Masculinity and Feminity Effects on a Hero Myth Essay Example
Masculinity and Feminity Effects on a Hero Myth Essay Example

Masculinity and Feminity Effects on a Hero Myth Essay Example

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  • Published: March 10, 2022
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The work of art has developed overtime giving rise to new forms of genres in the world. Major parts have been featured in film technology. Movies have been produced to convey different information in the world. This gives several meanings that can be used to classify movies. Some specific categories of movies include the love and romantic movies, action movies and historical movies. Some sub categories also arise where some can be classified as horror or others mythical. The writers of movies usually has a picture to display to people or convey some massage (Dawson, 2013). This paper gives an over view of movies arising from myths. Myths in any scene of play depicts the existence of a belief that is intended for the audience. Different movies are intended for different audiences.

The theme of hero is displayed on the artisti


c work in myths. With an example from the Hollywood collection of movies we set to investigate how masculinity and feminist affect the hero myths. This paper therefore reviews this effects with reference from several movies in the Hollywood collection. However there are specific details that are looked at in every myth that figure out the role of feminist or masculinity in every myth. According to Dawson (2013), the stages include: separation stage, which involves the call to adventure for the hero who likely opposes the call for some fear but later receives some supernatural assistance.

This is usually followed by the road to trial that includes meetings by the hero and the goddess to receive power and instruction.
On the third face the hero begins serving two masters the ‘goddess’ and the world ruler’. At this stage

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the hero is obligated to look at the freedom to live and refusal to return due to the call. All this steps take place on the journey of a hero. Within the journey also come some several aspects that are critical in hero myths and that are significant to the research in this paper.

Here we encounter 12 stages according to Dawson (2013) that every hero undergoes in a myth. Most importantly is the ordinary world where the hero is introduced sympathetically so as to identify possible situations and dilemma. The main difference at this stage is presented on a background that makes them different from other human beings in terms of personal history and heredity. The hero at this stage gets divided.

The second stage is based on the call for adventure. This is provoked by either external pressure or from some other forces that arise from within the hero which compel them to face the challenges (Dawson, 2013). This stage is counteracted by the third stage where the hero encounters some fear from facing the situation. Here the hero appears to oppose the call to the adventure where he might choose to find a hideout, this does not last long however.

Some forces compel the hero back to face the situation. This could be some more risk of danger to the hero which make them decide to face the challenge as it comes. After the decision to face the challenge, a mentor appears from nowhere who acts as a guide to the hero. The mentor keeps on advising the hero on the ways to take and more of gives the hero wisdom to exist.

This marks the

fourth stage which is followed by the will of the hero in facing a new adventure. In most plays and movies this marks the end of scene one where the hero marks the cross of threshold. The sixth stage is characterized by tests that come to the hero, the relationship kept by the hero and his allies and face of the enemy. The hero approaches the challenges in the new world that’s full of challenges.

At this time the movie depicts the middle action where the real ordeal happens. During this time, the hero faces death in the special world which later leads him to a new life. After the ordeal the hero receives the reward by taking the treasure which is most commonly marked with a celebration as Dawson (2013) argues. The big challenge that remains is keeping the treasure or losing it. The idea of enmity arises where some people guided by greed wish to snatch the treasure and which the hero has struggled to achieve to a point of facing death.

At this time, the hero begins the journey back. Here a common scenario in most movies happen. There might arise a chase scene that is intended to signal the dangers of the mission and the urgency it takes. The audience at this time concentrates much on the on the possible ended of the movie. This marks the climax stage where the hero finds himself back to test and this time the kind of test is much more severe than before.

During this time the hero fights more of for the reward and the initial mission (Dawson, 2013). The hero has to take up some

sacrifice which comes as a moment of life or death. This however comes on a higher gradient. This time the hero dissolves the polarities that existed at the beginning.

The hero at this stage returns home with some elements of victory plus the treasure. The treasure serves as a symbol that can transform the society just as the hero gets back home or ends the journey transformed. It is important to note that within all this stages the role of masculinity and feminist manifests itself clearly. The roles are basically very important to the hero in the journey. It is through this characteristics of masculinity and the feminine effect that judge whether or not the hero succeeds in the journey (Dawson 2013). Taking example analysis from at least three movies from the Hollywood collections we reveal out the various roles of how the two affect the stages that heroes go through before transformation. The first movie is ‘Hercules’ by Chris Rock.

Chris Rock was brought up in an improvised manner in Brooklyn, New York. He dropped out of school at the age of 17. He later joined high school and achieved an equivalency diploma. His membership in several clubs in New York led to his fame after meeting an actor by the name Eddie murphy. In 1990, he received a big pay after casting as a member of a show known as the Saturday. Three years later Rock left the show and joined the fox networks. In 1997, he participated in a show that winning the Cable Ace Award.

That was remarkably then start of his career life. For Rock, comedy was from his heart and will. This

is clarified when he left school before accomplishing and joined clubs that played the better part of nurturing his career. At the call of his career, Rock made a positive approach finding it enjoyable and fun to the extent of not looking back upon his life. Eddie Murphy took the responsibility to drive Rock through the course of his career by carefully mentoring him till the time that he blended up with the film environment. He later did not have any compromise with Rock at the time of departing his master’s premises.
Dwayne, popularly known as the Rock.

