Vienna Is Indeed A Musical City Essay Example
Vienna Is Indeed A Musical City Essay Example

Vienna Is Indeed A Musical City Essay Example

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  • Published: April 26, 2022
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Music industry is one of the main and big industries that we have in the world. Various countries have produced popular musicians worldwide. Music is source of income and can cater for daily needs of those involved. World recognized artist include people like Michael Jackson, lucky dube, bob Marley among others. According to Music USA (45) the main challenges that face industry music include, piracy which means unauthorized use or reproduction of another person’s work, unfair judgment on international competition kills the morale of new incoming artists.

Music can act as a means to pass a message of high importance like peace in a country and rebuke of wrong behaviors. We have cities which are highly known for their music legacy. The economy of those cities will depend on the music, hence becoming the main source of dependence for many citizens. Vienna is indeed a musical city! On this essay we will analyze this statement. The main question is whether

Vienna is a musical city or not?

The ancient history of Vienna starts, when it was turned to be military camp, the site was a place for vindobona and they used it as Celtic settlement and afterward seized by romans who Trans changed it to military camp (Tschmuck 41). This camp was formed in this area at 1st century AD, by Emperor Legio X Gemina. The year of 212 the settlement of Vienna was made to a municipum, after Colonia and given status of second highest class of roman city. Presently, the camp walls and moats can be seen on the first district of Vienna. Due to chaos t


hat resulted from migration period in the Europe, the romans moved away from vindobona as quoted in the (Colley 170). In the 5th century, construction started and the roman walls replaced, leaving the parts of fortification to be used for different purposes by the city inhabitants. In 976 AD, Austria came under control and Vienna was developed in the middle age times. Vienna was located was near Austrian-Hungarian border and due to this aspect it served as a place of commerce.

The geographical aspect can be detailed in terms of location and climate of the region. Vienna is largest and capital city of Austria, and is one of nine states in Austria. Its population is approximately 1.8 million by July 2015 (The Purchaser's Guide to the Music Industries 292). It is the 7th city as compared to its neighboring cities, which include German, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy etc. the common language used is German. It covers geographical area of 160.1 square kilometers, having an international airport. The city was located at northeastern of Austria, near the extensions of the Alps in Vienna basin. It lies on within a transition of humid subtropics climate and ocean climate. Vienna experiences a warm summer of temperature averaging 24 to 33 degrees. Relatively dry winter winters and coldness with average temperature to about freezing point. Moderate precipitation throughout the year is a common phenomenon and spring and autumn are mild. Lastly on climate, snow is not common characteristic through the year as seen from.

Vienna city has various individuals who steers its

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music legacy. The musicians born in Vienna were people like, joseph lanner, Johann Strauss and also Alban berg. Those came from outside include, Ludwig van, Gustav Mahler (Cook, Nicholas, and Anthony 53). Vienna used to have theatre, opera and even fine arts. The burgtheatre was termed to be the best of all and used have other smaller theatres for music performers. De Wien and volksoper were examples of operas in Vienna which could be used for music shows. This is musicians who have worked and developed their work. Starting with is the lotte Lenya, future tony award winner. She was brought up in Karoline Wilhelmina, and experienced hash moments of his abusive father. She joined the life of ghetto at tender age of a teenager. Despite of her being talented in singing, dancing and acting; this this didn’t work as a guarantee for her to escape from vienese ghetto (Tschmuck 67). She was able to work under other artists who helped her to come up, in her talents; her qualities served great purpose on the musical aspect of Vienna city. In the year 1930, lotte Lenya was recording the “Alabama-song “from Weill and Brecht’s the rise and fall of the city of Mahagonny.

The long, strange journey of Marlene Dietrich was a German and American singer and actress. She could attend and act on stage and in silent films. One of his performances at lola-lola in the blue angel (1930), which was directed by Josef von Sternberg, brought her international popularity due to paramount pictures. She successfully had glamorous persona and this made her highly in the region during that era (Colley 87). Last on people who made history of music in Vienna is Hollander, who was inspired by his father on developing his talent .He made publications of music, accepted some of stage scripts he made for operettas and comedies to be of poor quality. His work to write was theatrical and comic musical scenes for schools and household uses.

On the ethnic point of Vienna as indeed a musical city, the origin language was German, but due to fame of music many people from surrounding region have migrated to the country. It is then currently composed of people who have various mother languages. The 98% of population is German and the remaining is divided into ethnic groups, like the Neo Latin’s, Slavs, Magyars, sinti, Slovaks etc. According to The Purchaser's Guide to the Music Industries (89), the interaction of this of various ethnic groups results to universal music which is widely used.

In conclusion, there isn’t any doubt that Vienna is a musical city. Many people living in the country center on music and those from other nations. Parents motivate highly their children to get involved in this industry and large a number of children are talented in music. Vienna is indeed a musical city as reviewed from above.

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