My Dream Job Text Nurse Essay Example
My Dream Job Text Nurse Essay Example

My Dream Job Text Nurse Essay Example

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  • Published: August 29, 2017
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My dream occupation is to go a police officer. My uncle is an NYPD officer he has inspired me from an early age to assist protect the streets we live in. I believe all officers must hold certain traits to go successful. Police officers must be hardworking. trustworthy. dependable. and have strong leading accomplishments. Without these traits being a successful officer would non be possible. I have taken and passed the written tests enquired needed to go a police officer. I have besides taken the physical test. which tested my strength. vision. hearing and legerity. Joining the ROTC programin high schoolhas helped developed excess pattern and subject for me. After completing high school I have attended constabularies academy for 4-5 months sharpening my accomplishments by practising condemnable probes. cognizing my rights. provi


nce and local Torahs. and civil rights. Completing College and obtaining my bachelor’s degree plan in condemnable justness should assist with fall ining the constabulary force.

I have repute for being on clip. I have arrived to all my categories everyday and complete all my assignment on clip. I have besides received recommendations from my instructors and professors stating merely good things about my work in category. I am capable of making all assignment handed to me on the occupation. Bing a leader is no job. My leading accomplishments were used for high school and college hoops. My managers made me team captain. I helped give readying addresss and run squad dramas. My friends ever came to me for advice. I motivated a group of friends non to smoke marihuana. and now they can non halt thanking me. Bing a leader is a trait of

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mine I truly love about myself. I merely want to maintain assisting other follow the right way to being successful. Bing a constabulary officer is a dream occupation of mine. I believe I fit the makings of going one. and holding my coveted place as a investigator. I am hardworking. trustworthy. dependable. and have strong leading accomplishments.

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