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Many students are faced with the problem of finding ideas for writing their essays. This website contains a database with more than 50 000 essay examples, using which you can easily find inspiration for creating your own essay on Twitter.

Here you will find many different essay topics on Twitter. You will be able to confidently write your own paper on the influence of Twitter on various aspects of life, reflect on the importance of Twitter, and much more. Keep on reading!

Use of Twitter in Communication between KFC and McDonalds
3251 words 7 pages

The following project is a clear explanation of how different businesses use Twitter to communicate. Twitter is a social media where people link with their passions, find out what is happening around the world and also share their opinions. Individuals are in a mindset of discovery especially when they are on Twitter. The main aim […]

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show
335 words 1 page

If you have own a smart phone, have access to the internet or stay long enough on the TV screen, then you wouldn’t miss the famous Ellen DeGeneres show. Ellen DeGeneres, an American comedian, has hosted the show since 2003 will always leave your ribs cracking even from a long and busy day of work. […]

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Communication Mass Media Ordinary People Role Model Twitter
2994 words 6 pages

The absence of Internet-based social media has made it possible for one person to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of people around the world. Social media has exploded as a category of online discussion where people create content, share it, bookmark it and network at vast rate. All types of social media provide an […]

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Business Internet Marketing Mass Media Social Media Social Media Marketing Social Networking Technology Twitter
Viral Advertising in Facebook and Twitter Among Ust Students
5340 words 11 pages

Introduction The significance of having to deal with the sense of purpose in everything that had been done is highly seen on this era. There is no other way in summarizing how the world is viewed with the ideals and perspectives as of what it has been dictated to, by the norms and regulations to […]

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Research Social Media Social Psychology Twitter
Living in Digital World Essay Example
649 words 2 pages

The development of technology has brought different in our life. People nowadays are more depending on technology to do works daily. It is a new brand world that brings technology as a something essential and important. People are more comfortable in using gadget such as smart phone, laptop and much more. Using Smartphone, they can […]

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Developing Country Geography Internet Smartphone Social Media Social Networking Technology Twitter
How Has Twitter Changed the World Essay Example
893 words 2 pages

Twitter is a website owned and operated by Twitter Inc, launched in the year of 2006. Founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Briz Stone. It offers social networking and micro-blogging service which allows users to send and read other user’s messages which are also called as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to […]

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Popular Questions About Twitter

How to download Twitter videos?
Simply go through the steps detailed below to download the twitter video:Open your Twitter account and select the video that you wish to download.Also right click on the video and then copy the video link from the address bar.
How can I download videos from Twitter?
Using the TwDown Site Open Twitter. Go to in your computer's web browser. Find a video to download. Scroll through your Twitter feed until you find the tweet in which the video is embedded. Open the video. Click the "Play" button on the video to open and begin playing the video. Right-click the video.
How do you tweet video?
To record a video for a Tweet Tap the Tweet icon then tap the photo icon Tap the video icon to access video mode. Record a video by holding down the record icon To add more to your video, simply press and hold again. You can record up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds of video.
How to save videos from Twitter?
How to Save a Video from TwitterSearch "Twitter Media Downloader"on the Chrome Web Store, hit "ADD TO CHROME" button to install this extension on your Chrome.Find the video you want to download on Twitter. Then go to the video owner’s Twitter account homepage, you will find a download arrow displayed next to the "Media" column..