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Honda Dreams Fund is the opportunity I have been waiting for to realise my dreams. Since I was young, I have always aspired to be a dental doctor with masters’ degree. I come from a large family of eight siblings. Being the youngest in the family, I did not get all the comfort and luxuries other children of my age enjoy. I was born in the rural area i. e. felda land scheme where my father is a settler till today. My dad had a vision that his children should have good education in order to succeed in life.

Though he could not afford for my tuition, he strive hard and gone through all hardship to pay for the tuition fees. Being in a poor family I was determined to work hard through my primary, lower secondary then upper secondary school studies so that I was able to be the cream of the crop. I excelled in my UPSR, PMR and finally SPM. I constantly did my revision and even burn the mid-night oil prior to my SPM. That is the will power that I have in order to achieve my dream of becoming a dental doctor one day.

My greatest barrier to achieve my dream is financial problem as my dad does not have the ability to finance for my dentistry course. Hence Honda Dreams Fund is the only hope I believe can help me to achieve my dream ambition since a very young age. Since Malaysia is targeting at one dentist for every four thousand people while the situation now is in the ratio of 1 : 9,000, we are facing a great shortage of dental doctor. The shortage will be increasing if we do not address the problem. Thus the situation inspired me more to be a dentist in order to give my contribution to the country and society.

Patience, sincere, gentle and attentive are my forte. I have great confident that I shall be a good dentist if I am given the scholarship and I shall prove to everyone that I will graduate with flying colours. I always have a heart for those rural patients who cannot afford dental care in the private sector. I only wish one fine day I shall be able to help those in need of varies dental problem. The only path now open for me to achieve my ambition is through scholarship – Honda Dreams Fund.

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