Timothy Whites “Catch a Fire: the Life of Bob Marley
Timothy Whites “Catch a Fire: the Life of Bob Marley

Timothy Whites “Catch a Fire: the Life of Bob Marley

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  • Published: October 1, 2021
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Bob Marley was a Jamaican citizen who specialized with reggae music. He is known to have held large masses of music with his kind of music. Bob has this character that he was described of Anancy which is the act of changing personality severally. Bob Marley became an important symbol to his people in Jamaica and also viewed him as a big life figure. They compared his will to his people to the deeds of Anancy and the role it played in the slavery period. He severally claimed that he was an African because he was born in Africa.

No one could doubt this because most people did not have a trace of his history and young life (White 67) He was once said to have attempted doing some arrangement for crediting his songs to ghetto chums and hangers-on. He was praised by his fellow countrymen as a man who had the capability of turning easily from a level of poverty into a well mentioned figure.

Bob did one of the most influential songs “small axes”. This song carried a lot of meaning in it as it talked of a man who was about to cut down a tree and informed the tree. Bob wrote this song which was to act as a warning to the oppressions that were taking place that the end of their occurrence was near to being cleared from the land. The complexity of the messages in his songs made people all over the world to adore him for his revolutionary firebrand of a Rastafarian.

As described by (White 27) Bob continued with his


great songs and another song that remains mentionable in his history are “who the cap fit” which stood so meaningful to the Jamaican men. This song was more a proverb which silently portrayed the image of a farmer who is scattering feed. The message bob passed in the song was that a person was not to be taken for what he seemed to be rather than who he was in reality.

Bob Marley was seen as a completely different musician in the Jamaican history because of the use of proverbs in his songs because they were only believed to be used by teachers and parents towards their children. Bob recorded a song “duppy conqueror” In the 1960`s which was immediately after his release from Kingstone police for a small offence of involving himself with ganja. In this song, he criticized the Jamaican traditional street as one that could defy a bully. Wailer`s music is said to have used the language of lore and idioms for the humble citizens of Jamaica by explaining the duties of Rastafarians on earth (White 45)

In the year 1981 on April, Bob Marley got an award as Jamaica`s order of merit which was one of the highest honors one could ever receive. He got this price because of his contributions towards preserving the culture of Jamaica. After this award, it was a month when he was reported dead from a problem of the brain, lung cancer and liver. Marley had paid a visit to Africa in Zimbabwe for a concert.

He was receive

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with honor in this African country where thousands of people turned up with smiles and appreciated the communion which existed between Rastafarians and their concern and involvement with Africa. During his burial, actions of honor were done as the passages from scriptures were read by the governor general of Jamaica and also the opposition party leader. His eulogy was read by an honorable man, Edward seaga.

The well-known wailers played some of the best bob Marley songs. Other people who sang Marley’s songs to impress his hero life include his own wife Rita Marley, bob`s children, his mother Cedella who performed bob Marley’s last song “coming in from the cold”. Bob Marley is said to have had a very close relationship with the wailers and that he was the source of its good run. The wailer team faced a lot of problems after Marley’s death with some instances of temporarily closing down their shows. The wailers, under the leadership of bob Marley made trips and organized shows around the world as they were to change people`s view about the existence of reggae music (White 75)

They explained reggae as music that could explain, interpret and change the morals of the world. Bob Marley was the only man in the history of reggae music who could have an impact on the popular music mainstream. Marley had a close relationship with Alan. They both won the hearts of the people of Jamaica as they took over the clubs of the town and those night clubs located in Kingstone.

Bob Marley and Taylor were said to be the first in Jamaican history to willingly display their dreads socially instead of hiding them deep to convince the corps of their innocence. Bob Marley’s life with Taylor in 1973 turned out one of the most incidences talked of by the citizens. Bob had a deal with Taylor which he accepted because of his moxie about renegotiating a contract by bob Marley with the island.

Bob once met a guitarist who was named al Anderson and was working upon a project for an album with Chris woods, they agreed that he would join the wailers and after this he followed bob Marley to Kingstone where he was to help him in producing an album named natty dread (White 105) The album was later picked up with a lot of criticism by the JLP as they interpreted one of the songs on it that it addressed the kind of treatment received by peter tosh.

After the recovery of peter tosh, he released three single songs that were released immediately after one another. The wailers embarked on tours across Europe in 1975. The issue of batman was taken differently by the people of Jamaica and around the world with some of them questioning the real intention of batman. It was said that batman might have been in the intention of sparing the poor and in turn saving the youths against a mandatory sentence of life which was imposed for possession in Gun Court.

According to White (134) Shantytown was heading towards an election year but the problem was that many gunmen in the town

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