Markus Zuzak “The Book Thief” Essay Example
Markus Zuzak “The Book Thief” Essay Example

Markus Zuzak “The Book Thief” Essay Example

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  • Published: May 9, 2022
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Relationships refer to the attachments that are developed between people or things that frequently interact within a given region. In the novel the “book thief” by the Australian author Markus Zuzak that is written at a time of turmoil in Germany and a period when the whole world is infested with war and death. The ruling group which is the Nazi also inflicts more deaths to the people who are opposed to their oppressive and dictatorial rule. In spite of the hard situations in the country worsened by the Nazi regime, some individuals have been able to form relationships which are mainly transpired by the hard and tense situation in the country as they rely on each other for survival. The main character Liesel develops a relationship with his foster father Hans, who pity’s the young girl for the hard situations that she is forced to go through.

Firstly Liesel loses his only brother to death after he died on the train while they were being taken to the foster home by their mother. His brother is buried, and she realizes the meaning of the saying, “at some point in time I will be standing over you, as genially as possible. Your soul will be in my arms. A color will be perched on my shoulder. I will carry you gently away.” His brother is covered with earthen, and they patch flowers on his grave, and he is gone forever. Having discovered the book she stole from one of the people who was burying his brother, Hans sees her desi


re to read and write and assists Liesel to learn how to read and write, “The book thief.” The two develops a relationship of that of a father and a daughter. The given quote is therefore used as a means of illustrating Liesel’s desire to learn how to read.

Liesel and Max develops an affair at the Hubermann’s house when Hans agrees to hide Max from the Nazi when he was being looked after by the soldiers for having defied Hitler. The two of them grow closer as through Max Lieser get to sharpen her writing and reading skills. Max is forced to live Hubermann’s house after Hans feels that the Nazi would come to search his house anytime. Max is also guilty, “How could he show up and ask people to risk their lives for him? How could he be so selfish?” in this case the writer uses an emotive technique. This s shows that Max is suffering psychologically for putting them in danger. After finding Max when the soldiers arrested him Lieser is forced to let him go because it was very dangerous being associated with a criminal. “there was chaos of goodbye” in this case the writer uses a plosive consonant i.e. harsh sounds in a sentence.

Lieser is also related to death in some ways, she has lost many of the people she loves through death, “death also has a heart,” at first it was his brother, then Rudy and finally the Hubermann’s and the other people who were bombed in their village. The technique used in this quote is

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satirical as it imposes death as a kind and just causes. Through her life, Lieser always expected death at any moment, “you are going to die,” this is because this was the only thing that could unify her with the people she loved. In this novel, relationships are, therefore, depicted as the only way through which the people who inhabited most of the towns in Germany during the world war and the tense Nazi rule used to survive through the hard times. The story, therefore, depicts this through some of the situations that enable Lieser to get close to the people whom he related within his lifetime.