How does Sue Townsend depict Adrian Mole in “The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole?” Essay

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Adrian Mole is said to be depicted as what the world sees as a “normal teenager”. But as the world knows teenagers are anything but “normal”! Every teenager is different, as we all know and being “alternative” or “different” is something that goes through every teenager’s brain.

This we see going on in Adrian’s brain, as well as him trying to be more mature than his years. Adrian does not want to conform to his comprehensive school education and tries hard to be superior to his fellow pupils.He refers to people such as Barry Kent, as “rough” considering himself to be of a better upbringing. Being the average teenager Adrian is very insecure about his looks.

He refers to pimples and spots as “boils” and often thinks that a bout of lovemaking could make it better. This is typical of a teenage boy, as they are usually intrigued by sex and the female anatomy. This doesn’t grow any better, as they get older though! One of his new years resolutions was…”I will stop squeezing my spots”It is very frustrating for Adrian as he is “in love” with Pandora, a girl of the same age.

Both being adolescent they fall in love, and it’s all very grown up and over dramatized! However Pandora is not as keen as Adrian to lose her virginity and she makes that quite clear in the novel.Sue Townsend is a marvelous writer and has a unique style of writing. Being a woman, it must have been hard for her to really get into the head of an adolescent boy so that is a skill I really admire. Sue Townsend really makes a book come to life for a reader and her communication skills she shows through her writing are fantastic. Making a book come to life is one unique skill, but making characters appear as if they are real is another. Sue Townsend also does this with ease, it seems, and the way in which the characters grow and build is what makes the book so good and readable.

Adrian is really, very mature for his age, and tries to show this in a number of ways. He thinks that it is more sophisticated to paint his room black, instead of having the “Noddy” wallpaper! We see that Adrian Mole is also a fan of Abba! “I went up to my room and put my Abba records on”. This shows that he is a bit old fashioned as such.However Sue Townsend makes this comical in a sense when she writes that the dog is too scared to come into Adrian’s room! The manner of speaking Adrian has is also sophisticated and he uses complexed words to describe his emotions and thoughts. He often makes a fool of himself by using the wrong words or using too many words to describe what could have been put in a one-syllable word. Because of this attribute to his personality, Adrian often gets picked on in school.

The main bully of the situation is Barry Kent, who apparently threatens to “duff him up” if Adrian doesn’t hand over his dinner money! This makes the reader feel extremely sorry for Adrian, as he becomes a very likeable character. No matter how good Adrian’s intentions are they always seem to go wrong, or end up with the incorrect outcome!

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