed, which is devotion. Because of these, the wrath of God is coming. ” ( Crossway, 2001 ) I think that their codification of ethic is throw off bad desires and greed. It means that you live kindly in short.

Subject 5. Communication engineerings and tools


In the organisation, they have a meeting together one time a hebdomad on a regular basis. At that clip, senior curate cheque and modify all studies and discourse some dockets for following hebdomad. This is the offline meeting they have.

( 1 ) Electronic mails

Internally, all leaders of squad direct an electronic mail until Tuesday so the senior curate cheque and answer the studies on wed. Senior curate has a immense duty to pull off internal communicating because if the leader of a squad who have to pass on good with new comers makes a error, all amendss straight consequence to the curate ‘s recode of public presentation. That ‘s why she joins the communicating preparation session for staffs. In the preparation session the staffs would larn how to take the new comers as communicating. Training session is of import meeting to offline and in the online, e-mail is the most of import tool they use.

( 2 ) Fliers

Welcome squad: This squad is truly of import in order to success short term mission because if they gather tonss of new comers, the whole public presentation of the church would be increased. Their chief occupation is keeping a meeting and ask foring the non-believers. They need to hold communicating accomplishments for speaking with person who is non-believers. So that they gather people every bit many as they can, they use flyers for proclamation. It is the chief tool to hold communicating with non-believers. The flyers are dispersed manus to manus.

( 3 ) Computer plans

Media squad: This squad has assorted plants to make. This squad is responsible for proclamations and advertizements. They manufacture the flyers. The engineering they use is largely computing machine so that they are able to do a picture cartridge holder for advertizement. The picture cartridge holder is turned on during worship for announce something such as agenda. And they make a power point file so as to be used during worship. The materials would be helpful to the communicating. During the worship, the power point becomes a great function to do curate ‘s address understood easier.

( 4 ) Instruments

Praise squad: They are charge of the most of import activity in the church which is worship. The worship is the chief event so the ambiance must be holiness and glorious. The church provides some instruments in order to do the ambiance. The participants are trained good so everyone who participate the worship is able to concentrate to their ain supplication.


( 1 ) Internal communicating: senior curate collect all leader ‘s studies by electronic mails. The procedure of construction is speedy but senior have to make heavy work. Under this construction, team leader tends to go dependent on senior curate. At least, one squad must be capable for official plants like senior curate.

Internal e-mailing construction:

Senior curate

Team leader

Team leader

Team leader

Team leader

( 2 ) External communicating: First of wholly, the filer takes a immense portion in the full advertizement. Even though the filer has limit scope to be spread, it is true that bulk stores and organisations use it expeditiously. However, we need to more good thoughts to better ways of advertizement. The flyers are antique as a manner of advertizement. The alterations of tendency are so speedy and people on the street are non much interesting in the advertizement. There are tonss of possibilities to be a rubbish. And there are a batch of good instruments with well-trained participants. So if they play merely indoors is to lose a opportunity of betterment.

The media squad ‘s chief tool is computing machine. It is related with senior curate ‘s presentation so the squad and the curate collaborate well for showing what curate want to state. Good coaction will do effectual lead communicating.

a…? . Recommendations

1. New construction to forestall centralisation.

Senior curate joins meeting of preparation of leading and he checks and feedback the hebdomadal study. Additionally, she replies electronic mails from the staffs and he consult with visitants. Furthermore, she allocates all undertakings. Her In order to cut down senior curate ‘s over work. I suggest a new construction. The point of the new one is directing an electronic mail to disposal squad non to pastor straight.

Senior curate

New construction:

Administration squad: organizing and summing all studies

Team leader

Team leader

Team leader

2. Compliment of flyer ‘s failing.

Flier ‘s failing is limited scope of distributing out. Merely few people populating in close topographic point get to cognize about the church. The most significantly, I suggest to do a web site on the cyberspace. It has a antic map which is everyone in the universe is able to post any sentiments even bad one. It shows existent communicating of all interest holders. And it will be a immense portion of advertizement for the church.

3. Post the codification paper so that everyone knows

In this church, staffs in church are pass oning by electronic mail and face to face. There is no codification which is officially handed out. The construction is non effectual sing to managing downward communicating. In that organisation, it needs clear codifications such as what they ca n’t make as a director. For illustration, while welcome squad meets the visitants the squad members have to handle them courteously and good attitude. I suggest that write down the regulations on the paper and station it on the wall. After making several regulations, you need to develop all staffs for observed them.

4. Participate or keep an international festival.

There is a multicultural squad is already existed but activities held by the squad are deficient. That is a good thought that a multicultural squad is to be made unnaturally. However, the squad needs to make non merely pull offing multicultural issues but besides to make some activities for international members. For illustration, why do n’t you keep an international festival. If the festival is held, the members would fix together. Because of the ground, they will be closer and if the festival is become celebrated so the agony of garnering new comers would be reduced. Additionally, how approximately fall in a public international festival together. If person was a citizen at the state of the festival, the individual could present the festival specifically.

5. Make and manage assorted particular nines that members personally want.

There are no groups which all members enjoy together. I suggest that some particular groups are necessary in the church. That average every members and staffs have different avocations such as association football, endurance contest, baseball, etc. so if the church manages the groups with supplying playing equipment like balls and take people into drama land by auto.

a…? . Value to the Administration

This study suggested 5 recommendations for the administration. We believe that if they follow our suggestions, it will assist to accomplish the administration ‘s mission which is to do 200 leaders of different nationalities through the universe intercessory supplication Centre.

First, if the construction of the organisaion is changed to cut down the senior curate ‘s over work, disposal squad will efficaciously assist the curate ‘s work by summing all studies and screening out to go forth merely of import facts. Then she could concentrate precedences such as Sunday service and worship readying.

Second, new web site will bespeak basic information of the church and people can entree easy the administration so it is extremely possible to publicize the church so the church ‘s name value will be improved and show Numberss of people who have interesting in the church daily. By that informations, staffs are able to analyse and do a scheme. Furthermore, people can pass on with the church easy.

Third, by take parting international festival, members will near to be the harmoniousness with citizen and the church will develop to the end with runing in society. Furthermore, the sound of set is good trained and instruments is tuned up sufficiently so as I mentioned about take parting or keeping a festival, the staffs have an ability good plenty to keep a festival and if they join a different festival held by another group, they will larn public presentation more.

Fourthly, the particular nines will do the church become activate and more energetic. Then, we are able to anticipate a good result which is the members who are involved in the group is traveling to convey their friends. Consequentially, the friends will be the possible member of the church.

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