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Twitter is a website owned and operated by Twitter Inc, launched in the year of 2006. Founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Briz Stone. It offers social networking and micro-blogging service which allows users to send and read other user’s messages which are also called as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user’s profile page. It is visible to public by default, however users can restrict message delivery to their friend’s list.

Users may subscribe to other tweets – this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers. The main purpose only for Twitter is to post anything which they only ask us one thing, “What are you doing? ” We have the freedom to post anything on Twitter, but not abusive types which may lead us to bad feedbacks from the other followers and members. Though Twitter veterans may remember the original question as being “What Are You Doing? ” – this was changed in 2009. More than any other social network, Twitter has managed to work itself in our daily language.

Not only has “Twitter” worked its way into our vocabulary, but “tweeting” (the act of updating twitter), “tweeple” (Twitter people) and “twits” (Twitter users) have also seemed to slide in there as well. According to Steven Johnson, at first it was said that one thing for sure is it would take a terrible first impression. Why does the world exactly need this? It’s not as if we were all sitting around four years ago scratching our heads and saying, “If only there were a technology that would allow me to send a message to my 50 friends, alerting them in real time about my choice of breakfast cereal. Before twitter came, blogging was the famous one.

But what people was worried about was the threat that blogging posed to our attention span, with telegraphic, two-paragraph blog posts replacing long-format articles and books. With Twitter, Williams was launching a communications platform that limited you to a couple of sentences at most. And yet as millions of devotees have discovered, Twitter turns out to have unsuspected depth. In part this is because hearing about what our friends had for breakfast is actually more interesting than it sounds.

But there is something even more profound in what has happened to Twitter over the past two years, something that says more about the culture that has embraced and expanded Twitter at such extraordinary speed. Yes, the breakfast-status updates turned out to be more interesting than we thought. But the key development with Twitter is how we’ve jury-rigged the system to do things that its creators never dreamed of. In short, the most fascinating thing about Twitter is not what it’s doing to us. It’s what we’re doing to it. Twitter has made itself accessible.

It made its users seem more accessible as well. Several international, national and local celebrities are known Twitter addicts, tweeting backstage before shows or between shootings of their TV shows or movies. These people are represented by faceless PR on “personal blogs” or other social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace, but manage to hold down an active Twitter account of their own. Like Ashton Kutcher, Shaq, Wil Wheaton, and Justin Beiber, they are all known Tweeters. This is a smart move on their own part for a few reasons.

It’s a great way to keep in touch with their fans and followers, and it really does help blur the line between “fan” and “celebrity” – making them seem more accessible to those who follow them. So even in the business of entertainment, it really changed on how celebrities update their fans by tweeting. In this way, they can easily keep in touch with their fans. It’s surprisingly easy to browse because Twitter is the most basic of social networking sites. Twitter performs much better than other overly-customizable sites. With few images and a streamlined update page, Twitter loads fast, updates easily, and has a rather easy learning curve.

It’s Twitter’s simplicity that has contributed to its success. Now, Twitter encourages third-party development of Twitter applications just like in Facebook – which has launched thousands of third-party apps aimed at everything from updating our Twitter status from our desktop, iPhone, iPad, cellphone, or just about anything else that can access the internet, to rating how efficient we are at tweeting. Not only is this a fun and effective way to enjoy Twitter, but several news and weather stations have taken the time to sync their updates with Twitter, allowing us to get important information straight to our computer or even on the go.

Relating the said article on how has twitter changed the world in our website, it is far different because the accessibility and the program of twitter are close to basic unlike ours. Our website is under the website builder Socialgo which is caestud. socialgo. com. You can do a lot of things there, which offers some things that are not available in Twitter just like the chatting, forums, groups and etc (because it is so close to facebook). If we’ll be also asked if how our website has changed its users, i would sum it up like this: easy access and privacy(within the College of Accounting Education students esp to the users).

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