Moschino College Essay Example
Moschino College Essay Example

Moschino College Essay Example

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  • Published: September 1, 2016
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Italian apparel and accessories brand Moschino is using the Facebook application platform to run a picture-based engagement campaign to overcome language barriers and engage with its fans around the world. The new social media initiative is meant to drive traffic and attention to the newly redesigned and its new community tab that looks to create a network amongst brand loyalists. Through the Facebook app, fans of the brand can get their own picture on the new Web site.

“The great thing about running picture-based contests for global brands is that a picture needs no language translation,” said Tamar Koifman, a senior social media strategist at Digital Luxury Group, Geneva, Switzerland and contributor to New York-basedFashion’s Collective. “And with a large percentage


of people with a camera on their cell phone taking a photograph, and a decent one at that, is not a big challenge,” she said. “Moschino is looking to get their community of fans involved in an easy and spirited way.” Ms. Koifman is not affiliated with Moschino, but agreed to comment as a third-party expert. Moschino did not reply by press deadline.

The first step of the Pic Me campaign Next, consumers add choose a photo saved on their computers or use their Webcams to take a new picture. Once the picture has been placed inside the frame, consumers are invited to type a message on the corner and share it with the Pic Me community on the brand’s Web site. After a picture is on the Pic Me community page, all visitors can comment on or “like” the poster’s photo through Facebook. Moschino has been promoting the

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contest through an instructional video on the brand’s YouTube page. The video is also found on the Pic Me tab on the brand’s Facebook page and on its Web site.

Moschino’s tutorial video Community effort The new social media based promotion is likely looking to drive traffic to the new Moschino Web site that was released earlier this Fall. The new site features online editorial content that covers topics such as celebrities wearing Moschino, fashion editorials including branded items, Moschino news and branded video content. Currently, this section features the Pic Me video and Pic me community along with the brand’s Christmas window displays and fashion editorials from magazines L’Official and British Cosmopolitan that feature Moschino products.

The Moschino community tab on its new Web site Moschino has been doing a lot to engage with its consumers this year. The Italian brand was late to the Twitter scene, creating its first account earlier this summer in an effort to bring together its global audience and promote a consistent message worldwide (see story). Additionally, Moschino continued its goal to reach the on-the-go consumers with a newly-released mobile-optimized site that allows consumers to browse runway looks and watch videos, as well as share their branded activities with friends via social media (see story). Also, the brand took it one step further by optimizing a mobile site specifically for the iPad canvas last month (see story). However, Moschino likely made a smart move keeping the picture contest on Facebook as it will reach aspirational consumers and help increase the campaign’s audience through fans’ networks.

“Facebook is an excellent platform for brand campaigns of this nature,

because of the built-in audience and opportunities for friends of fans to be made aware of the fun,” Ms. Koifman said. “There’s no arguing that including a prize could increase the participation dramatically. “However, offering a prize also opens the door to fair-weather friends taking advantage of the contest or ‘liking’ a page despite not really having an interest in the brand,” she said. “This has been a long-time challenge of sweepstakes, contests and competitions long before they came to Facebook.” Final Take

Kayla Hutzler, editorial assistant on Luxury Daily, New York

Kayla Hutzler is an editorial assistant on Luxury Daily. Her beats are automotive, consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, financial services, media/publishing, software and technology, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, real estate, retail and sports. Reach her at [email protected] Moschino arrives fashionably late to Twitter

By Kayla Hutzler

June 9, 2011

Twitter Picture In an effort to bring together its global audience and promote a consistent message worldwide, Italian retailer Moschino launched an official Twitter account on June 8 – ages after its peers recognized the value of social media. Rapidly gaining more than 300 followers on the first day, the retailer is responding to tweets in both Italian and English. The brand appears to be using the account for customer service along with efforts towards branding. “Twitter can be an extremely powerful tool to create a rich, two-way conversation with consumers, fans, bloggers and industry folks,” said Mary Elise Chavez, director of creative strategy forBlue Fountain Media, New York. “Its micro-news format allows for snackbite content feeds that are easy for users to respond to,” she said. Ms. Chavez

is not assosciated with Moschino but agreed to comment as a third-party source. Moschino did not respond by press deadline.

Better tweet than never Moschino is a global brand based in Milan that produces men’s, women’s and children’s apparel and accessories. Arriving late to the Twitter scene, Moschino will have to play catch-up to launch itself into the realm of luxury brands’ top Twitter handles (see story). Moschino tweeted twice on June 6, once welcoming itself to Twitter and next placing a quirky product promotion. Tweets from the brand picked back up on June 8, which was the official launch date on the social media platform.

Moschino has tweeted 26 times through yesterday and more than half have been in response to fellow Tweeters’squestion or greeting. The main goal of the Twitter account appears to be customer service, since an emphasis is placed on responding to followers.

Moschino Responds The rest of the tweets lean towards building up a personality within the brand such as mentioning favorite music videos and different events for which the brand is excited. A few tweets serve a publicity service such as tweeting a magazine or blog featuring Moschino products, and uploading pictures of new store windows.