Interestingly his nickname “Rock”, it is symbolically portrayed by the structure and masculinity in his shootings. He was born in 1972 in Hayward. Dwayne’s goal of conquering Hollywood started when he became a third generation wrestler after his shuffle from football as a profession. He joined the Saturday night show where his first show on television made him gain popularity through his flexible acting muscles. It is after this show that Hollywood got an interest in him. Dwayne’s education was supported full by his parents with his efforts maturing to a doctorate level with a masters in aquatic biology. He was an active sports oriented guy whose career is based on the sports mentorship.

He played his last game that made his an injury making it the end of his membership in the football profession. He got another golden chance and joined wrestling. He won several awards as a wrestler driving him to have the eager to conquer the Hollywood. Dwayne did not get anything entertaining in his professional career as an aquatic analyst. He rather preferred to venture into

the entertainment industry. Back in his school life, his hobby was ballgames, interacting with his coaches and the fellow team members.

He was treaded throughout his school life till he joined wrestling where he gained wait and masculinity. In one of his films while in Hollywood, his body size termed as bigger than life acts as the strongest character. His strength is seen in the scene Hercules that he acted making the strongest character in the his early days after birth, he kills two snakes that were after him in the bed. His mother having brought him up was the ally and supporter in the movie.

The two snakes that he kills serve at first as the enemies ending up surprising his mother by killing them with bare hands at a very tender age. The next enemy is seen in the water pool at his puberty stage which he kills with a sword. He also kills a lion, cuts its head and wore it on his head as a sign of superiority. The kingdom uses him as a leader of the army but later come to betray and tied him up after his struggle for their victory. He took over the kingdom by fighting the solders back with others joining his side.

Different from the later are the 5 superpowers who are depicted in the Hollywood discipline. Amongst them are women who are seen to serve a very minor role in the scene. This are stars who received mentorship from different people and later came to meet in the film world. Up to now superhero movies are really venturing into the real world scenario. From the body

sizes of this characters, the costume and their roles are defined. Feminism comes in where the ladies are given the tender most roles in the play. They are also given the list powers. The bigger the size of the male character determines the role that character in a certain scene.

In such movies, the enemies are represented by biggest character who are also given the hardest and the subject matter roles in a film. It is plotted in a way that the enemy character presses so much on the hero acting character by it film but later the hero is elevated to victory by winning the enemy. The new allies in a certain film production are the minor characters that are met by the major characters in the movie lineup.

Mostly the female actors amongst male in the same scene are defeated by the enemy and there is where the male superiority comes in when they are salvaged. According to the Batman Returns Movie, it is the dark knight of Gotham city that begins his war on crime. This comes along with his major enemy being the clownishly homicidal joker. (Batman, 126 minutes). This time the corrupt businessman with support of the grotesque penguin plot manage to take control over the Gotham city. It’s only Batman who can stop them while the cat woman has her own agenda.

In this case Batman has to fight a double faced war with the Riddler being assisted by a psychologist who is also a young circus acrobat come in as Batman’s side kick. (Batman 121 minutes). The feminine roles of the Batman is what aid the fight with the tricks from

the lady. With all the considerations this war is controlled by the feminine role from the Batman’s side. This is what leads to the win.

Cameron was born in 1972, trained as a scout and later released to join a modelling career. She was known for her beauty and talent as an actress. As an actress, she gained fame to almost the whole world before she joined Hollywood. She was called to the industry from her fame in the beauty sector. Hollywood so it was good to host the passionate lady aiming to mentor her to fit in the film industry. Her beauty propel her traits and feminist in a way she could fit in many scenes either as a minor or a major character. She is introduced to several movie for example, salt, magnificent and several others. In the salt, she undertakes the responsibility of the overall coverage of the scene.

The uses her beauty and body to go through securities from the enemy to get what she really deserved. She meets several allies who she uses as a breakthrough to her victory. Later in the film, she encounters the enemies’ counterparts who try to bring her journey to an end through harsh conditions that include gunshots and torture. All the same she gets new thought and gets herself out of the jaws of death. At the end of the course, her dreams are driven home in response to her heroism.

Finally we come to the heroes, Batman and Superman. The movies are best known to the audience. These are two different heroes who face the fate of each other in a film arena. Both of the

heroes are a challenge to each other. Each strives to attain victory to his side despite the difficulties in the measure of strength. The costume decision of the two heroes suggest masculinity in that the clothes that they use tightly hold their body giving an output of their body physical structure. They are associated with very tough powers due to the depiction of their monument like bodies.

In conclusion, the work of art has been depicted widely in the film industry. This art has enveloped many people in the respective sense of their interests. Its main role is allocation of several traits to the characters in a bid to pass the expected information to the targeted audience. Considering Hollywood film production, many people have explored their potential in the field of movie market. This firm has made many proud in the sense of employment and mentorship. It has also served as a meeting place for many people with different potentials. It covers the worlds market in the field of acted art. The firm covers all parts of literature in different types of movies.

Character development in the garner is accurately explained in the scene by allocating specific traits to the most suiting characters. Myths are brought out through fiction development to help explain the content. For example in a movie of fiction heroism is created by three dimensional art that try to bring fiction to live. In the movie of the superpower upcoming, Angelina Jolie is used to show feminist where she is amongst other male heroes who save her from the enemies giving a clear look out that they had more powers than her. On the

other hand, Rock body gives the best aspect of masculinity in the movie by winning many battles in the movie.

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