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Nation and Nationalism: a Study of Asif Currimbhoy’s Sonar Bangla
Nation and Nationalism: a Study of Asif Currimbhoy’s Sonar Bangla

Nation and Nationalism: a Study of Asif Currimbhoy’s Sonar Bangla

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  • Published: August 18, 2017
  • Type: Research Paper
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Patriotism has been a potent. political. cultural and economic force. It denotes a sense of national consciousness which unites a group of people and separates them from others. Harmonizing to the rule of self finding. each state has the right to be independent and to organize a suited type of authorities for it. A state is historically constituted stable community of people. The boundary lines between the states are constructed and defended by groups of people. The construct of patriotism had its beginning in Western Europe. It emerged with the growing of capitalist economy and industrialization as a cardinal constituent of imperialist enlargement. Benedict Anderson’s definition of state as ‘An imagined political community’ has provided a wider position on the impression of state and patriotism. Interestingly. chauvinistic issues have been a major concern among many authors. Among the Indian English Playwrights. Asif Currimbhoy seems to b


e a innovator in this respect.

He has made originative geographic expeditions on the subjects of state and patriotism in several of his 29 dramas. Most of his dramas have been successfully staged both in India and in the USA. His broad minded parents. his instruction in colonial India. his life in the USA. his survey of the sanctum books and his inspiring married woman Suraiya have contributed in many ways to the devising of Asif Currimbhoy into a playwright of international reputation. The proposed survey aims at analyzing Asif Currimbhoy’s construct of state and patriotism in the context of his celebrated drama. Sonar Bangla. This important drama dramatizes the subject of the outgrowth of East Pakistan as a new state. This survey is initiated on the hypothesis that in this drama the dramatist undertakings such characters who embody chauvinistic spirit. The primary and secondary beginnings will be the information for probe and reading.

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