Media Project Proposal: Music Blog Essay Example
Media Project Proposal: Music Blog Essay Example

Media Project Proposal: Music Blog Essay Example

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  • Published: March 6, 2022
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The music industry is experiencing rapid growth and plays an integral role in societies worldwide. Music is essential as it provides entertainment. As a result of technological advancements, the music industry has undergone changes in terms of promoting new and existing music, marketing, and distribution. Upcoming artists are facing difficulties in adapting to these spontaneous changes, leading talented artists to give up midway in their careers. Additionally, the marketing platforms have shifted to internet-based platforms, presenting another challenge for artists without a media background to gain maximum attention. Nevertheless, the internet has been utilized for publicity purposes, allowing artists to market themselves through social media rather than relying on recording companies (Stafford, 2010).

The effectiveness of marketing on social media platforms may be limited compared to well-known platforms. According to Stafford (2010), ne


w artists often find it difficult to produce content that matches current trends or meets audience expectations. To tackle these challenges, this project aims to establish a music blog as a platform for emerging music. The blog, named the Music Section, will showcase artists' music and offer comprehensive marketing, promotion, and distribution services. It will provide access to all the artists' music along with their information and download links.

The platform will be upgraded to match the current trends in the music industry by analyzing musicians' content for its compatibility with the latest trends and potential for successful sales. To enhance visibility of the music blog, Facebook will serve as a supplementary platform. Being the biggest social media platform with 5 million users, Facebook provides diverse tools including page creation, group formation, and event advertisement to attract an audience. Alongside promoting the music blog, thi

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platform will also offer links to different products and updates on artists' events.

In summary, this platform offers a chance for emerging artists and their fans to connect and find satisfaction in their shared interests. This will ultimately provide more opportunities for talented individuals to showcase their abilities and achieve success in the music industry.


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