Marketing – 1058 words – College Essay Example
Marketing – 1058 words – College Essay Example

Marketing – 1058 words – College Essay Example

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  • Published: January 25, 2018
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In order to be outstanding in the digital camera market, our company formulates four marketing strategies—Innovation Strategy, Brand Strategy, Talent Strategy and Product Strategy.
Innovation Strategy
Now, in the world, the digital camera industry basically has been monopolized by the Japanese companies.

The most famous nine brands of digital cameras are all from Japan. In recent years, the digital camera demand has weakened because of the rapid development of electronic products, especially intelligent mobile phone. Under this condition, our company must take innovation strategy otherwise will be weeded out by the market. Our company should pay attention on product innovation and technology innovation. Now, in the digital camera market, the products only have traditional functions, the competition is mainly focus on pixel, appearance, and focal distance.

Our company should take the product inn


ovation strategy to make our product become unique and irreplaceable. For example, our company can set up cartoon images as our camera’s images which can be popular in children’s market. In addition, we can put MP3, video, mobile, GPS and many other multimedia function into the cameras. Product innovation cannot leave the support of technology innovation. To achieve product innovation; we should pay more attention to strength the development of technology. Our company can design smart camera model based on multimedia technology.

Innovation strategy can make our products become more competitive, because our camera’s function is unique so that people can not buy another one which is like ours. So, innovation strategy can make our company obtain more market shares.
Brand Strategy
Our company will first establish our own independent brand with unique image so that our products can be accepted by consumers

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when we enter the markets. Then in order to keep the fine brand image, we’ll set CBO to manage brands professionally. Our major market is set in Asia, so at the initial.


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