The Twitter handle can be frustrating at times because while tweeting in Italian and English, the brand does not translate the posts for consumers. With a following of 45,537 on Facebook and a fairly active wall, it is unclear why Moschino waited so long to start a Twitter account. How to not make a hash

While customer service is an important facet, creating a strong brand voice should

be the aim of the new Twitter account. “A strong voice of the brand is key to establishing a personal connection with users and a more peer-to-peer conversation, rather than a corporate one,” Ms. Chavez said. Ms. Chavez points to OscarPRGirl, Net-a-Porter and Bergdorf’s Twitter handles as brands that successfuly use social media for branding purposes. She points specifically to behind-the-scenes photos, insider tips and weekly features such as Net-a-Porter’s Friday fashion questions. Twitter is an increasingly important tool for global brands as they aim to control their online and mobile reputation, and spread consistent messages across mulitple locations. “Global brands should be cognizant of their message.” Ms. Chavez said. “No matter where a consumer bumps into them, it should be a consistent, well-curated experience,” she said.

If this proves too difficult given time differences, language barriers and even seasonal disparities that would affect product suggestions, regionalized Twitter accounts can also be effective for global brands. In this strategy, each story or region would have its own Twitter account that would alert followers to in-store events and specials, runway previews and suggest interesting happenings in the store, as well as recommend merchandise to followers specific to their region, per Ms. Chavez. This could be a viable option for Moschino, given its large global reach and the increasing numbers of Italian and English-speaking followers. “An ideal Twitter engagement is a happy marriage of customer response, PR and customer incentive announcements with a unique voice, specific to that brand,” Ms. Chavez said. The Review

In Milan’s chic Corso Como enclave, playfulness abounds at Maison Moschino, where the fashion label’s creative director, Rossella Jardini, transformed an

1840s railway station into a trendsetting 65-room hotel.

The look of the space — think illuminated floating dress lamps, chandeliers adorned with resin cookies and cakes, and beds fashioned to look as if you should be sleeping in a ball gown — is unmistakably Moschino. Fairy tale meets high fashion in the public spaces and guestrooms, each of which has its own look and feel.

In the Prestige Room, a velvet dress headboard creates the effect of sleeping on a plush ballgown.The guestrooms all have different looks, but share minimalist white furnishings, linens from a Milanese purveyor and Moschino custom-scented bath products. The Wallpaper Room, which should really be the Heart Room, is almost entirely covered with a gold heart motif, while the Sleeping in a Ballgown Room, a seemingly never-ending red velvet dress serves as decor and as the place to lay your head.

Classic Italian dishes are served at the hotel’s on-site restaurant Clandestino, such as tagliolini with clams and asparagus, pan-fried veal and panna cotta. In contrast, the space itself is pretty high-concept, done in muted colors with whimsical touches like grosgrain ribbon–wrapped chairs and Moschino handbags intended to serve as decorative objects.

Sybarites should indulge in any one of the treatments at the small Culti-operated Spa Mareminerale. The signature treatment to book is the youth energy facial, which reduces wrinkles and helps tired, jet-lagged skin look fresh. For added pampering, the spectacular mosaic-accented Turkish baths are a divine way to unwind.

September 18, 2011 Fashion inShare4 Moschino is one of the greatest Italian fashion houses and worlds fashion brands. It represents high fashion but it certainly

stands out from other luxury brands and that easy to notice.

It all started in 1983 when Franco Moschino left job as Gianni Versace illustrator and created brand with his own signature. This fashion label always has been considered as innovative and sometimes eccentric that was enough for success. Franco made himself and his brand worth of attention because of his social awareness campaigns and criticisms of the fashion industry. After Franco death, creative director become Rossella Jardini and she’s still on that position. She manages to keep Moschinostyle profile and philosophy, based on pop culture, unchanged for 28 years.

Moschino labels are owned by Moschino SpA Company that’s responsible for brands activities and communication. There are three labels of this fashion brand: Moschino- main line for men and women; Moschino Cheap and Chic- secondary women’s line, launche in 1988; Love Moschino- women’s and men’s Moschino Jeans line from 1986, changed in 2008. Besides fashion this brand is leading as fragrance label with its twelve perfumes. Few of their fragrances of Cheap & Chic line are inspired by Olivia, girl of Popeye the Sailor, and she is exactly the best representing for Moschino. Everything this brand create it suites her personality the best, of course if she dress something different from her regular red and black combination. It’s all about girlish, flaunting but still provocative look.

It’s a same thing with their brand identity and advertising. Exactly that makes them recognizable and different from the other high fashion brand. We would always separate something that’s Moschino from the others luxury labels that pretty much looks all the same when you compare them

to this Italian brand. Moschino logo design is simple, pure bold letters with full name of brand, a color is changing depending of needs- gold, black, red- and there’s often a heart that appears on perfume pack, bags shape design or clothes print. Through their branding their trying to tell us to be fashionable, but never fashion victim.

Fashion is funny, and we all should have a good time. Moschino unique style always surprises me with its humor, eccentric and magical color pallet, all mixed with provocative attitude. It truly represent all that means to be ‘’fashionable’’. Their collections are playing with material and shapes, but at the end every collection is girl dream- its sophisticate but different, classic but extravagant. There are beautiful candy colors and clothes that reminds us on cotton candy, it’s just ‘’candylicious’’!

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