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Mean Girls and High School Confidential The movie Mean Girls, was filmed and produced to highlight the various and different forms of the “average” High School, and its students which include: the various cliques of students, who believe they are the most popular, or those who are too scared to expose themselves to the real world. There are many various groups described in Mean Girls which, reflect upon almost all high schools throughout the world. Mean Girls brings out a major discussion of feelings and emotions throughout its plot, and background stories in order to introduce the main character, Caddy the home schooled freak from Africa.

Regina George, who was the head “plastic” and the most popular girl in Mean Girls, completely matches with Dens analysis of the “typical” teen-movie. As Denny said, “even though she is not well liked, her friends are all wicked princesses and everyone is afraid of her, that’s why she is so popular” shows how Regina and her plastics weren’t liked by anyone meanwhile they were Just feared by all the inhabitants of the highlights. The typical blonde, who is a popular high school student refers perfectly to Regina George.

Throughout High School Confidential, Denny uses metaphors, irony and colloquialisms in his text. One colloquialism that I picked out was “she has a mouth on her,” “her hair is a swirl of gold” which he used in order to portray a great idea. Denny tried to portray the idea that in all teen movies, no matter which genre, there is always a generic blonde which serves hatred against all her peers and always show her superiority and novelty. In continuation, Denny established greater emotional links between himself and the audience, because he tried to use ethos.

He tried appealing to ethos by using pronouns such as “he”, “her” and “she”. Denny was trying to show the audience how al of his members were bullied throughout their High School years. On the other hand, Caddy case form Mean Girls was similar because she moved from Africa and was home schooled. Caddy played by Lindsey Loan, appealed to ethos in her audience because she allowed Caddy to stand up for herself, which helped others who felt discomfort in school become more comfortable.

Throughout High School Confidential, Denny increases the use of hyperbole’s in order to create more traumatizing effects, to engage the reader. Denny used examples from western movies, to compare them with teen movies, and stating that they rotary how things are felt now rather than the past. Mean Girls has helped audiences see that they aren’t the only ones that go through high school drama, and that it is a normal thing around the world. The movie mainly exaggerated on Caddy experiences and how she over came them, without intense fighting or other over exaggerations.

Denny used onomatopoeia by calling a generic popular girl a “blonde pitch” which helped show exaggeration towards his hatred of popular people. Lastly, Denny discusses about teen movies that talk about when revenge becomes bloody. Denny linked these paragraphs with Mean Girls because the whole school anted revenge on Regina Ana Tanat napped Day near getting DAY ten Dusk, wanly led to Caddy learning how to control herself and release herself from cliques and become her own individual.

As a conclusion, as the audience I was able to predict that Tina Ere read “High School Confidential” before writing her movie “Mean Girls. “, because they both link fairly well with each other. Therefore, the rhetorical strategies used by Denny throughout High School Confidential, helped the audience visualize that those are similar to the ones Tina Fey used in her progress of portraying a typical thought of high school.

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